The geographic center of Santa Fe lies within this neighborhood, branded more recently as Midtown than the triangle shape of three key streets that explained its older nickname. Today, the busy core of St. Michael's Drive and the slower pace on Second Street both offer dense areas with lots to eat and plenty of shopping and services. Fringed by homes in Hopewell-Mann and between the corridor and Santa Fe High, the area also contains a massive city property that formerly held higher education institutions. It's mostly empty now, but has promise to not stay that way.

Get active

Ragle Park: Parking is at a premium on the right nights during softball and baseball season, but the park is anchored not just with athletic fields, but a fun playground, public art and a flat paved trail that encircles them all.
2530 W Zia Road

Rail Trail: Access the city's oldest paved pedestrian and bicycling trail from Second Street or St. Michael's Drive and head north or south for mellow exercise for a little way or a long while.

Studio Nia: Yoga, pilates, dance and, of course, nia to your heart's content in this pleasant, convenient studio with drop-in classes as low as $5.
851 W San Mateo Road, 989-1299

Creative Peek

Iconik Coffee Roasters: Niomi Fawn of Curate Santa Fe (@curatesantafe) mounts must-see contemporary art shows on the walls of the coffeehouse.
1600 Lena St, 428-0996

The Screen: Watch a film in the theater that was part of both former colleges on the Midtown campus, and is now operated by the Center for Contemporary Arts.
1600 St. Michael's Drive, 428-0209

GIG Performance Space: Live music acts for appreciators of jazz, classical, world, folk and more. Plus, spoken word and educational opportunities in an intimate environment.
1808 Second St.

Voted Best Business …

The Candyman Strings & Things: Whether you've shopped there for 20 minutes or 20 years, The Candyman's knowledgable staff takes proper care of you, as does the wide selection of products.
851 St. Michael's Drive, 983-5906

Oculus | Botwin Eye Group: Hey, four-eyes! Shopping for frames has never been more fun.
444 St. Michael's Drive, 438-2020

Del Norte Credit Union: Get a car loan, open a checking account or take care of other banking needs at the place our readers picked as the best in the neighborhood.
604 W San Mateo Road, 988-3628