No one likes to be cold. Not even the polar bear or the walrus, the latter which relies on huge amounts of blubber to insulate itself from the trials and tribulations of nature and the former who ops for the luxurious warmth of its own fur coat to stave off the freeze. While self-grown fur coats are a nonstarter for us, and while there might be some extra pounds put on due to the ample food and beverages offered at the many parties you’ll surely be invited to during this festive time of year, we have a better solution than putting on the pounds to keep warm this winter. Here’s our pick of the best products if you’re looking to pack some heat this winter, without the extra weight of blubber or the fur of a polar bear.

Burton DND Beanie 3-Pack:

According to experts, 7 to 10-percent of your heat is lost through your head. That’s not as much as some urban rumors would have it, and who really cares anyway, when your ears are so darn cold? Fix your frozen ears and end the debate about heat loss with a beanie 3-pack from venerable snowboarding brand Burton featuring three beanies in three different colors $30. Available from REI.

ThermaCell Rechargable Handwarmers:

We’ve all seen those little chemical packets that you put in your gloves to keep your hands warm. They’re nice, but we have to ask ourselves, “What the heck is in those things and what happens with that stuff when it goes to the landfill?” You can avoid that question and enjoy longer lasting heat with these nifty rechargeable handwarmers. Available from 8K Peak Technologies, they come in two sizes (glove and pocket) both costing less than $100.

Mammut Kira Jacket:

Fun colors, lightweight and, yes, warm. That’s the take on this stylish offering from Mammut. Featuring Primaloft insulation, this versatile offering can be worn on its own or under a shell. Pull up the hood when the cold breezes blow from the north, and your ears will thank you. Available from Santa Fe’s very own Alpine Sports. $250

Cumulus Alpaca Top:

Sleek, stylish and perfect for those holiday events, this soft-spun pullover is lightweight but gains insulating power from a combination of baby alpaca, nylon and merino wool. It makes a perfect under-the-tree gift, but why wait until then? Available from Peruvian Connection. $159

Sweet Marcel Over the Knee socks:

Fun colors are even more fun when you have more fabric to splash those colors on. That’s what makes these over-the-knee socks from New Mexico designer/artist Amy Lawler both fun and warm. Priced at a stocking-stuffer friendly $24.50, they’re available from Maya Santa Fe.