When the French restaurant and bakery shuttered the doors of its original location on Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe held its breath. But luckily, it wasn't a long wait before the new location affixed to Body of Santa Fe kicked things off, this time with more than enough parking for all—or at least way more parking than the last spot. A family affair betwixt chef Philippe Ligier, his wife Anne-Laure and their daughter Charlotte, Clafoutis' menu ranges from eggy breakfasts featuring croissants, quiche and even healthful salads to the decadent cakes, pastries and cookies found at the bakery counter. Do note that some breakfast items sell out before the switch to the lunch menu at 11:30 am, and that even then you might find a lack of croissants with which to contend—but rather than proving a shortcoming on the part of Clafoutis, it really just speaks to the quality of its ingredients and employees. Try the waffle with a little fruit ($8.50) or a crepe the same way ($8.50) if you miss out on the delicious egg croissant with eggs, Swiss, bacon or ham and even just a little green chile, if you like ($7.45). We've also ordered cakes from Clafoutis and been the hero of many gatherings.

Breakfast and Lunch


333 W Cordova Road,