If high concept cinematic offerings such as Caddyshack or The Sandlot or Swimfan have taught us anything, it’s that pools rule when the summer sun’s a-blazing. And no matter your budget or timeframe, Santa Fe has options for you. Break out your swimsuits and do those weird handstands from when you were a kid, folks—our pool list is here.

Bicentennial Pool

1121 Alto St., 955-4779


This summer-only hotspot is nestled right there in Alto Park, which means you can also probably play tennis, walk your dog or bicycle your way poolside while you're trying to keep cool and/or occupy your kids.

Four Seasons Resort

Rancho Encantado 198 State Road 592, 946-5700

$24 per person October-March

$100 per person April-September

Just hearing the brand Four Seasons conjures luxury ideals, and when it comes to these-here day passes and their access to spa amenities including hot tubs and yoga, you'll get much more than a pool experience … assuming you've got the cash.

Ft. Marcy Recreation Complex

490 Bishops Lodge Road, 955-2500


Not just the place for fans of minor league baseball and pagan-esque puppet burnings, Ft. Marcy also has the whole pool situation. This one might be a little more about laps, but there's a gym all up in there, too, so you might even get healthy. Might.

Genoveva Chavez Community Center

3221 Rodeo Road, 955-4000


You'll have to plan ahead to schedule your particular brand of swimming—sometimes it's kid madness, sometimes it's laps 'n' such—but if there's one thing we know for sure, this pool exists alongside so many sportsy/rec-y activities it would almost be harder to not get in shape. I mean, we won't be getting in shape, but you could!

La Posada de Santa Fe

330 E Palace Ave., 954-9630

$30/day; $125/month

Even if you're afraid of the alleged ghost haunting this place, the saline pool with a bar attached totally makes up for it. Throw in super-sweet outdoor areas and one of our very favorite indoor drinking spots in town and you've got a recipe for success.

Salvador Perez Recreation Center

601 Alta Vista St., 955-2607


For those who took a look around and thought, "I like a rec center, but only of a certain size," here comes Salvador Perez, the most decommissioned-train-adjacent pool our town has to offer. Do them laps or try water aerobics—the choice is yours.