This unassuming food truck stands opposite a collection of towering government buildings, offering up some of the spiciest dogs, tacos and burritos in town served up on paper plates with no frills, no ceremony. Though almost all of it can be ordered vegetarian, the menu revolves around carnivorous crowd-pleasers that come in different spicy iterations. Beef and pork take center stage, the former available as barbacoa, carne asada and picadillo, which is similar to hash. Pork shows up as adobada (yes, without the v), al pastor, carnitas, chicharrón, and for the adventurous, as buche—or stomach, cueritos—or pickled skin. There is also chicken en chipotle or adobo. Opt for the plate of four tacos ($8) and taste a variety of fillings, and don't forget to add the earthy red chile or the creamy cilantro green sauce, which looks cooling but tastes like fire. Top them off with crunchy green cabbage or roasted jalapeños, the eponymous chiles toreados—but if you do, be warned. These are some of the hottest peppers I've ever tasted in my life. On the whole, El Chile Toreado seriously delivers on flavor, even if it hurts so good.

Breakfast and Lunch


El Chile Toreado
950 W Cordova Road,