This year's Restaurant Guide showcases a number of good-and-good-for-you eateries, and Edible Alchemy is a fantastic option if you're looking for food that makes you feel healthy instead of guilt-ridden. Owner Lyra Barron has crafted an organic, vegan, gluten- and sugar-free menu that's missing nothing when it comes to taste. The bright café tucked away on Early Street near Whole Foods picked an unconventional name, but it's spot-on. Six different smoothies (all $9) are featured on the menu and served ice-cold. The Dragon Blossom is a magenta concoction of pitaya (cactus fruit), mango, raspberry, probiotics, orange zest and ashwagandha to boost brain function. Even if you aren't particularly concerned about your brain, it's yummy. Breakfast is served until close, with a tofu scramble ($12) and avocado toast ($7) as options. Lunch will generally set you back $13 and the mole veggie burger is a messy, incredibly flavorful option that comes alongside a huge salad with house-made dressing. If there's any room left—or even if there isn't—the smart, friendly staff makes delicious baked goods including wild blueberry pie ($7) and homemade vegan ice cream ($3). Feel good, eat good.

Breakfast and Lunch


Edible Alchemy
815 Early St., Ste. B,

Instagram: @ediblealchemysf