Chef Renee Fox isn't messing around. One bite of the asparagus soup with buffalo bone marrow broth and spinach is enough to make you remember that for the rest of dinner. It was the soup of the night on our visit ($5), and we could have easily taken home a quart. Fox and her partner Dave Readyhough are holding it down with a single dining room and patio at the Agora shopping center in Eldorado now that they've sold Loyal Hound in the city. Arable has almost zero curb appeal, as it faces a mall courtyard rather than a curb—but it has all kinds of table appeal. Our dinner included an order of what's becoming the famous bison "poutine," ($19.50) made with house-cut fries and a gravy of red wine and red chile, and recently featured in a cable TV food show. The BBQ chicken entree came with a side of coleslaw that we're still thinking about—tangy and acidic from its combination of apples and citrus mixed with the starring cabbage ($17.50). Do you know what budino is? We're huge fans of pudding, and yes, it's what it sounds like, Italian for those sweet gooey puddles. Arable's butterscotch budino is served in an unassuming glass jar for maximum scrapability ($6.50). Don't let Guy Fieri enjoy this local food more than you do.

7 Avenida Vista Grande, B-6, 303-3816
Dinner Tuesday through Saturday, Brunch weekends