Art & Music Supplies

For all types of creative ‘n’ artsy folks


2601 Cerrillos Road,

Offering a good selection of paints, brushes, oil pastels, sculpture tools and a source of creativity, plus classes and community.

Borrego's Guitar and Music Supply Co.

1636 St. Michael's Drive, 471-9043, borregos
Local musicians David Borrego and Sean Healen co-own this library of instruments, amps, consignment items and more.

The Candyman Strings & Things

851 St. Michael's Drive, 983-5906,

If you're a musician in Santa Fe, this favorite is just the place to buy a new banjo, drum kit or guitar—and take lessons or join clubs to get better at your instrument of choice.

The Gilded Page

DeVargas Center, 516 N Guadalupe St.,

Calligraphy and collage supplies are perfect for scrapbooking, making unique gifts and filling in all those anti-anxiety coloring books—plus calendars, journals and cards.

The Good Stuff

401 W San Francisco St.,

Vintage vinyl, used books, graphic tees and sunglasses are all great things.

Santa Fe Clay

545 Camino de la Familia, 984-1122,

Find everything you need to get your hands working at this ceramic haven, which offers workshops, clays, glazes, tools and kiln access.


Is your Mount To-Be-Read too small?

The Ark

133 Romero St.,

Cases and cases of crystals, shelves of spiritual books, handcrafted jewelry and accessories, some of the coolest greeting cards around and educational kid's books. One of our favorite stops for gifts.

Big Adventure Comics

418 Montezuma St., Ste. C, 992-8783,

Nerds rejoice! This is your stop for comics and graphic novels, plus supplies for magic and RPGs.

Big Star Books & Music

329 Garfield St., 820-7827,

Trade in your old read in for a new one.

Book Mountain

2101 Cerrillos Road,

High on intellect but low on cash? Head over to this paperback book exchange.

Collected Works Bookstore and Coffeeshop

202 Galisteo St.,

So many real paper books on shelves is both nostalgic and refreshing. Every week, catch readings from both local authors and poets, as well as touring national bestselling writers. Sip on some Iconik coffee while you peruse.

Garcia Street Books

376 Garcia St., 986-0151,

With a rotating repertoire of creative staff picks, you may be inspired to read something outside your usual genre.

IAIA Campus Bookstore

Institute for American Indian Arts
83 Avan Nu Po Road,

Get art supplies, sketchbooks and a peek at student art work.

op.cit. Books

DeVargas Center, 157 Paseo de Peralta, 428-0321,

Used is as good as new when it comes to a great read. This resale book spot has a constantly changing inventory, so it's always a new experience.

photo-eye Bookstore

376 Garcia St.,
988-5152 ext. 201,

Find new and classic photography books aplenty at this lens-centric shop that features book signings and release events.

St. John's College Bookstore

1160 Camino Cruz Blanca, 984-6056,

Think about the origins of consciousness, learn about the birth of geometry or ponder the theory of gravity with the great books you'll find in this campus bookstore. Fun intellectual gifts, too, for all your sapiosexual attractions.

Travel Bug

839 Paseo de Peralta, 992-0418,

Stock up on travel supplies, maps and guide books for locales far and wide, or stop in for a slideshow lecture and take a trip in your imagination.

Men’s Style

Everyone loves tasteful details

James Reid Ltd.

114 E Palace Ave.,

Belt buckles, money clips and cufflinks.

O'Farrell Hat Company

111 E San Francisco St.,

Custom hats for men and women both. Pro tip: Don't miss their steeply discounted locals' sale each April tk that puts these swanky hats within your financial reach. If we could do it, you can too.

Got a wedding coming up? (Or just want to not look like a hobo?)

Corsini Bros.

107 W San Francisco St., 820-2300

Fine men's brands, personal service and a whole lot of collars.

Harry's Clothing

202 Galisteo St., 988-1959

Timeless styles and great work options with a staff that can size you up just by lookin'.

Lancaster York Gentlemen's Apparel

121 E Palace Ave., 984-1577,

Casual and dressy shirts, pants, sweaters and more.

Women’s Clothing

Athletic wear for working out—or lounging around (u do u boo)


219 Galisteo St., 988-5534,

Soft fabrics and breathable shapes are great for yoga.

