We don't want to be in the habit of pointing out our own shortcomings, but we had to skip the Love & Sex issue last year. See, there was the rumored pandemic hurtling toward our little city, and we ultimately had to make a tough judgement call. It didn't sit right, though, so we spent the following 10-ish months daydreaming of the day we'd be able to email our official Love & Sex illustrator Shelby Criswell and say, "Do it." And so we did. We're particularly proud of this year's issue, too, as it's chock-full o' sex workers. They're actual people, dear readers—and the work is actual work. Learn from them about why we should still dread the harmful SISEA legislation, even if it has stalled for now, or why getting into the life isn't as easy or lucrative as you might assume. SFR's newest writer Riley Gardner even gets into the mix with lessons learned (and unlearned) from romantic comedies, while Love & Sex mainstay Hunter Riley checks into how folks are staying intimate while not in each other's company. We round it off with tales of the good, the bad and the only OK, plus a gentle reminder to take your lover in your arms, hold them close—and do it in the butt.