Chef and owner Annamaria O'Brien named her adorable bakery and café after the Slavic word for "valley," which serves as both a tribute to her home country and an indication of the menu's offerings, which range from tvarohovy strúhany ($4.25), a pastry of bitter chocolate and probiotic cream, to the kapustnica ($10.50), a mix of sauerkraut, wild mushrooms, klobasa, potatoes, Hungarian paprika and sourdough toast. Situated in the spot formerly occupied by Clafoutis, Dolina is clean and bright, a spacious white interior with robin-egg blue accents on the walls and pillows lining a banco near the pastry case with its daily selection of strudel, coffee cake, quiches and pies. Try the pesto omelet ($10.50), which features flavorful, bright heirloom cherry tomatoes folded into fresh mozzarella and the strongly herbal, house-made pesto, with hash browns and an English muffin on the side. It comes with a dab of housemade orange marmalade, a splendid citrusy complement to the cheese and eggs. For a quick pastry fix, the makos dios ($8), a gluten-free walnut and poppy seed cake topped with raspberry preserve and ground walnuts, makes an excellent substitution for the basic breakfast croissant.

Breakfast and Lunch


Dolina Café and Bakery
402 N Guadalupe St.,

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