Devil’s Gate

Reviewed Jan. 2

We said: We feel bad for the actors—especially [Shawn] Ashmore, because we kind of like him otherwise—and our minds wander; the sequel setup at the end cuts deep.

Score: 4

Phantom Thread

Reviewed Jan. 19

We said: [Daniel]Day-Lewis, as always, disappears completely into the role.

Score: 9

Off the Menu

Reviewed Feb. 6

We said: It's hard to recommend this to anyone.

Score: 3

Isle of Dogs

Reviewed March 28

We said: Should not be missed under any circumstances.

Score: 10


Reviewed May 14

We said: We can only hope RBG is shown to everyone—particularly young people—for a long time to come.

Score: 9

Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom

Reviewed June 22

We said: Boo. Muck. Filth. Slime. Rubbish. Boo.

Score: 3

Sorry to Bother You

Reviewed July 13

We said: Lakieth Stanfield brings a subtle vulnerability to his first big screen starring role.

Score: 8


Reviewed August 10

We said: BlacKkKlansman so vividly and powerfully captures our attention, taking us right up to the brink of hope before abruptly pulling us back down to

Score: 10

The Happytime Murders

Reviewed August 24

We said: The movie is almost never funny despite appearances from comedic champions like Maya Rudolph and Joel McHale.

Score: 4

The Predator

Reviewed Sept. 14

We said: There are also space dogs; literal space dogs. Ugh.

Score: 5

Kusama: Infinity

Reviewed Sept. 25

We said: If you even think you like art, you must see this film.

Score: 10

First Man

Reviewed Oct. 22

We said: A meditative portrait of a taciturn yet resolute hero.

Score: 9

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Reviewed Nov. 16

We said: Sorry, Potterheads—it's just not the same.

Score: 4

The Favourite

Reviewed Dec. 7

We said: [Rachel] Weisz is phenomenal.

Score: 9