Santa Fe Hemp

105 E Water St., 984-2599,

More than just candles, soaps and bleeding-heart bumper stickers, find a stock of a ton of comfy clothes that are perfect to move around in. (Ecstatic dance, anyone?)

Look chic without even going to Target

Bodhi Bazaar

DeVargas Center, 556 N Guadalupe St.,

You know how Santa Fe women pull off that immensely chic but super-comfy, slightly counterculture but undeniably on-trend look? It's thanks to Bodhi.

Cupcake Clothing

322 Montezuma Ave., 988-4744,

This sweet staff is happy to help you browse the trendy items, including pretty stackable necklaces and rings, oils and scents, bags and belts.


500 Market St., 988-2399,

Splurge-worthy jackets, pants, blouses and handbags.

Maya Santa Fe

108 Galisteo St., 989-7590,

Free-spirited style saturates this eclectic shop filled with shoes, accessories and clothing sourced from sustainable companies.

Santa Fe Dry Goods

53 Old Santa Fe Trail, 982-4066,

Chic European-made fashion and footwear with a polished but unique vibe.

Sign of the Pampered Maiden

123 W Water St., 982-5948

Flowy blouses with intricate floral embroidery—and excellent service.

Spirit Clothing

109 W San Francisco St., 982-2677

Stylish, breathable and comfortable, with a nod to minimalist aesthetics.

Uli's Clothing Boutique

208 W San Francisco St., 986-0557,

Focused on dressing to flatter your body type—with some men's and children's styles, too.


70 W Marcy St., 982-1399,

Jeans, basics and boots from labels like Free People, American Vintage and Frye, plus local jewelry and plenty of accessories to make you look as cool as you feel.

Distinctly Santa Fe pieces and wearable textiles

La Boheme

663 Canyon Road, 982-8043

Handmade clothing, textiles and jewelry on the artsiest street around.

Full Bloom Boutique

101 W Marcy St., 988-9648

Even if you don't go fully full-on hippie, embroidery and bohemian-inspired necklaces and accessories add chic, intricate details without looking crunchy.


611 Old Santa Fe Trail, 986-5800,

Dreamy linens, silks and velvets. Get a matching set. Live in it.

natasha Santa Fe

403 S Guadalupe St., 913-9236,

Hand-knitted scarves, art and jewelry, all from local artists.

Thrifting and Vintage

One man's trash, that's another man's come-up

Act 2

839 Paseo de Peralta, Ste. A, 983-8585,

Find or sell something on consignment at this resale shop catering to a variety of cool styles for women, plus retail jewelry from local artists.


930 Baca St., Ste. C,

Men's and women's curated consignment clothing, boots, bags and accessories that have a hip and modern feel, plus edgy art shows and events in the attached ART.i.factory.

Barkin' Boutique

510 N Guadalupe St., 986-0699

Pick up some new duds and fund the animals at Española Humane at the same time.


3918 Rodeo Road, 570-4000

Eclectic and chic consignment clothes, jewelry, homewares and accessories away from downtown crowds.

Double Take

320 Aztec St., 989-8886,

This is a renowned spot where you can easily happen upon a treasure, both resale and retail. See men's and women's vintage bags, jeans, jewelry, hats 'n' boots—plus homewares, furniture and art.

Look What the Cat Dragged In

2570 Camino Entrada, 473-6300
541 W Cordova Road, 780-8975

Affordable clothing and home decorations with proceeds benefiting the Santa Fe Animal Shelter.

Ooh La La!

518 Old Santa Fe Trail, 820-6433,

Current styles and high-end labels. These are bargains for those with a wide definition of the term; think stuff that's $90 instead of $500.

Santa Fe Vintage Outpost

202 E Palace Ave., 690-1075,

An insane collection of vintage clothing—which used to only be available in an appointment-only showroom on the Southside—including jewelry, denim and flannels.

Food and its Paraphernalia

Food itself

El Paisano Super Market

3140 Cerrillos Road, Ste. D, 424-9105

If you're hungry, have a torta, which is basically a hot meat sandwich. If you're not hungry, buy a Trump piñata.

