Pride 2024

Life, liberty and the pursuit of all things queer life in our annual celebratory issue

(Shelby Criswell)

Though it wasn’t until 1970 that the -first official celebrations for the -annual event we now know as Pride began, if we look to the 1969 Stonewall Riots at New York City’s Stonewall Inn, 2024 marks 55 years since fiercely brave trans and queer pioneers like Miss Major, Marsha P Johnson and others stood up to claim the rights to which they were entitled. In many ways since then, the world has become a better place for our queer siblings; but in many others, the song remains the same—they must fight for a basic level of care and -freedom that so many take for granted. As of this writing, for example, the American Civil Liberties Union is tracking 523 anti-LGBTQ+ bills across the country in various states of play. Some, thankfully have been or will be defeated by the time you read this; others, sadly remain.

And this is, at least in part, why we celebrate Pride. At SFR, this means a number of pieces written by queer -locals for our annual Pride issue. Inside this edition, you’ll learn how testosterone is a godsend for some and not quite right for others; read a queer meditation on marriage and grief; explore how heteronormativity influences even queer relationships; and catch a glimpse of the world through the eyes of queer filmmaker Alexandria “Jo” Bombach. Then, on Saturday, June 29, celebrate Pride with community when the Santa Fe Human Rights Alliance takes over the Plaza for a full day of festivities. To be fair, Santa Fe celebrates Pride all month long, and you’ll find more events in our print and online culture calendars. Queerness on full display in Santa Fe? That’s something to be proud of, no question.

—Alex De Vore

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