It's Friday night, smack dab in the middle of sweltering tourism season and we don't have a reservation. We also don't have to fight for parking, and we don't have to wait at all to get a table in the cool dining room at Puerto Peñasco. What we find then is a vast menu with every single item written in Spanish and English and friendly, non-obtrusive but extremely courteous waitstaff. Chips and salsa are joined by avocado creme as we pore over the choices. Welcome to the restaurant that Ruben Rodriguez opened and named after a memorable family vacation 13 years ago. We're salivating as two plates of sizzling fajitas go by and land on another table, but we have zero order regret from the filete creme chipotle ($11.95), a sizeable portion of white fish swimming in a thick creamsicle-colored sauce with enough jalapeño kick to rate "extra spicy" on the menu. Well-cooked rice that comes along was a given, but a small pile of french fries was a surprise addition to the entree—and those steaming taters longed to be dipped in the sauce. A mango agave wine margarita with a chile rim ($5.25) helped chill it down to a tolerable lip-burning level. For dessert, we share a single flan ($4.25) that is generously drenched in caramel sauce and so sweet with condensed milk and eggs that it disappears quickly. Not us. We'll be back.

4681 Airport Road, Ste. 1, 438-6622
Lunch and dinner daily