Kaune's Neighborhood Market

511 Old Santa Fe Trail,

A small grocery store with a ton of snack options, fancy snacks, a good selection of wine and pre-made cold sandwiches that come wrapped up with a piece of chocolate for after.

La Montañita Co-op

913 W Alameda St., 984-2852,

Featuring mostly organic and locally grown produce, a sandwich and smoothie bar, a ton of coconut water and anything else your holistic heart desires.

Santa Fe Farmers Market

Railyard (year-round): 1607 Paseo de Peralta
El Mercado del Sur (seasonal): 6009 Jaguar Drive

Buy direct from local farmers on Saturdays year-round in the Railyard, and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the warmer months in two locations. Visit the website to get all the times and dates, and get ready to buy more fingerling potatoes and apple cider than you even know what to do with.

Stuff to add to and accompany the food itself

Alembic Apothecary

1200 Hickox St., 310-403-6139

Tinctures, herbs, bitters and other generally lovely things made locally and with care. Open on weekends.

Cacao Santa Fe

3201 Richards Lane, Ste. B, 471-0891,

Take a chocolate class, get a coffee and browse the selection of dark chocolates from Santa Fe and beyond.

CG Higgins

130 Lincoln Ave., Ste. B,

Locally beloved chocolates, truffles, caramels, toffees, coffee and more.

Chocolate + Cashmere

109 E Palace Ave., 989-3887

Knitwear and chocolate is a dangerous, but delectable combo. Just go for the sweaters before the chocolate.

The Chocolatesmith

851 Cerrillos Road, Ste. A,

Craft caramels, some with 24-karat gold sprinkled on top. Yummy and bougie.

Kakawa Chocolate House

1050 Paseo de Peralta, 982-0388,

Drinking chocolate is both delicious and (supposedly) good for you, so bottoms up!

Santa Fe Olive Oil & Balsamic Co.

116 Don Gaspar Ave.,

Dip a hunk of bread into a sample of gourmet olive oil flavored with garlic, chile or herbs.

Todos Santos Chocolates

125 E Palace Ave., Ste. 31, 982-3855

A little magic goes into these beautifully-crafted and sometimes eccentric creations by chocolatier Hayward Simoneaux.

Booze goes best with food itself

La Casa Sena Wine Shop

125 E Palace Ave., Ste. 20, 982-2121,

Spirits and wine, plus staff members who know what they're talking about and are super happy to share with you (including SFR wine columnist Mary Francis Cheeseman—go say hi!).

Cliff's Liquors

903 Old Pecos Trail,

Wine, beer and liquor in a building that has a ton of character. Serving the east side for over 40 years.

Kokoman Fine Wine and Liquor

34 Cities of Gold Road, Pojoaque, 455-2219

It's a bit of a drive, but if you live north or are headed that way, Kokoman has a great selection.

Owl's Liquors

913 Hickox St., 982-1751

Standard, local and you can get a keg. The staff's cool, the location is ideal—you could ask for more, but that would be greedy.

Santa Fe Spirits

Distillery: 7505 Mallard Way, 467-8892
Tasting Room: 308 Read St., 780-5906

Whiskey, gin and more—all made locally. Visit the tasting room location for craft cocktails made with the local good stuff.

Susan's Fine Wine & Spirits

1005 S St. Francis Drive, Ste. 101, 984-1582,

A knowledgable staff guides you through more than 1,500 wine choices and 500 beers.

Get kitchenware in which to cook the food itself

Las Cosas Kitchen Shoppe & Cooking School

DeVargas Center, 181 Paseo de Peralta, 988-3394,

Buy a fancy new baking dish and take a class to teach you how to use it.


1222 Siler Road, 471-7780,

Benefiting the food delivery nonprofit Kitchen Angels, get curated kitchen goods and perfect hostess gifts at a steal.


Agua Fría Nursery

1409 Agua Fría St., 983-4831,

This family-owned nursery offers native perennials, shrubs and succulents.

All Seasons Gardening

3201 Rufina St., Ste. C,

This nursery is full of everything you need to have a healthy garden, including premium soil and a friendly staff.

