From the Editor

This annual magazine has carried a number of labels, but each year the Santa Fe Reporter publishes a guide intended to help us connect.

We used to say it’s aimed at making the locals feel like tourists and the tourists feel like locals, but we’re not so into the “us” and “them” at the moment. Visitors become residents and people who grew up here return home again. The point is that we’re all here now. Here’s our Locals Guide.

Cover artist Eliza Naranjo Morse reflects on the theme in her original work. She says the animals on the cover—a bear, beetle and an ant—are on a pilgrimage together.

Inside these pages you’ll find a thorough connection to SFR’s Best of Santa Fe reader poll. The choices from our audience are a community-curated guideway through the city—from the preferred places to shop and eat, to the best ways to spend time with youth, go out with friends or give back. Join us in celebrating all things Santa Femous.

-Julie Ann Grimm


Know Your Neighborhoods

Railyard/Guadalupe District
Siler Road Corridor
St. Michael’s Drive/Triangle District
Cerrillos Road



Arts & Entertainment

Food & Drink