We are not exaggerating: The chicharron burrito arrived at the table measuring a full 8 inches long, 4 inches wide and 2 inches thick. That's 64 cubic inches of cheese and Christmas chile-smothered home cooking for under $9. PC's is a giant at one of the busiest corners in Santa Fe, but somehow remains hidden. The spacious dining room is accommodating to a large party for a birthday dinner, two people snuggled in a corner or a family at a booth. And we saw all of them on our visit. Plus the separate bar area has plenty of tables with sightlines to televisions that play NFL in the fall, MLB in the spring and all those other sports alphabets you know and love. The sign says authentic New Mexican, and they ain't lyin'. Experience crunchy fried chunks of pork skins next to creamy pintos with some respectable chile (hearty, hot green and smoky, smooth red), or a generous burger on a good bun ($8.15). Sit long enough to let that settle so there's room to order a smooth and sweet bowl of natillas for dessert ($4). Back in the spring, the mayor proposed that residents levy a tax on sugary beverages and Santa Femous Southsiders decried the plan. "What's next, a tax on chicharrones?" You'd pay extra for these, but you don't have to.

PC's Restaurant & Lounge
4220 Airport Road, 473-7164
Lunch and dinner Tuesday-Saturday; breakfast Saturday; Breakfast and lunch Sundays