Payne's Nurseries & Greenhouses

North: 304 Camino Alire, 988-8011
South: 715 St. Michael's Drive, 988-9626
Soil Yard: 6037 Agua Fría St., 424-0336,

Conveniently, there's more than one location for this nursery with photo-worthy warehouses full of flowers, herbs, succulents, cacti and more.

Plants of the Southwest

3095 Agua Fría St., 438-8888,

Native seeds, flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees that are designed to succeed in Santa Fe. They have a seasonal restaurant too.


Buy tchotchkes from local shops


322 S Guadalupe St.,

A calming yet subtly edgy aesthetic brings candles, stationery, homewares and gifts for thinkers and civilized shoppers.

Casa Nova Gallery

530 S Guadalupe St.,

A remarkable collection of contemporary fair-trade items from around the world, but with a firm base in African textiles, housewares and jewelry.


120 Don Gaspar Ave.,

Some of the spunkiest little gifts, cards and knick-knacks around in a busy, colorful, packed-to-the-gills downtown staple.

Marcy Street Card Shop

75 W Marcy St.,

Coffee mugs featuring quippy sayings, pretty notebooks and $1 greeting cards—plus really Santa Fe-style textile-covered photo albums and hand-painted wrapping paper.

Power & Light Press

3 Firehouse Lane, Madrid, 207-772-6584,

One of the newest additions to Madrid, this female-run letterpress dream machine creates cards, prints, posters, cheeky signs and tote bags. Ask about letterpress workshops at their mothership down in Silver City.

Santa Maria Provisions

125 E Palace Ave., Ste. 29, 983-2411

Green chile-infused ketchup is the kind of gift everybody wants. Plus soaps, books and jewelry for the less food-obsessed.

Need a birthday gift for your aunt in Milwaukee?

Keshi: The Zuni Connection

227 Don Gaspar Ave.,

These tiny animal totems, traditionally carved by the Zuni tribe, represent specific characteristics exhibited by that animal, and the fetishes are meant to impart those traits to their owners. Quite literally the perfect gift, Keshi has a huge collection at a great range of prices.

The Harrell House Bug Museum

DeVargas Center, 564 N Guadalupe St., 695-8569,

Bugs, fossils and rocks galore—fun gifts for both children and the delightfully childlike folks in your life. Their Facebook updates are pretty fun, too, so give 'em a like.

Pop-up artisan markets galore

Railyard Artisan Market

Farmers Market Pavilion, 1607 Paseo de Peralta, 983-4098

From 10 am to 4 pm every Sunday year-round, get all the local goods you could ever want direct from the artists and crafters in the lofty and comfortable Farmers Market building.

Santa Fe Artists Market

Market Street at Alcaldesa Street, 310-8766

From March through December, head to the intersection just north of the water tower in the Railyard for all the arts and crafts you could ever want. No reason not to buy local!

Santa Fe Society of Artists

122 W Palace Ave., 926-1497,

A juried selection of fine artists working in painting, photography and sculpture take over the First National Bank parking lot most weekends during the warmer months; check the website for all show dates.


You can do it—these people can ACTUALLY help

Ace Hardware

2006 Cerrillos Road, Suite 1, 424-9343,

This place has what you need, whether hammer, hose or nail.

Big Jo True Value

1311 Siler Road, 473-2255,

If you don't know what you need, the staff here does. No fear, you can DIY this. Plus, it's regularly voted Best of Santa Fe by our readers, so—you know.

Empire Builders Supply Co.

1802 Cerrillos Road,

Get everything you need to redo your bathroom (or any other home project) at this store that's been here since 1954.

Make your house magazine-photo-shoot worthy


214 Galisteo St., 820-2231,

Traditional rugs made by hand from cultures around the world make this space a feast for the eyes. These experts also offer appraisals and repairs, in case your rug needs a little doctoring.

Asian Adobe

310 Johnson St., 992-6846,

The blend of Asian and Southwest aesthetics is accentuated to the max here. Find furniture, shearling rugs and everyday objects.

Barkin' Attic

851 St. Michael's Drive, 428-0223,

Get a vintage nightstand or a beautiful painting for cheap in this airy showroom, and support Española Humane at the same time.

Congeries Consignment

1368 Cerrillos Road,

A warehouse full of pre-loved furniture and décor worth sifting through.

