Best Aesthetic Treatment

Owner Lisa Murphy loves lashes. Although she's worked in beauty for over three decades now, she first studied eyelash extensions in 2011, and she's mastered five different techniques for building out lush, soft lashes. Murphy passes that expertise onto a team of five aestheticians and technicians who can get your face decked out with all the accoutrements you could need, but only after a thorough facial (and they do nails, too).

1012 Marquez Place #101, 988-8923

Our readers agree: There's no better way to relax than by getting waxed and then rubbing organic lotions all over your skin. Owner Dawn Carter also offers special personalized treatments for oncology patients.

5 Caliente Road, Eldorado, 819-7210

Experts at lash and brow tinting, hair removal and permanent cosmetic treatments, Mix Skin Care has a huge line of skincare products just steps from the Plaza.

839 Paseo de Peralta, 986-1356

Best Barber

Kenny Tapia is apparently everything y'all want from a barber—a natural with the clippers, good for a chat, community-oriented and a family man. After scoring second place for the past two years in our Best of Santa Fe poll, Tapia's one-man-shop has finally pulled a win. For a guy who spends his free time cutting hair for childhood cancer research fundraisers, the win in well-deserved.

3600 Cerrillos Road #404A, 920-2864

Three generations of master barbers have been working under the Center Barber name and cutting hair at the same Cordova Road location for 66 years—here's to at least 66 more.

503 W Cordova Road, 982-1020

A super-stylish space on the Southside serves up the latest men's hairstyles with the goal of revolutionizing New Mexico's barber scene, and they're off to a promising start.

3526 Zafarano Dr. Ste D-2, 819-8055

Best Facial

Seven different types of facials, including the "custom facial" of infinite potential, might lead the unknowing to Google up what "nano needling" and "gua sha" were, but luckily the aestheticians at the Beauty Bar will explain everything—and help you decide which is best for you, or customize something for your face with a melange of techniques. Hint: Gua sha involves rubbing rocks over your face. Get exfoliated and get glowing!

1012 Marquez Place #101, 988-8923

With an extensive line-up of facial protocols for any sort of skin condition, Eldorado skin care also has a "gentleman's facial" for bearded folks with facial hair, who of course deserve a skincare routine.

5 Caliente Road, Eldorado, 819-7210

Make a comprehensive organic facial part of your next visit downtown, or just stop in for a quick pore purification. There's a special facial just for teens who could use some skincare guidance.

839 Paseo de Peralta, 986-1356

Best Hair Salon

Best of Santa Fe winners for, oh my gosh, 14 years running now, owner Melodi Wyss has a knack for hiring only the most talented stylists and stocking her shelves with quality hair products, and we're glad to see this reputation has kept up. A great choice if you need a new color or just a fresh style, this salon makes hanging out in the mall feel kinda cool again.

DeVargas Center, 187 Paseo de Peralta, 955-8500

Owner Nikki Martinez is a Santa Fe local who's been styling hair for nine years now, and this is the first year her salon is making an appearance in the Best of Santa Fe list. The Color Bar does nails and reflexology, too.

1005 S St Francis Drive, Ste. 115, 310-4903

Unless you request it, you probably won't be looking that crazy after coming out of Jessica Jiron's salon. Based on the huge number of services available, our bet is that you'll be looking perfect.

1421 Luisa St. Ste B, 920-4786

Best Nail Salon

Owners Tommy Tran and Judy Mak offer just about every nail service imaginable (by appointment only) in an airy, clean shop off the Cerrillos and Airport intersection, with special services for kids and waxing, too. They're usually booked up from returning customers and referrals, so call ahead to get a good time—but y'all probably already knew that, huh?

4056 Cerrillos Road, 471-2106

Long-time Best of Santa Fe winners offering affordable, professional nail services in a clean Midtown location near the Souper Salad. Appointments are recommended, but it can usually accommodate a walk-in.

2438 Cerrillos Road, 474-6183

Nail Time

Established in 1996 by Ken and Barbara Tran, this Southside beauty fixture offers clean, posh-y vibes with big windows facing the bustling Airport Road.

4350 Airport Road, 474-8020

Best Pet Daycare

Live cams of the kennels and play areas ensure clients can always check up on their dogs in Santa Fe Tails care, like a big communal baby monitor. Special activities to help dogs socialize keep pups friendly and acclimatize shy newcomers to the daycare experience, plus other obedience training programs in private or group settings teach Spot how to shake and roll over and do other dog things.

