Santa Fe loves its old things that live again as new things. This St. Michael's Drive dive extraordinaire is one of them. The former Green Onion (colloquially, the Grunion) is just below the surface in the decor that has not seen a redo in more than a decade, but here you'll find another place to feel familiar. Get to Rafael Aldana's family-run restaurant by looking for the satellite dish that's been painted like a plate of bacon and eggs. Sunrise, as the name indicates, is best for breakfast. It offers standard local fare with a huge menu that's got three-egg-white spinach omelets for the healthy types ($8.25) and biscuits and gravy with chorizo (order both a la carte), huevos rancheros oozing with cheese ($7.99), bowls of tender beans and piles of fried potatoes for everyone else. Lunch and dinner mean a chance at three asada tacos with beans and rice ($8.99). Those tiny cubes of steak are served with grilled onion and a cold avocado wedge on a soft corn tortilla that can barely hold in the flavor. Bottomless hot coffee in shapely white mugs that beg to be held and bottles of Coke are on the beverage list, but no beer here. Maybe, after the night you had, you should just order menudo for $7.50 and be happy.

Sunrise Family Restaurant
1851 St. Michael's Drive, 820-0643
Breakfast and lunch daily