Design Warehouse

101 W Marcy St., 988-1555,

Modern minimalist plates, cups and sets as well as witty accessories. Their low-profile furniture is delivered free anywhere in the state.

Mexico Lindo Furniture

1301 Cerrillos Road,

Salvaged antique doors, shutters and beams from historic missions and haciendas in Mexico. It doesn't get any more authentic than that.

Molecule Design

1226 Flagman Way, 989-9806,

Modernist home accents, local art shows, cool design events and more.

Moss Outdoor

530 S Guadalupe St.,

Luxe patio furniture to spend those long summer nights sitting outside without those annoying criss-cross marks on the backs of your thighs. Ouside is the new inside.


222 Galisteo St., 989-7948,

Give your home an international feel with cabinets, chests, pottery and more from Portugal, France, Italy and all over Europe.

The Raven Fine Consignments

1225 Cerrillos Road, 988-4775,

Decked-out showrooms full of high-end new and antique furniture, industrial accents, art and creative craft.

Santa Fe Fine Consign

851 San Mateo Road, 983-0145 

Want your house to look amazing but don't want to spend big bucks? This is your stop.

Seret & Sons

224 Galisteo St., 988-9151,

This huge downtown shop has intricately carved doors, giant elephant sculptures, praying Buddhas and rugs to dream about. Take a step through a portal into a temple in Asia.

Stephen's: A Consignment Gallery

2701 Cerrillos Road, 471-0802,

You never know what you may find at this consignment shop that has it all from furniture to antiques.

Santa Fe Antiques at Valdes

1006 Marquez Place, 982-0017,

It's a traditional antique mall with stalls for individual vendors, so it's got the requisite dust and funk—but the mint-condition treasures abound. If you have an hour or two to spare, poke around for new-to-you home accents.


Cut this section out and leave it on your boo’s breakfast plate

Fairchild & Co.

110 W San Francisco St.,

Since the '70s, this has been the downtown spot for sparkly glam.

Marc Howard Custom Jewelry Design

328 S Guadalupe St., Ste. E, 820-1080,

Howard specializes in custom-made high-karat gold and platinum sets.

Reflective Images

912 Baca St., 988-7393,

Fair-trade gold and recycled metals forged into Celtic wedding bands and engagement rings.

Santa Fe Goldworks

60 E San Francisco St.,
Ste. 218, 983-4562,

David Griego designs and constructs custom gold jewelry with diamonds, opals and other gems.


Adults can shop, just say it’s for some random child

Moon Rabbit Toys

Plaza Mercado, 112 W San Francisco St., Ste. 202,

Brain games, puzzles, stuffed animals and other fun stuff in the Plaza Mercado.


150 Washington Ave., 988-5422,

Seriously, just, like, tons of toys. Common brands like Playmobil and Calico Critters are coupled with cool, unique things you haven't seen before.

Read early and often

Bee Hive Kids Books

328 Montezuma Ave., 780-8051,

Books for kids through young adults, plus occasional story time in the impossibly sunny little shop.

Yippee Yi Yo

54 E San Francisco St., 988-2757

This unassuming tourist stop downtown actually has a back room stuffed with a ton of awesome kids' books about the Southwest.

Even though they prefer to be naked…

Boomerang Baby

1333 Cerrillos Road,

The cost of kids' clothes could equal college tuition if they were always bought new, right? What goes around comes around.

Indigo Baby

DeVargas Center, 185 Paseo de Peralta, 984-4000

Soft bamboo onesies, natural fabrics and toys and handmade everything, both resale and retail, at this baby boutique.

Pets and Animals

Because your animals should eat better than you do

The Critters & Me

1403 Agua Fría St.,

Natural and gourmet foods, antlers and bones, collars and leashes. The super-friendly staff here gives good advice about what's best for your critters.

Eldorado Country Pet

Agora Center, 7 Avenida Vista Grande, Eldorado,

We all know animals rule Eldo. A friendly staff and wide selection make this a regular stop even for city-proper-dwellers.

The Feed Bin

1202 W Alameda St., 982-0511,

Quality nutrition for all kinds of pets—that includes poultry, cattle, horses and domestic and wild birds. And they have chicks in the spring.

