Whether or not Santa Fe knows it, we've been desperately missing songwriter Jared Garcia's Thieves & Gypsies since the band went up in smoke some years back following drummer Adam Cook's departure from town.

But just because we haven't seen Garcia guitar-slingin' and word-singin' on the regular doesn't mean he hasn't been in a bedroom someplace dreaming up sugary sweet power-pop anthems that'd be at home on college or mainstream radio alike—homeboy's a straight up songwriting natural with a kind of freaky ability to craft killer hooks.

Enter Garcia's new act Hubba and "Greedo Killer," the first in a series of high concept tracks from Garcia and his writing partner Lucas Romero. The full project will ultimately relate a tale about an inter-galactic biker gang trying to flee the past. Coheed and Cambria melodrama and calculus levels of mathy this ain't, though—it's more like the evolution of the perilous 1980s-to-1990s era of guitar-laden pop-meets-synths and as catchy as songs come. According to Garcia, more tracks, including acoustic numbers, are on the way soon, as are music videos.

SFR is proud to premiere the first video/song release from Hubba, "Greedo Killer," below (it goes live at 7 pm, Friday Oct. 16), and you can find links to Hubba's various online streaming platforms here.