As we plunge chunks of bread into a bowl of marinara, it sinks in: This menu is actually a book. Our red table wine arrives in an old-school tumbler. It's gone, and the bread and the sauce much diminished before we finally decide what to get. If your family can't find something to choose among this bible of comfort food, it hasn't got a prayer. You'd have to faithfully dine here each night for a year to try it all. Readers voted Piccolino the best Italian restaurant in the most recent Best of Santa Fe poll, and that's for good reason. Any night of the week, you're likely to find it bustling, and proprietor Olga Tarango-Jimenez is likely to be right in the middle of it. Unbeknownst to us, we ordered the dish on the menu that's named after her. Olga's favorite pasta hit the spot with a combination of large chunks of roasted eggplant and a generous mound of goat cheese ($11.50). We also had to get a plate of the sausage ravioli with spicy red cream sauce, knowing full well we were taking some home in the ubiquitous foil pan with a cardboard lid. Kid-friendly and multi-generational, the restaurant also has gluten-free pasta and pizzas, a drive-through window, and checkered tablecloths for the win.

Lunch and Dinner


2890 Agua Fría St.,