Best Art Frame Shop

A pal collects movie posters, but not the lame, obvious ones. One time we went to Frontier Frames to pick up a giant 65-year-old Bowery Boys poster. Not only was it gorgeously mounted, but staff had expertly disguised the tears in the paper. That's probably one of several reasons why this resource for artists, galleries and collectors has been in business since 1973 and is marking two decades as a Best of Santa Fe winner.

2008 St. Michael's Drive, 473-1901

From the New Mexico History Museum to Nedra Matteucci Galleries to artist Tony Abeyta, JFD has built a sterling list of clients in its more than 20 years in town.

1221 Flagman Way, A2, 955-1911

Goldleaf founder, artist and framer Marty Horowitz, who passed away July 2 at the age of 70, started making frames for 50 cents an hour as a 13-year-old. His business has been serving local museums, galleries and collectors since 1988.

627 W. Alameda St., 988-5005

Best Auto Detailing/Car Wash

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but Squeaky Clean tells you exactly what you're getting. Classic car enthusiasts and normal car people alike dig both locations for washes, waxes, shampoos and details. Owner Jay Ritter has been vocal about the new sanitizing protocols set in place during COVID-19, including a special $34.95 Virus Wash with hospital-grade cleaners. Check it off your errand list before you head out on your next socially distant road trip.

1900 Cerrillos Road, 983-4201; 3931 Cerrillos Road, 474-4320

Get in, get out, get two things done right about now. Oilstop gets praise for its attention to fine detail and sweet service. Pass Jiffy Lube and keep going 'til you get here.

3562 Cerrillos Road, 424-0066

In addition to having nice prices, Speedy Shine is located in that vortex of Cerrillos Road near Denny's and Allsup's, where there's more to do and see than you can shake a stick at.

3006 Cerrillos Road, 780-5028

Best Body Shop

Owned and operated by the Gallegos family for more than 30 years, Custom Craft is the only Northern New Mexico collision repair outfit to have all I-Car Gold Class Certified technicians. If you don't know exactly what that means, just appreciate how professional it sounds and know this place is known far and wide as the go-to for efficient and expert repairs.

4587-B Highway 14, 438-8878

Is your car rather unique and extra posh, kind of like the name "Mena's Coachworks," kind of like you? Head to Mena's, in business since 1979, and specializing in premium automotive brands, including European and Japanese models.

3360-B Lopez Lane, 471-9037

Top Gun has earned a sterling reputation for body repairs, paint and restoration jobs in its five years in business. Like Cruise and Kilmer playing a shirtless game of beach volleyball in 1986, they'll take your breath away.

31 Paseo de River, 471-0212

Best Bicycle Repair

Speaking of '80s cinema featuring characters named Goose, are you a BMX Bandit from the old school? So is rob and charlie's, which opened in 1979. It is still the largest BMX retailer in Northern New Mexico, but rob and charlie's is also a center for bike repair parts and services that include custom fitting, tune-ups and installations. If you're more of a Gleaming the Cube aficionado, the shop also sells and fixes skateboards.

1632 St. Michael's Drive, 471-9119

The staff section of The Broken Spoke's website showcases the witty and talented array of mechanics and customer service folks you'll encounter here. If you're on a budget, they'll help you prioritize what should get fixed first.

1426 Cerrillos Road, 992-3102

SFR's next-door neighbor on Marcy Street is totally one of our staff faves too. Mellow Velo technicians will not only fix your bike up, they'll lavishly praise your impeccable taste in wheels and give you the lowdown on trails less traveled.

132 E. Marcy St., 995-8356

Best Car Repair

Subarus and Santa Fe are practically synonymous, and Mike's Garage is where the true 'baru gurus live. For more than three decades, Mike's has earned a reputation for rapid repairs that go the extra mile—and cost way less than at the dealership. Also, the relationship between you and your mechanic is special, and the respect and nurturing should go both ways. We do unto Mike's Garage as they do unto our cars.

1501 Fifth St., 983-6577

Hark, 36-month, 36,000-mile nationwide limited repair warranty, do you hear the unbeatable offer of the Auto Angel, which also gives back to the community with Food Depot drives?

