Fresh pasta is totally having its moment. Anyone with a penchant for collecting kitchen gadgets probably has at least one pasta machine on their counter right now and two others waiting in their Amazon cart. But when the novelty of the toy wears off, you'll still be in love with pasta a mano—handmade—and Trattoria a Mano has just what you need. In the spring and summer, the menu shifts to the south of Italy, featuring more seafood, but the winter menu is dedicated to northern Italian cuisine. Traditionally, pasta is just the second course, so consider starting with a light caprese salad ($15) featuring the mildest, sweetest burrata, tart tomatoes and balsamic vinegar pearls. For something richer, the grilled octopus ($16) comes with a satisfying char and a Nduja sausage sauce. Each pasta dish features a unique type carefully paired with toppings to complement the texture. The orecchiette al sugo ($15/$26), Italian for "little ears with sauce," demonstrates the restaurant's mastery of the craft, and though we would have tried all the pastas, we wanted to save room for a main course: namely, grilled branzino ($30) served with crispy, briney Sicilian-style cauliflowers and salsa verde. We're definitely looking forward to going back when it's cold out and digging into some of the best pasta in town.