Named for the elongated, paper-thin crepes that serve as the primary focus of the restaurant's menu, Paper Dosa offers a gorgeous array of South Indian culinary mainstays. Alongside a selection of the eponymous dosas, uttapam and curries, chef Paulraj Karuppasamy has crafted a menu that features the traditional staples such as pappadum ($7) and pakora ($9). A standout menu item is the dahi vada ($9), a lentil fritter doused in yogurt with tamarind and mint chutney layered on top. The dosas are crafted from a batter of fermented rice, lentils and ghee—although the latter can be left out for vegan customers. They come with a wealth of potential fillers, such as masala served either classically or dusted with white truffle ($10 or $11). For a more filling entree, try the uttapam, made from the dosa batter but served thick like a pancake, with the ingredients cooked directly into the dough. We tried one topped with seasonal farmers market vegetables ($13) of shishito peppers, tomato, scallions and garlic, and another with green chile and cilantro ($10). A unique beer and wine list comes with options like a glass of Basque Zudugarai Txakoli ($13), a spritzy and refreshing counterpart to the hearty food, and the dry, fruity Château Belá riesling ($13), which make wonderful potential pairings.



Paper Dosa
551 W Cordova Road,


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