The New Mexico episode for Andrew Zimmern's show Bizarre Foods America aired Monday. In it, we learn Zimmern, the Travel Channel's footloose food critic, enjoys prairie dogs, pigs and automatic weapons, for which he is apparently a "sucker."

He stopped by Bobcat Bite and devoured--what else?--a green chile cheese burger, one of the top five burgers he's had in his life. "Wow," he says of the tacos at El Parasol.

The truly bizarre food, though, was shot. "I'm a sucker for automatic weapons," he says, after shooting at prairie dogs with an AR-15. The prairie dogs were stuffed with cedar leaves before being cooked over a fire in a traditional Pueblo meal.

Zimmern attended a matanza. He says that out of 40 different ceremonial pig meals he's attended across the world, "that was the best one."

His favorite food experience, though, was a buffalo hunt, where he shot a buffalo in the chest cavity, an act that apparently upset the buffalo, which then started to charge at Zimmern and company. Zimmern showed it who was at the top of the food chain though: they killed the beast, fried its testicles and donated 1,000 pounds of buffalo meat to a local organization.