3140 Cerrillos Road, 424-3899

The Toyota Tacoma might be the unofficial truck of Northern New Mexico. About the only thing it has in common with a Lexus is that Toy Auto Man is the spot where both get fixed. This Airport Road fixture strives to complete most repairs and services on the same day, which is an admirable mission.

4774 Airport Road, 983-9463

Martinizing GreenEarth Cleaning
Martinizing GreenEarth Cleaning | Kelli Johansen

Best Cleaning Service

Santa Fe wants to look sexy, right, but we're also pretty woke to the harmful carcinogens in the petrochemical solvents most dry cleaners use. Enter Martinizing GreenEarth, which uses two different environmentally friendly processes, replacing those chemicals with liquid silicone. Say bye to that synthetic smell, hi to clean and pressed duds without the toll traditional dry cleaning takes on fabrics.

400 N. Guadalupe St., 988-2455; 913 Old Pecos Trail, 982-9259; 2801 Rodeo Road #A7, 473-4396

La Unica's history in Santa Fe dates back to 1969, when Manuel Lopez opened a clothes-cleaners on Cerrillos Road. The business has been handed down through two generations and expanded to another location, always with the same commitment to spot-cleaning excellence.

647 Cerrillos Road, 983-1182; 1932 Cerrillos Road, 982-8231

Safe, thorough commercial and residential cleaning is more important now than ever, as is a commitment to environmentally friendly products and methods. Locally owned Green Choice has these down plus nearly 20 years of experience.


Best Computer and IT Services

A good computer technician can be hard to find, and horror stories of the especially gnarly ones abound in this town. Dotfoil has led this Best of Santa Fe category for more than a decade, offering repair for Macs, PCs, iPhones; IT for home or business; retail computers and accessories. Schedule an appointment for pickup, drop-off or remote five-star service from certified technicians. They also take old electronics for recycling.

851 St. Michael's Drive, 954-9955

Virus removal (yeah, not that kind), sales, network solutions, wireless installations, repairs—whatever you need, Capitol Computer is highly rated for its team of technicians. It promises no charge if your problem is not fixed.

518 Old Santa Fe Trail #6, 216-1108

The name Crumbacher might sound like a grumpy old codger, but these folks are pretty with it. They offer "the latest in business technology." Go here for all your small-business tech infrastructure needs, as well as Mac and PC repair, installs and upgrades.

2907 Agua Fria St., 820-6007

Best Electrician

It's monsoon season, which also means wildfire danger and electrical meltdowns. Since 1997, Gorman has been offering strike and surge protection along with commercial and residential electrical services. This family business, rooted in personal and timely service, is also the only New Mexico distributor of ECLE (East Coast Lightning Equipment) protection systems. East Coast—wow, que fancy; bet it works nice.

324 Palomino St., 989-3564

Small operation, good communicators, timely and professional residential and commercial electric wiring service, stayin' alive since 2012.

7504 Avenger Way, 438-9707

With nearly 30 years of service to Santa Fe and a passion for residential and business work, contractor Gary Runer and his team attract loyal customers and glowing reviews.


Best Electronics Repair

Head to Dotfoil when all is lost—the testimonials of their rescues are epic. Remote and appointment-only services since lockdown are crucial to Dotfoil customers' mental health, which can seem so tied to technology these days. (Right? What else did we do during March and April except doomscroll the news?) We applaud these knowledgeable pros for saving precious data time and time again.

851 St. Michael's Drive, 954-9955

The way Trump frequents McDonald's because he thinks a corporation that large will never poison him, we trust this Best Buy subsidiary's assiduously trained tech and appliance experts to get the job done.

3533 Zafarano Drive, 438-4671

Cracked screen, water damage, barely visible texts? Get thee to Synergy Tech, which specializes in smartphones and tablets.

1808 Second St. Ste. G, 473-3414

Best Financial Advisor

As banking goes, credit unions tend to be comparatively nurturing places, especially when they cater to a clientele that includes state employees, media workers and Santa Fe County residents. SECU's resources are vast, with savings plans for all stages of life and lending resources that include auto, mortgage, home equity, credit card, personal and secured loans. SECU staff get where you're coming from and are happy to help you get to where you wanna go.

