Best Acupuncturist

Between its two Santa Fe locations, nine board-certified doctors of oriental medicine help coax your qi back into its proper channels with a personalized and comprehensive plan of treatment. Accessible to newcomers and the experienced alike seven days a week, its treatments can include traditional Chinese acupuncture or the lighter Japanese-style for more sensitive patients, complemented with cupping, moxibustion and herbal treatments.

303 Paseo de Peralta, 988-2449; 

1348 Pacheco St., Ste. 206, 988-2449

A sliding scale makes these treatments accessible to most, and practitioners usually only use points on your scalp and below the elbow and knees to do treatments, so there's no need to get undressed.

1406 Second St., 982-3711

Dr. Duckworth studied the Kototama tradition of Japanese acupuncture for 10 years right here in Santa Fe under the late Sensei Mutsuro Nakazono—a world-renowned authority on healing. Now Duckworth is integrating her wisdom into a new paradigm of Western medicine called Integrative Functional Medicine.

1510 S. St. Francis Drive, 982-9626

Best Alternative Healing Practitioner/Practice

This one-stop-shop for everything from family primary care to facials is consistently a top Best of Santa Fe winner—given its friendly, genuine care and expertise in basically every alternative health modality around, we aren't surprised. Recently the practice has begun offering Ayurvedic medicine consultations and treatments, like cleanses and diet plans, from Sunny Rose Healey, who's certified by the National Ayurvedic Medicine Association.

303 Paseo de Peralta, 988-2449; 

1348 Pacheco St., Ste. 206, 988-2449

An out-of-the-way strip mall spot off Second Street hosts a literal cave of Himalayan salt walls with lounge chairs to cleanse off unwanted vibes, plus boutique self-care and fashion products. Bring a friend!

1424 Second St., 365-2875

Everyone knows massage and acupuncture, but what about naprapathy? Essentially, it's the manipulation of connective tissues and joints to treat disease. Sol Wellness does all three, plus therapeutic ultrasound, nutrition and exercise planning.

805 Early St., Ste. B102, 216-1119

Best Cannabis Dispensary

Growing organic bud in the great outdoors is a formidable challenge, but these folks have it on lock—according to our readers, its cannabis is consistently fire and free of all the stuff you don't want in your medicine. Fruit of the Earth extracts are butane-free, their edibles are organic, gluten- and sugar-free. They offer customer consultations for folks looking to enroll in the medical program, plus a free pre-rolled joint for first-time customers and again on your birthday.

901 Early St., 310-7917

Founder Zeke Shortes was the sixth person in the state to get a production and distribution license for medical cannabis, and he grew a single location in Santa Fe into a statewide empire.

1300 Luisa St., Ste. 1, 216-9686

New MexiCann? Get it, like CANN-abis? Locals love what this dispensary is doing with its edibles—especially the chocolates—and if you're having a special occasion with some of your other medi-buds, you can order a medicated cake.

1592 San Mateo Lane, 982-2621

Best CBD Shop

When this place opened in 2014 it was the first CBD-specific store in New Mexico, and it brought the same all-organic, all-natural vibe over from its sister dispensary next door. A proprietary in-house line of CBD products called Microbotanica claim to make cannabinoids as bio-available as possible, and its customer-first approach carefully guides people through the science to pair them with the supplements that'll help most.

903 Early St., 930-5073

A self-titled "CBD Apothecary," its Sacred Botanical tinctures are infused with all sorts of supplemental flowers and herbs, along with being treated "energetically" by gem and flower essences. Don't miss the dog treats for anxious pups.

1300 Rufina Circle, Ste. A1, 257-3733

With basically every form and delivery system of non-psychoactive cannabinoid on offer, these folks love helping first-time CBD users get their bearings in a chill industrial space off Rufina.

1330 Rufina Circle, 985-5704

Best Chiropractor

Connerly Chiropractic Center

Get that image of painful back cracking out of your mind: Dr. John Connerly and associates specialize in gentle, pain-free and immediate relief for maladjusted bodies, and their careful attention to pain has won them Best of Santa Fe accolades for six years running. Besides chiropractic, the center offers pain relief through acupuncture, massage, electric stimulation and integrative medicine. Whether you're recovering from an accident or something just doesn't feel right, you'll find help freeze.

1892 Plaza del Sur, Ste. A, 988-8017

Offering chiropractic treatments from her home office, Dr. Windy Carter specializes in treatments for scar tissue replenishment, sciatica and acid reflux with comprehensive plans based around the Thompson Technique of chiropractic.

2948 Richards Ave., 424-9114

Dr. Peter Fisk takes joy from making life-changing treatments to patients in his community, with a special focus on the ailments artists and musicians might develop in the course of their work.

826 Cam De Monte Rey, Ste. A7, 954-1024

Best Dental Practice

"Milagro" means miracle, and for folks traumatized by dentists in the past, this might be the exact milagro you need. Patient comfort is Dr. Kasha Ujda's top priority; she offers conscious sedation for procedures that could induce some pain or anxiety and a full range of cleaning and cosmetic procedures will transform your smile into a milagro for anyone lucky enough to see it.

2019 Galisteo St., Ste. L2, 982-9222

Dr. Ritchey is an expert in her field, but she doesn't plan to stop learning soon. New techniques in dentistry are popping up all the time, and her clinic offers most of them.

1 Caliente Road, Ste. E, 466-0999

Super friendly doctors and hygienists in Midtown help you set up the long-term care plans you need to take care of your teeth and make you
comfortable enough to keep coming back.

550 St. Michael's Drive, Ste. 2, 471-7000

Best Fitness Classes

First opened in 2008, this beginner-friendly club quickly grew to two locations, nine instructors and 37 class offerings per week, including an innovative TRX suspension training program. After picking up some basic workouts and getting into a routine, members can advance to a level two class that features a variety of fitness disciplines. And if you're just curious, you can drop into any class for free if it's your first time.

