Imagine that all your friends who live and die by weed got together to make a documentary with a bunch of scientists who live and die by weed. You might have something like Expedition to the End of the World on your hands.

I don’t think the scientists featured here are high (though who can say?), but there’s a sort of single mindedness that the truly intelligent possess that makes them seem as if they’re on a different wavelength—and kind of high.

All kidding aside, Expedition to the End of the World is a beautiful/scary documentary about climate change—if only because the fjords being explored off the coast of Greenland can only be reached because of climate change. And the scientists are fascinating, running into at least one new species, a polar bear that really wants to get into a makeshift shack, and, most scarily of all, a group of explorers looking for oil. Because why not exploit the area only made available by burning fossil fuels for fossil fuels?

It’s a depressing thought, but as one of the subjects says, in the end humans will adapt. Instead of living on the coasts, we’ll all move to the Alps. Such is life.


Directed by Daniel Dencik

The Screen

90 min.