813 St. Michael's Drive, 983-7328; 4920 Promenade Blvd., 983-7328

Another solid nonprofit and community-oriented credit union, and another perpetual winner in this category, Del Norte Investment Services include education and retirement planning, wealth management, beginning investing strategies—you know, all that good stuff.

3286 Cerrillos Road, 988-3628; 510 N. Guadalupe St., Suite A/B, 988-3628

Headquartered in Missouri with locations in Arizona, Kansas and New Mexico, Enterprise zeroes in on the financial needs of private businesses and individuals. But Santa Feans are particularly impressed by its nurturing of community institutions and local nonprofits.

301 Griffin St., 662-5171

Best Financial Institution

Doesn't it just feel better when your bank is a dot-org instead of a dot-com? Not only does SECU have an impressively wide network of no-fee ATMs, it earns consistent praise for in-person teller service and online banking. SECU is not just for state employees, and it's looking to cater to your individual needs—again, hard to find with a commercial bank.

813 St. Michael's Drive, 983-7328; 4920 Promenade Blvd., 983-7328

Del Norte has been in business since 1954, it is also a dot-org that seems to care a fair amount for your financial well-being.

3286 Cerrillos Road, 988-3628; 510 N. Guadalupe St., Suite A/B, 988-3628

Enterprise has mastered the art of local and personalized customer service, and we like to reward that with our patronage even if the bank is based elsewhere.

301 Griffin St., 662-5171

Best General Contractor

A six-time winner of the Grand Hacienda award from the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association, Tierra Concepts is also proud to have built more homes in Las Campanas than any other builder. The company is a big-time evolver of Santa Fe Style into sleek, luxurious contemporary spaces. Its portfolio is a testament to the idea that details and craftsmanship matter.

1512 Pacheco St., Suite D-206, 989-8484

The Woods family's 40 years and two generations of local building experience are a testament to their regard for the traditions that make Santa Fe homes special. Founder Sharon Woods also co-authored the iconic book Santa Fe Style.

302 Catron St., 988-2413

Since 1995, the Sarcon team—which, we're glad to see, includes several women—has spearheaded grand commercial projects, including SITE Santa Fe, New Mexico History Museum and Plaza Galeria, as well as collaborative home builds.

2044 Galisteo St., Suite 1, 474-4700

Best Insurance Agent

Amidst the hellscape that is 2020, good insurance might be more important than ever. The office of Seawright, who is a second-generation State Farm agent, is consistently lauded for its warm customer service in the realms of home, life and car insurance.

1441 Paseo de Peralta, Suite C, 982-5433

Santa Fe doesn't need State Farm's series of snappy new commercials—we know who to trust, and it's Armijo, who has been associated with the company since 1991.

901 W. Alameda in the Solana Center, 982-4412

Serving the area since 1958, this small, dynamic team is out to get you the right life or business insurance at an affordable rate.

1443 S. St. Francis Drive, 982-9863

Best Interior Design

Are you more Santa Fe Historic, East Coast Meets Santa Fe or Tesuque Contemporary? Married couple and business partners Paul Rochford and Michael Violante can figure out your design identity in their store and showroom, which boasts an extensive fabric library (who doesn't love a well-stocked fabric library?). Violante & Rochford also bring to the table a stellar cast of creative associates, including custom builder and furniture fabricators; antique and art gallery advisors; landscapers and more.

401 Paseo de Peralta, 983-3912

From the Agave Lounge at the Eldorado Hotel to serene and sophisticated residential interiors, Lisa Samuel's SDG believes in the life-enhancing power of spiffed-up spaces.

607 Cerrillos Road, Suite A, 820-0239

Husband-and-wife team Matt and Heather French's family-centered designs have been featured in Country Living, The New York Times and on HGTV.

224 W. Manhattan Ave., 982-7737

Best Landscaping Company

Landscaping in Santa Fe is as much about plants as it is water, rocks, sky and spirit. Cassidy's takes the holistic view in its more than 30 years of shaping home and business landscapes, concentrating on xeriscape design and efficient irrigation systems.

