Comedian John Mulaney once posited that it's 100 percent easier to just stay home than it is to go out into the world and do something. True enough. But when it comes to the next however-long in Santa Fe, it seems almost harder to shrug off the veritable cornucopia of entertainment goodness. Turn off that Netflix and let that Hulu account lapse—we're venturing out to do the things, and the things are looking fine.


Eldorado Studio Tour

May 18-20

The Santa Fe subdivision's many artists open up their studio spaces for arts fans to check out the works and the processes. The preview reception on Friday evening is followed by open studio hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Native Treasures

May 25-27

This massive undertaking from the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture finds hundreds of artists and craftspeople showing and selling their finest wares with a percentage of proceeds benefitting the museum.

Lowrider Day

May 26

Once again, the Plaza hosts a cavalcade of the most tricked-out, souped-up and loooooow cars on the planet. See 'em cruise, bounce and drop their way into your hearts with unparalleled artistry and craftsmanship at this free event.


ARTsmart Edible Art Tour

June 8 and 9

More than 20 restaurants and galleries join forces for a walking tour combo of art, food and drink on Canyon Road (Friday) and downtown (Saturday). Consider buying your tickets early—they're limited, and this is popular.


June 13

Arizona's Calexico finds the sweet spot between indie rock and a sort of Tex-Mex folk sound. It's like they were made to blow the minds of Santa Feans. It goes down at The Bridge at Santa Fe Brewing Co.


June 8-24

Currents sees national and international artists descend upon our fair city with multimedia works that run the gamut from video, virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive, futuristic and beyond.

Rodeo de Santa Fe

June 20-23

Mutton-bustin', rodeo clowns, barrel-racin' ladies who go by in a blur, ice cream, funnel cake, oversized cans of beer—get all this and more at the annual Western sporting event.

Santa Fe Bandstand

June 21-Aug. 11

The most beloved of Santa Fe's outdoor concert series kicks off in June and hosts over 100 local and touring acts on the Plaza on those sweet and balmy Santa Fe evenings—and it's all free. Bonus? There's a Southside iteration as well.

Santa Fe Pride

June 29 and 30

Back on schedule with Pride around the nation, the festival supported by the Santa Fe Human Rights Alliance is colorful affair for LGBTQIA+ and allies.

Santa Fe Wine Festival

June 30 and July 1

In a world where a small town can host multiple wine festivals (which we totally do), El Rancho de las Golondrinas hosts a tribute to fine New Mexico vintages and music for the sophisticated modern-day wine aficionado and locavore.


International Folk Art Market

July 13-15

A sprawling three-day explosion of arts, crafts, food and dance from more than 150 countries and cultures make this packed-to-the-gills event one of the city's signatures. Plus, all the gifts you need to buy this year.

The International Folk Art Market is for everyone.
The International Folk Art Market is for everyone. | Suzanne Sentyrz Klapmeier

Best of Santa Fe Party

July 27

Your friends at SFR gather to celebrate the businesses and organizations our readers named in the annual Best of Santa Fe poll. Eat, drink, get inked, take in a free concert! And more!


We Are the Seeds

Aug. 16 and 17

The second year for the fledgling Indigenous arts market kicks off in the Railyard and brings a decidedly more contemporary bent. Art, music, food, dancing and more all go down and we love love love their style.

SWAIA Indian Market

Aug. 18 and 19

The Plaza and its surrounding streets transform into one of the hottest arts markets in the country. Find hundreds of artists, thousands of visitors and the all-around best possible way to see the coming-together of traditional and contemporary Indigenous arts and culture.

Apache crown dancers on the Plaza during Indian Market.
Apache crown dancers on the Plaza during Indian Market. | Suzanne Sentyrz Klapmeier

Fiestas de Santa Fe

Aug. 26-Sept. 8

It'll be interesting to see how Fiestas shakes out this year after protesters took to the streets during last year's Entrada, a pageant that whitewashes the reconquest of New Mexico. Either way, Santa Fe's Spanish Colonial Heritage will be on full display at this annual week-long event. Plus: carnival games, chicharron burritos and little kids dancing—ain't nobody have a problem with that part.


Aug. 31

The physical embodiment of our doom and gloom, Zozobra must burn so we may cleanse ourselves of the sadness. Also, they shoot off fireworks (if we don't have a fire ban) and the whole town gets nutty. Awesome.


Outside Bike & Brew

Sept. 1 and 2

Bicycling meets craft beers and live music at this two-day festival for pros, amateurs and all cyclers in between. You can thank Outside magazine for this relatively new but undoubtedly excellent event.

Santa Fe Renaissance Fair

Sept. 15 and 16

Don thy fairest renaissance attire and prepare thyselves for all the turkey leg-eatin', loom-weavin', mead-guzzling fun you can handle south of town at El Rancho de las Golondrinas. We secretly always hope someone will go as a leper, but we'll take the jesters and maidens and knights all the same.

Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta

Sept. 26-30

Local restaurants and wine folk come together to celebrate how glorious pairings can be, all while digging into the greatest vegetable we know and love: the noble chile. We just got super hungry.


Santa Fe Independent Film Fest

October 17-21

What began as a smattering of films screened at a local teen arts center has expanded over the last decade to a multi-day, multi-theater event with filmmakers, movie stars, lectures, parties and more.

Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival

Nov. 30-Dec. 2

Art born of others' trash—or, you rather, a clever reuse of things that might otherwise be sitting in a landfill someplace. It's ecological, it's practical, it's fun.


Canyon Road Farolito Walk

Dec. 24

As the sun goes down, our most artsy street is aglow with farolitos and bonfires, caroling locals and, sometimes, laser-light shows. It's going to be crowded, but this annual event speaks volumes about how much Santa Feans can love one another when we're, like, four ciders deep and agog at the spectacle.

New Year’s Eve

Dec. 31

The Christmas lights still hang on the Plaza as a local who's-who of politicians, businesspeople, bands and partiers ring in the New Year with festive fireworks and live music. There are heaters. And hot drinks. You'll need them.


Souper Bowl

Feb. 2

Those who want to taste every soup before casting their votes in the annual fundraiser for The Food Depot need to arrive early and have a strategy. Get to know the chefs at the city's restaurants—see, be seen and get soupy. Check the date, though, as it wasn't exactly set in stone as press time.

Santa Fe Film Festival

Feb. 6-10

This festival explodes into a townwide fete celebrating film's contribution to New Mexico (it's huge) and New Mexico's contribution to the film world (it's huge). Lectures, panels, social hours, and—of course—a juried selection of films make this a week of cinematic stimulation.