There are few cuisines that have caused the rending of friendships, the division of families, the destruction of dreams and the agree-to-disagree passive-aggressive kiss-offs that barbecue has inspired. All over America and across the globe, the ways in which people cook meat vary almost as much as the flavors in the sauces slathered thereon. Santa Fe has its own beloved barbecue joints (some of which we talk about in this very guide), but there are few that provoke as many "oh, that's my favorite" claims than The Ranch House. Those left heartbroken when Josh's Barbecue on Zafarano closed in the late aughts were delighted to see that chef Josh Baum commandeered a classier, cavernous space just a little further south to keep serving his red chile-glazed ribs ($17.95-$28.95), brined and smoked chicken with white barbecue sauce ($13.95), a steak and shrimp combo with brown butter glaze and frizzled onions ($18.95) and waffle fries with brisket and queso ($10.20). So often, large restaurants speak to poor quality, but don't let the big dining rooms scare you off—even though they could easily host your whole rehearsal dinner. All the size does is speak to the devoted following of the massive meat church in which Baum serves as gracious pastor.

Lunch and Dinner


The Ranch House
2571 Cristo's Road,