3901 Agua Fria St., 474-4500

Flagstones and flowerbeds, oh my! Desert Rose owner and operator Phil Madrid has a creative eye and practical solutions.


The lavish patios and courtyards designed by Catherine Clemens achieve a special synergy between the great outdoors and adobe living.

1012 Marquez Place, Suite 202, 982-4005

Best Law Firm

This super-firm with a history stretching back to 1953 centers on estate planning, tax law and real estate along with employment, business and corporate law. It's known for its qualities of tenacity and patience—a combo that can be hard to find in one lawyer.

200 W. Marcy St. #129, 982-4676

A small setting of lawyers with big-firm experience and a case list that shows service to newspapers, acequia associations, educators, unions and whistleblowers.

123 W. San Francisco St., Suite 200, 986-9641

Since 1976,  the attorneys of Rothstein Donatelli LLP have specialized in criminal defense, Indian law, licensing and complex civil and commercial litigation.  Partners Mark Donatelli, Richard Hughes, and Donna Connolly now lead the Santa Fe office.

1215 Paseo de Peralta, 988-8004

Best Lender

Whether you need a vintage trailer to restore, an old piece of land to live on or a plan to combine the two, sometimes you just can't get to that next step in life without a loan. Del Norte's people keep it cool with reasonable interest rates and payment schedules you don't have to freak out about.

3286 Cerrillos Road, 988-3628; 510 N. Guadalupe, Suite A/B, 988-3628

Refinance your car or student loans or just get that private lending going and flowing at SECU.

813 St. Michael's Drive, 983-7328; 4920 Promenade Blvd., 983-7328

Obviously they're into funding that go-getter initiative, they're called enterprise!

301 Griffin St., 662-5171

Best Lodging

It's been called the grande dame of Santa Fe stays, from its Harvey House origins to its film noir close-up in 1947's Ride the Pink Horse. La Fonda leads by example in pandemic-era hospitality by making smart moves with no complaints—maintaining half-occupancy; rigorous cleaning and sanitizing; and doing its best to inform out-of-state visitors of the 14-day quarantine. The hotel has also opened the cathedral-adjacent Terrace Rooftop Garden Patio for drinks and dining for the first time in 20 years.

100 E. San Francisco St., 982-5511

Owned by Picuris Pueblo, Hotel Santa Fe offers a complete cultural immersion for out-of-towners. Locals go here for its museum-quality art collection, Amaya's superfine dining and celebrity watching.

1501 Paseo de Peralta, 855-825-9876

Besides having downtown's best down-low bathrooms, this boutique hotel is home to a restaurant and lounge that manages to feel both comfy and ultra-luxurious.

113 Washington Ave., 988-3030

Best Mortgage Lender

The homegrown lender gets the mortgage business, too. You trust Del Norte with your banking and lending, why not throw the house in there, too?

3286 Cerrillos Road, 988-3628; 510 N. Guadalupe, Suite A/B, 988-3628

It's a nonprofit, it's been around since 1986, and it has an awesome reputation for educating first-time buyers. Homewise makes the pipe dream of home ownership into a gauzy domestic reality.

Again with the customer service and the personal touch that makes all the difference, SECU breeds loyalty.

813 St. Michael's Drive, 983-7328; 4920 Promenade Blvd., 983-7328

Best Movers

What other state of mind could you possibly hope for from a moving company? How about licensed, insured, experienced "educated men on the move?" They know how important and fragile your stuff is, they get how traumatic moving can be, and they might even help you set up that sand garden that keeps you chill when you use the tiny rake on it.


New Mexico's branch of a neat self-help organization for former convicts and people with addiction issues provides a bunch of vocational opportunities—including moving services.

Highway 94, Ohkay Owingeh, 852-4291

This 30-year-old chain keeps it simple with its Grandma Rule—treat everyone as they'd like their grandmother to be treated.


Bugman Pest Control
Bugman Pest Control | Kelli Johansen

Best Pest Control

You don't get to be called the Bugman—or "New Mexico's Coolest Pest Control Company"—without laying waste to some exoskeletons in your day. Since 1991, Bugman has been dealing with critters, insects, wildlife, birds and even bedbugs, earning raves for its efficiency.

