Sometimes, when the weekend is growing near and the world is moving way too fast or much too slow, we pack up our day planners and our notebooks and head to the place we euphemistically call the “library.” What’s waiting there on those shelves, however, is not a long line of the spines of books—but fluted glasses. A few words spoken, and they’re filled about half-way with sparkling wine, light bouncing off the tiny bubbles and the white walls. When we’re feeling zany, we order a cocktail that’s garnished with an edible hibiscus. We’re beginning to read the sentences of relaxation.

Gruet's downtown tasting room is, of course, not really a library. That has not stopped us from getting membership cards. And it's just one of the places we like to stage a little getaway. Tourism officials say Santa Fe boasts more than 40 bars and 400 restaurants, so whether you are on vacation or you're a year-round local, finding a place that suits your fancy isn't hard. But narrowing it down to a list of just seven surefire beverages is another story. Luckily, we were up to the task.

We chugged a few misfires and we paid dearly for some run-of-the-mill muddling at joints that should know better. The joys far outweigh the pains. What follows are lip-smacking tastes from the hands of mixologists and brewers and vintners who want to quench your thirst. Get the lowdown on beer scene and look for the best wine deals. As always, we encourage you to imbibe responsibly. Please don't drink and drive. We love you too much.