Sunrise Family Restaurant

1851 St. Michael's Drive, 820-0643
7 am-3 pm daily
$8 for three tacos with rice and beans

Go for: Something affordable
Sunrise Family Restaurant provides home-cooked flavor for a great price, making it a go-to for those of us without a New Mexican grandmother. An order of three ground beef or chicken tacos runs $7.50, while three of the carne asada or fish tacos are just 49 cents more. All three options come with rice, beans, a choice of red or green chile and the satisfaction of a full meal for under $10.

La Cocina de Doña Clara

4350 Airport Road, 473-1081
8 am-9 pm Monday and Wednesday-Saturday;
8 am-8 pm Sunday; 8 am-3 pm Tuesday
$8 for four tacos

Go for: Something different
If you're a taco aficionado looking to expand your palate, head over to La Cocina de Doña Clara for cabeza, or pig's head, tacos. Before you start picturing The Walking Dead, let me clarify: It's literally head meat, not brains. It tastes a lot like pork belly but less fatty. Four tacos are $8, and don't worry—they have plenty of other options, like ground beef and chicken, that are almost as tasty as the cabeza.


401 Guadalupe St., 467-8624
5-10 pm Monday-Saturday
$10 for two tacos

Go for: Something veggie
Paloma might be new to Santa Fe's restaurant scene, but their vegan-friendly cauliflower tacos are already a fan favorite. Topped with golden raisins, Spanish olives, marcona almonds and a garlic and red pepper romesco sauce, it's enough to make even the most carnivorous consider a plant-based diet. Another bonus? With a 10 pm closing time, they're open the latest on this list.


221 Shelby St.,983-8604
4-8:30 pm Monday-Saturday
$16 for three "taquitos"

Go for: Something gourmet
Sazón is known for their masterful mole sauce, but they also have a solid selection of taquitos (little tacos). The Xochimilco (corn truffle) iteration packs a plethora of complex flavors onto a tiny tortilla and, if you're feeling brave, the Oaxaqueños, or grasshoppers, have a great zest. Be forewarned: at $16 for three itty-bitty tacos, these come in at the most expensive (and the smallest portion) on our list, but it's worth it for a splurge.

La Fogata Grill

112 W San Francisco St., 983-7302
8:30 am-9 pm Tuesday-Sunday;
8:30 am-3 pm Monday
$10 for three tacos on Tuesdays

Go for: Something fun
While La Fogata's tacos are delicious—especially the al pastor, or pork marinated with guajillo chiles and anchiote—this pick is more experiential. Each week, they host Taco Tuesday, with a rotating list of mariachi bands to serenade you as you chow down on the three-for-$10 tacos and other food specials. For groups (or the ambitious eater), a special platter of 12 is offered for just $30 but, if you can't make it on Tuesday, two tacos with rice and beans will set you back $10.99.