2783 Trades West Road, 455-3832

Bat in the bathroom, squirrel in the sauna? Critter Control humanely captures wayward wildlife.


Try to find the value in every living thing, sure, but sometimes they really are complete pests, right? These professional eradicators have been around since 1945 and will get them gone.


Best Plumbing Company

Wouldn't it be cool to take a time machine to 1947, when Aranda's opened a small plumbing and heating parts store? Oh wait, we can just go to the quaint shop and market on Cortez Street, where everything looks about the same. Four generations of service to Santa Fe means Aranda's is the place when it comes to plumbers you can trust.

600 Cortez St., 983-7391

TLC is known for its knowledgeable professionals and timely service calls.

2532 Camino Entrada, 471-0119

For real, it's open 24 hours and won't take advantage of you when it comes to pricing.

1528 Center Drive, 474-4441

Best Real Estate Agency

Barker's signs are everywhere! And then when you get curious, its online listings tell you all you need to know and more, with giant photos and meticulous details. Bonus points for its many charitable contributions, which means a portion of every closed transaction benefits animal and humanitarian causes.

530 S. Guadalupe St., 982-9836

Committed to the cause of home buyers in this crazy town since 1986, Santa Fe Properties also has a reputation for real kindness.

1000 Paseo de Peralta, 982-4466

Look to Sotheby's for luxury homes with prestigious service to match.

231 Washington Ave., 988-8808

Best Roofing Company

When a second-generation roofer puts his name on a roofing company, he makes a certain promise. After 35 years, Brian is mostly retired, but his company has grown to more than 40 employees and earned its bona fides as Santa Fe's most trusted roofer.

39 Bisbee Court #2, 982-6256

Another longtime family-owned and operated business that Santa Feans praise for consistency and hard work.

3000 Agua Fria St., 982-8262

This company specializes in foam parties (the polyurethane kind) and you love 'em for it.

42 Bisbee Court, 231-6032

Best Solar Energy Company

It's the highest rated solar company in the state, around since 1997, and a Best of Santa Fe winner for more than a decade. It's also an employee-owned business with a strong track record of community involvement and contributions. Plus, Positive Energy super into harvesting the power of the sun and sponsors SFR's Morning Word.

3209 Richards Lane, 908-9578

Gorman knows lighting, and Gorman can get you set up with solar technology, too.

324 Palomino St., 989-3564

Workin' on the proudly local sun farm since 1978!

56 County Road 65, Dixon, 455-8875

Best Storage Facility

Kinda hard-boiled, fairly no frills—you get what you get at A-1 and that's a clean, climate-controlled, solar-powered room you rent to put your stuff in at five different but equally well-maintained locations all over town.

1591 San Mateo Lane, 983-8038; 

2000 Pinon St., 988-2985;
1311 Clark Road, 471-8911;
3902 Rodeo Road, 310-6271;
1224 Rodeo Road, 474-0921

Stash it with a local business in three locations around Santa Fe.

1501 Third St., 983-6600;
3064 Agua Fria St., 473-2222;
7521 Old Airport Road, 471-2004

Get into your unit at all hours with full security and enjoy your newly minimalist home.

2977 Rodeo Park Drive, 819-5967;
900 W San Mateo Road, 466-9400;
875 W San Mateo Road, 986-0639

Best Tire Shop

This is where the rubber meets the road—as Americans began saying in the '60s after Firestone used the phrase in its commercials—when it comes to affordable durability, skilled installation and upbeat service. And if you go to the one next to Congeries Consignment, you can even shop while staff rotate your tires and calls you when you're set to get back on the road.

1366 Cerrillos Road, 984-0626; 4316 Cerrillos Road, 473-9216

Founded by Lupe and Gloria Garcia in Chimayó in 1974, Garcia Tires has expanded to six locations and a motto of "Fastest Tires in the North!"

5984 Airport Road, 473-9715

Get a grip on the road with Big O's bigger selection and services.

3153 Cerrillos Road, 424-2220