Marty's Meals

1107 Pen Road, 467-8162,

Interested in feeding raw, supplementing with some fresh ground meat, or need some frozen bones for special treats? Marty's is your local hookup.

Pet Pangaea

158 Central Park Square, Los Alamos,

Outfit your nuclear family, including your pets and horses.

Santa Fe Paws

713 Don Diego Ave., 988-2500,

Food options for cats and dogs, raw bones and chews at this family-owned shop.

Teca Tu

DeVargas Center, 165 Paseo de Peralta,

Cakes and cookies, chewable toys and plush pals, turquoise-studded collars, Pendleton coats and high-quality food and supplements too. Plenty of gifts for pet-loving humans, too.


You don’t really live here if you don’t own cowboy boots

Back at the Ranch

209 E Marcy St., 989-8110,

Dreamy mules in cow-print and pony hair and, of course, an array of hand-tooled cowboy boots at this custom boutique.

Boots and Boogie

102 E Water St.,

Another option for great custom boots.

Cowgirl Red

2865 Hwy. 14, Madrid,

A sweet selection of pre-owned and vintage cowboy boots is worth a little out-of-town jaunt.

Double Take at the Ranch

320 Aztec St.,

This consignment store has a whole room of vintage Western gear,
which also includes the requisite pre-worn boots from fancy to functional.


345 W Manhattan Ave.,

Vintage Western shirts, swing and broom skirts and so, so, so many boots.

Everything that’s not cowboy boots


125 E Palace Ave.,

Chic but functional men's and women's shoes, boots, bags and accessories, plus sunglasses and a curated selection of clothes. Their Facebook page is also poppin'.

On Your Feet

328 S Guadalupe St., 983-3900,

A curated selection of stylish, functional and comfortable shoes from this oft-voted-best foot boutique.

Running Hub

1100 Don Diego Ave., Ste. B,

Find the perfect pair for whatever distance you're trying to tackle (running a marathon, or running to get another taco?) and stop by Thursday evenings at 6 pm to join the running club.

Street Feet

100 E San Francisco St., 984-2828,

Sandals, shoes and boots for women in La Fonda Hotel.

For The Sportsters Among Us

Pedal pushers unite

The Broken Spoke

1426 Cerrillos Road,

This full-service shop can do anything from fix your current ride to help you find a new one. They're also good folks who refurbish donated bikes and distribute them to kids.

Chainbreaker Collective

1515 Fifth St.,

Learn to repair a bike from their collection and pay for it with volunteer hours. They've also turned into a bit of a powerhouse for social justice in Santa Fe, tackling issues from transit equality to gentrification in initiatives and public forums. ¡Orale!

Mellow Velo

132 E Marcy St.,

Whether you need a ride for the day or one for life, this place is a good bet. They're real friendly (we should know, we're their neighbors) and they specialize in reconstructed and vintage bikes.

New Mexico Bike 'n' Sport

524 W Cordova Road, Ste. C,

Catering to every kind of cyclist, with bikes and gear for mountain bikers, road enthusiasts and weekend cruisers.

O'Leary Built Bicycles

1156 Parkway Drive, Ste. B,

Been biking on an off-the-shelf model and ready to step up your game? Let
these folks build a frame especially for you, based on your torso and limb measurements.

Rob & Charlie's

1632 St. Michael's Drive,

Repairs, tires, bikes and more and this much-loved bike shop.

Sirius Cycles

2801 Rodeo Road, Ste. B-8,

This shop has bikes for all kinds of trails and tastes. For serious.

Spin Doc

628 Old Las Vegas Hwy.,

Apparel for your cycling adventure, rentals, classes and doctoring, of course, at this Eldorado-area shop.

Get outside, vitamin D is good for you

Alpine Sports

121 Sandoval St., Ste. B,

Skis, snowboards and everything else you need to conquer the mountain.

The Outdoorsman

DeVargas Center, 530 N Guadalupe St., 983-3432,

Guns, ammo, binoculars and stuffed bobcats, oh my.

The Reel Life

DeVargas Center, 526 N Guadalupe St., 995-8114,

Get ready for your fishing trip—rod, bait and all. Share some rainbows with the friendly staff.