SFR Style: Daniella

Santa Fe's style isn't really known in a positive light. Most of the shops don't offer anything for anyone
under the age of 50 and are outrageously expensive for no good reason; then there's the mall; the end.
But there is a store giving hope to the word "style" in Santa Fe.

Really, it was Elle Magazine's finding. In an upcoming piece by the magazine about the "50 states of
fashion," the writers found, in the bat-cave of downtown (the Railyard), Daniella. Yes folks, the cotton-
candy-colored light at the end of the tunnel is really the pink sign for Daniella. Owner Daniella Fox
arrived from the east coast 10 years ago and wasn't planning on staying, but she got some gigs at local
clothing shops and realized she was great at sales. She has a background in marketing, advertising and
promotion, but within the music business. When asked what made her decide to make the huge change
into owning her own clothing store, she says, "It came from meeting and working with people. A lot of
my life I've wanted to look good and feel good. Everyone needs to come into here [Daniella] and have a
good time."

Three years ago, Daniella opened her store's doors in the throes of the economic crash. "I don't know
good times," Daniella says. She's in her shop seven days a week working on making her store a better
place to be. Her business' inner workings are evident on the surface. Daniella has used the other places
she's worked as a comparison for her own shop and how to improve it. She feels it's important how you
treat the people working for you. "I keep evolving," she says.

Upon entering the store, I was greeted kindly by the girls working there and chatted amiably with them
while I waited to meet with Daniella. There was a very relaxed feeling as one of the girls showed me
around the store. Y'all, this stuff is cute; they play fun music in there; and I didn't see one thing that I
didn't want to try on. One of the best parts is that they carry brands that no one else carries in the Fe
(I'm looking at you, hipsters). Also they're like the czar of jeans; everyone needs a pair that makes your
butt look good. Go make your own opinion about it. It's in the Railyard next to Flying Star and REI. The
Railyard is pretty much walking distance from everywhere, so you don't have an excuse.

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