Vinaigrette won big points earlier this year when owner Erin Wade announced she was doubling down on sustainability. This means parallel programs, dubbed the Compost Club and The Reusables, that incentivize composting and a reduction of single-use to-go containers. Yes, there's a $20 deposit, but diners can opt out anytime and, after 20 punches on the included punch card, a free item or two, depending on whether you're eating in or out. Meanwhile, Vinagrette maintains its commitment to fresh and delicious salads and sandwiches. We can never recommend the Omega ($12.25) enough, with its generous toppers of piñon and avocado mixing with kale, bell pepper, tomato and blue cheese vinaigrette dressing. But other salads like the Chop Chop ($12.50), a romaine, arugula and kale mix with cauliflower, tomato and chickpeas over salami and herb roasted chicken, impress as well. Don't even get us started on the Cuban torta ($13.50)—a melt-in-your-mouth pork shoulder roasted with mustard plus green chile ham, onions, Swiss cheese and avocado—or the mushroom stew ($5-$8) and desserts like a flourless chocolate cake ($6.25) that stuns with a fudge-like goodness, or carrot cake ($6) that's so delicious, you'll rethink why you ever doubted it.

709 Don Cubero Alley, 820-9205
Lunch and dinner Monday-Saturday
Twitter: @VinaigretteNM
Insta: @vinaigretteofficial