The Wexford Files

Our ongoing investigation into prison health care in New Mexico.

Outtakes, March 21: Let There Be Light

Outtakes, Feb. 7: Audit ABCs

Outtakes, Jan. 10: Under Correction

Top 10 Stories of 2006, Dec. 20: Prison Break

Outtakes, Dec. 13: Wexford Under Fire

Outtakes, Nov. 29: Backlash

Outtakes, Nov. 22: Unhealthy Diagnosis

Outtakes, Nov. 8: Prison Audit Ahead

Outtakes, Oct. 25: Medical Test

Outtakes, Oct. 18: Corrections Concerns

Outtakes, Oct. 4: Medical Waste

Outtakes, Sept. 13: Checkup

Outtakes, Aug. 30: Inmate Care Critics

Outtakes, Aug. 23: Unhealthy Proposal

Cover story, Aug. 9: Hard Cell?

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