Located a couple blocks down from what remains of the oldest church in the continental United States, Santa Fe Bite has prime real estate on Old Santa Fe Trail, attached to Garrett's Desert Inn. The restaurant is 1950s-themed, an ode to its predecessor, Bobcat Bite, which opened in 1953 and operated on Old Las Vegas Highway until 2013. Santa Fe Bite is known for its burgers, and in fact wins SFR's Best of Santa Fe burger category every year, but we went for the chicken flautas ($11.75). The chicken rolled up in the fried tortilla wasn't exactly shredded, and it was easy to pull larger chunks of meat out of the tortilla with each bite than was probably intended, but we could still smash up the empty flauta shell in the black beans, rice and salsa for a delicious impromptu taco salad. You should probably come here for their Americana menu—we couldn't help having some buyer's remorse as servers brought out chile-smothered burgers for other customers—but the rest of the menu was worth stopping for a bite, too.

Santa Fe Bite
401 Old Santa Fe Trail, 982-0544
Lunch and dinner daily; breakfast Saturday and Sunday
Twitter: @SantaFeBiteNM