2109 Warner Circle, 820-0731

With new construction wrapped up on a second outdoor play area, your pup has almost twice the space to roam while under the close supervision of Paws Plaza staff. Doesn't your dog want to play on a cool climbing mountain?

1416 Fourth St., 820-7529

There's no rush to collect your little fuzzball after his spa sesh—just let him chill the rest of the day at doggy daycare with his friends, but make sure it's part of your appointment.

1311 Calle Nava, 820-2275

Best Pet Grooming

This business treats clients—both canine and human—like family, staying connected with updates and wanting to hear about your furbabies on social media in between visits. The groomers take special care with shy or nervous dogs, lavishing them in treats and positive reinforcement, so no lack of sociability is an excuse to have a mangy pup.

1624 Cerrillos Road, 930-5909

Full-service grooming catered to your dog's breed, temperament and maintenance desires, with daycare options available. The smell of clean dog is one of the best smells in the world, you know.

1311 Calle Nava, 820-2275

Walk-in nail trims for all dogs, and walk-in baths for dogs under 20 pounds make this an easy stop for quick care, and sometimes we all need an excuse to put ourselves in an environment with 20+ barking, rambunctious dogs.

1416 Fourth St., 820-7529

Best Pet Store

Your pet's diet should get just as much scrutiny as your own, because honestly a lot of the food out there for them is just as bad as ours. When Laura Moore founded her pet store in 1998, she set out to do just that, and SFR readers agree that she's done a great job at stocking the best natural and organic foods, plus supplements and remedies, treats, toys and more.

1403 Agua Fria St., 982-5040

Teca Tu is almost as cute as the pets they cater to, with fresh-baked dog treats, quirky product offerings from around the state and a wide array of grooming supplies.

DeVargas Center, 165 Paseo De Peralta, 982-9374

No need for Eldoradans to drive all the way into town for pet supplies with Country Pet's smiling faces ready to help; they also have a lot of supplies for wild birds.

7 Avenida Vista Grande, Ste. B5, 466-1270

Best Spa

Perhaps the closest thing to a traditional Japanese hot spring, or onsen, in North America, this Santa Fe staple has seven different, highly elegant hot tub setups for private rental if you're looking for a quick day getaway a little ways up the mountain. Go the extra mile and reserve a room—the gorgeous views and Japanese design will have you forgetting the word "staycation" in no time.

21 Ten Thousand Waves Way, 982-9304

Chill out for the day with a relaxing drive north followed by a long soak in natural hot springs. Throw a massage on top for good measure too.

50 Los Banos Drive, Ojo Caliente, 583-2233

Get an energetic treatment or a massage overlooking a spring-fed pond, soak in a saltwater pool or try the new zero-gravity float tank. Oh, and the food at the accompanying Blue Heron restaurant is phenomenal.

242 Los Pinos Road, 977-8212

Best Tattoo Shop

The parking lot on this place is pretty much always packed, 'cuz once you get tatted here you're gonna come back, and bring your friends. Its numerous artists can handle pretty much any style. Oh, and you can get anything you want pierced here too, from your eyebrow to your frenum.

1632 Cerrillos Road, 983-8262

The oldest tattoo shop in Santa Fe is the place to go if you're looking for an American traditional tattoo. They do some sick sleeves, too.

825 Topeka St., 984-9131

Describing herself as a traditionalist, a "tattooist who does tattoos" rather than an artist putting ink on skin, Dawn Purnell excels at creating long, flowing, colorful and absolutely stunning works.

1100 Hickox St., 986-0002

Best Veterinarian

Santa Fe's walk-in vet boasts 17 doctors, state-of-the-art tech and a long relationship with Santa Fe's pet lovers: 74 years long, to be exact. So if it was your grandma that told you to vote for Smith's, we don't blame you. We're sure your cat would agree, considering it has a whole wing of the hospital dedicated to them. You can bring any other critter into the hospital, too, from gerbils to snakes.

600 Alta Vista St., 982-4418

Alongside a full gamut of regular vet services for cats and dogs, Gruda's doctors on the far south side can also provide your pet with chiropractic or acupuncture treatments, in case Mr. Whisker's vibes are whack.

9 Rumble Road, 471-4400

This hospital provides care for the adjoining animal shelter, which means these folks provide the county's rescued furbabies a super-important service that probably involves removing a lot of fleas (and, like, other things).

100 Caja Del Rio Road, 983-2755