Is there a more wonderful trend than the noble food truck? Even in a town like Santa Fe where they tend to find a place and stick to it, our cross-section of mobile restaurants is brag-worthy. Generally speaking, such trucks are a labor of love curated and created by foodie types for whom freshness and culinary acumen are key and the concept of endless hours is no biggie. From massive burgers and authentic cheese-steaks to Cajun delicacies and surprise styles you won't find anywhere else—we're lucky to have 'em and even luckier there are so many. And though we could never fit them all in a mere two pages, we've highlighted some of the most exciting and enticing trucks to be found around town. Now go for it.

La Pupuseria y Lonchera La ProvEdencia
One of the unspoken deals with food trucks is that, often, the more unassuming the location, the more special the food. Take Provedencia, for example—a small operation hidden in plain sight on Rodeo Road that serves up Mexican and Central American fare, and is also one of the very few places in Santa Fe with pupusas ($2.25 each), a thicker-than-usual tortilla stuffed with meat and veggie options and often topped with sauces and cabbage.
3920 Rodeo Road, 231-8617

Bambini's Steaks & Hoagies
While Santa Fe can boast our chile situation with reckless abandon, there are certain regional bites that are nearly impossible to come by. Thank goodness, then, for Bambini's. Serving up cheesesteaks and hoagies (like they make in Philly), this seasonal food truck has grown into a local favorite. Get the original Bambini ($9.29) for some classic flavor or hit a little closer to home with the Bampeño, a jalapeño-filled sammy. They also serve up falafel ($9.99), eggplant or chicken parm ($9.29) and beloved sweet potato waffle fries, among tons of other options.
905 S St. Francis Drive (in the SkiTech parking lot) , 699-2243

An artistically-minded food truck located in the parking lot of an art supply store? Sign us up! See, Palate hangs around Artisan more often than not. Though they may be new-ish to the local mobile restaurant scene, they more than make up for it with a certain family charm, local ingredients sourced from the Farmers Market and Old Windmill Dairy among others and some unexpected menu awesomeness among the killer tacos. Did somebody say breakfast po'boy ($7) overflowing with eggs, cheese and bacon? We did. We're also all about those red chile-braised beef tacos ($9.50) for which they spend eight hours preparing the meat.
2601 Cerrillos Road, 386-6343

Gnar Chow
We didn't name State Capital Kitchen our Restaurant of the Year for nothing. They're also takin' it to the streets with Gnar Chow, their very own food truck (with an exterior by local hero David Santiago). Just because a fine dining experience is often fancy-schmancy doesn't mean it can't translate to affordable food truck options. Try Wagyu beef burgers (with or without green chile, $6) and stuffed waffle-pressed sopaipillas ($6) or the El Guapo burrito with carne asada, roasted plantains and serrano chile sauce ($9). They even make pho ($10) and milkshakes ($4). One could lunch at the truck, then do dinner inside. Sounds good to us.
500 Sandoval St., 468-8237

Trinity Kitchen
When a biz like Meow Wolf puts its considerable weight and influence behind a food truck, you can bet on it being a high-quality operation with uncommon options. Trinity Kitchen is just that operation. Serving up cajun food (no, seriously), Trinity owners Connor Black and Eliot Chevanne have crafted something special, from the cripsy crawfish beignets ($8) and jackfruit po'boy ($10, and an excellent substitution for pulled pork or similar meat) to delicious gumbo ($10) and sinful pulled pork fries ($8). This is the truck we didn't realize we were missing until it came barreling into our lives.
1352 Rufina Circle, 216-6561

Santa Famous Street Eats
Located in what's become that adorable little food truck park across the street from Kaune's Supermarket, Santa Famous Street Eats is like some glorious amalgam of all things Santa Feans love: Frito pies ($5), tacos ($6 for two), taquitos ($5 for three) and breakfsat burritos ($5) are just a smattering. With rotating specials, chile-laden burgers and—are you sitting down?—the waffle cristo (a monte cristo made with waffles instead of bread, and crammed with honey jam, Swiss cheese and a housemade jalapeño-berry dipping sauce for $6), it needs to be on the top of your list.
502 Old Santa Fe Trail, 269-2858

Kaffee Haus
We've been blessed with numerous excellent coffee shops in Santa Fe, but now that we're aware of Kaffee Haus, we may just have to change our routine. Located near St. Mike's on St. Francis Drive, this walk-up or drive-through stand may not exactly be a truck, but it does have myriad caffeine options like drip, Americano, latte, etc., plus specialty drinks such as the peppermint patty latte ($4.50-$5), chai ($3.74-$4.25), hot chocolate ($3.25-$3.75) and tea, plus light food options such as brekkie burritos ($5.50) and quiche ($3).
1599 St. Francis Drive, 720-254-5004

Bang Bite Filling Station
There are certain food trucks that are magic; the ones that transcend the format and become something truly special. Bang Bite is one of them thanks to their informal yet deceptively simple menu. In other words, them burgers and sammies is GOOD! Our personal favorite might just be the You Are My Boy Blue ($11), a massive coming-together of beef, bacon, bleu cheese and maple-bacon jam so delicious we'd probably kill for it. Grilled cheese sandwiches ($8.25-$11) shine as well, and with nearly 10 other sandwich choices, plenty of vegetrain options, local specialties like calabacitas ($9.75) and more, it's hard to believe our luck.
492 Water St., 469-2345

Jambo Hapa
Everyone you've ever met who has eaten at Jambo loves it, so why on Earth would you ever sleep on their food truck? In fact, if you're at a special event or food truck gathering (or really anyplace and you see this thing a-coming), it's time to bust out your wallets and sample the goodness. We're partial to items like the jerk chicken sandwich ($10.95) and barbecue brisket sandwich ($10.95), and don't even get us started on how badly we want the sweet potato and/or cumin fries ($4.95) or the plantain crab cakes ($9.95)—they're the kind of foods that dreams are made of. Oh, Jambo—we heart you.
All over town, 473-1269

The Bonsai Asian Tacos
A mere stone's throw from the Kaffee Haus (see above) lies this enticing testament to fusion cuisine. For those in search of a different kind of taco, sample pulled pork, bulgogi beef or salmon, plus tempeh and tofu options for those who've gone veggie ($7.95-$8.50). Miso quesadillas are an exciting dish as well ($7.50), with miso and cabbage rounding out all that cheese. Choose also from burritos ($7.50) and pork sliders ($5.95) or go full-on entree with stir fry or lemongrass curry ($7.50). Perhaps this isn't what you expected, but you're bound to leave happy all the same.
1599 S St. Francis Drive, 316-9418