Even as someone who doesn't drink beer, I still frequent breweries. Rowley Farmhouse Ales exemplifies why: The food is amazing, the atmosphere is comfortable, and beer people are generally the best people. Rowley does always have a cider on tap for folks like me, so I got a Scrumpy organic hard cider ($7.50). As for food: Korean-style wings ($9), shrimp and grits (which I would suggest they call "meaty mighty sea-bugs resting on perfect butter clouds," $15), tender and flaky seared black cod over toasted coconut rice ($19) and a creamy farmer's market risotto ($14) flew out to the table. It's gastropub food without the haughty vibe; alternately, the best brewery fare sans grease or regret. To finish, a few scoops of blackberry ice cream ($3) made with the fruit left over from the summer's brewing had just enough yeasty funk (we say that lovingly). It finished off a meal with great company that, I must admit, could probably only be improved by a beer crafted by a Los Alamos National Lab scientist (aka John Rowley). Maybe next time.

Rowley Farmhouse Ales
1405 Maclovia St., 428-0719
Lunch and dinner daily
Twitter: @rowleyfarmhouse
Instagram: @RowleyFarm