2008 St. Michael's Drive, 690-6197

A huge 125,000-square-foot facility including a pool and indoor running track hosts a range of credited fitness classes for enrolled students, plus day and month passes for guests who just wanna drop by.

6401 Richards Ave., 428-1000

Apparently the color orange helps you burn more calories? At any rate, the classes at this national chain gym are top-notch, the instructors are friendly and the heart-rate-monitoring atmosphere is totally supportive.

516 W Cordova Road, 395-7100

Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center
Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center | Courtesy

Best Health Care

One of Santa Fe's largest employers is also the first organized healthcare facility in the state and has been taking care of Northern New Mexicans for 155 years. A recently opened Southside emergency department made it easier for folks on that side of town to get care, in addition to urgent care clinics on the north and south sides.

455 St. Michael's Drive, 983-3361

The city's newest hospital already has a spot close to our readers' hearts, and they're probably all thankful for this healthcare option.

455 St. Michael's Drive, 983-3361

Our readers awarded Railyard the top spot in the urgent care category, but that just wasn't enough to express their gratitude for the excellent healthcare work these folks do every day.

831 S St. Francis Drive, 501-7791

Ten Thousand Waves
Ten Thousand Waves | Deborah Flieg

Best Massage

The Japanese art of shiatsu massage makes a rare home in the US at Ten Thousand Waves, and we promise you the real thing is nothing like those cheap quarter-fed chairs at the mall. 10k Waves massage therapists are highly trained in techniques proprietary to the spa and treat the whole body to relieve underlying tensions and get healthy energy flowing. Plus, in shiatsu, the clothes stay on for effective massage, if that's more your vibe.

21 Ten Thousand Waves Way, 982-9304

This woman-owned massage practice with two locations performs Swedish and deep-tissue massage alongside more niche practices like Rolfing Structural Integration.

644 Paseo de Peralta, 984-8830; 5 Caliente Road, 984-8830

This franchise of the national chain is owned by born and raised Santa Fean Rhiannon Bransford, who prides herself on keeping massage routines affordable. Plus, full-body stretch sessions, percussive massage technology and facials.

3490 Zafarano Dr. Ste A, 471-3689

Best Mental Health Care Provider

The mission of Solace is "to prevent sexual violence and empower survivors of sexual violence and other violent crimes through restoring dignity, strength and resilience" through clinical counseling for anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders; social advocacy services; and a 24-hour hotline. The organization's been working throughout Santa Fe, Rio Arriba and Taos counties for 47 years, and in that time has become an important lifeline for the most vulnerable among us.

6601 Valentine Way, 988-1951

The Mountain Center focuses on behavioral health for youth and families in a variety of forms, including therapeutic wilderness adventures, professional development, substance abuse counseling and programs specifically for LGBTQ+ people.

1524 Bishops Lodge Road B, 983-6158

From crisis intervention to managing chronic mental illness, the team of providers at the wellness center are ready to support patients' mental health when things get shaky and help connect them to community resources to help keep them on track.

2504 Camino Entrada, 471-5006

Best Physical Therapy

In an age of tech and machines, sometimes the best tool a physical therapist can use to get to the heart of a patient's pain is touch, which is a big part of Therapy Solution's two-pronged method of using manual therapy, like limb manipulation and stretching, with physical exercise. Plus, the practice was started by a group of friends who like to laugh a lot, which produces a light-hearted and healing environment.

333 W Cordova Road, 984-9101‎;

1221 Mercantile Road, 474-7000

The professional therapists at Christus St. Vincent help patients recover mobility, strength and health after surgery or injury in a big 10,000 foot facility with the latest equipment.

440 St. Michael's Drive, Ste. 100, 913-5100

Dr. Frank Hatch brings a new comprehensive approach to physical therapy, offering techniques like Feldenkrais, dry needling and aquatic therapy alongside traditional ones.

1850 Old Pecos Trail, Ste. H, 983-2673

Best Pilates Studio

Summer, fall and spring, SFCC offers PHED 1430 in two sections, one standard and one gentle, to teach the movements and breathing patterns developed by Joseph Pilates. Students develop their flexibility, core strength, muscle tone and breath control over the course of the semester. Besides physical excellence, students also gain one credit hour. Maybe it's odd for the community college to win best Pilates studio, but we see it as a testament to the quality of its program.

6401 Richards Ave., 428-1000

Raymond Kurshal's been practicing Pilates since 1973 and studied under the original disciples of good ole' Joe Pilates himself. He also is an expert in neuromuscular re-education and deep tissue detoxification.

839 Paseo de Peralta, 995-9700

Nia is its own special type of mind-body-spirit movement program that incorporates some aspects of Pilates with martial arts, tai chi and dance, but the studio also offers weekly classes in standard Pilates if that's more your vibe.

831 W San Mateo Road, Ste. 6, 989-1299

Best Self-Defense Classes

More of a community defense and justice organization than a martial arts school, Resolve teaches the origins of violence; how to set and enforce healthy boundaries; how to communicate; and how to improve awareness well before students learn to throw punches. Plus, through special funding from the Victims of Crime Act, Resolve is able to offer its self-defense classes to survivors of violence and trauma at no cost.

313 Camino Alire, Ste. 207, 992-8833

Kenpo 5.0 is a unique, synthesized martial arts system similar to karate, but focused on street defense, with only one rule: "On the streets there are no rules."

5984 Airport Road, Ste. 102, 930-0556

Undisputed offers 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu classes that focus on effective grappling and manipulation techniques for self-defense, self-confidence and fitness, plus classes in stick fighting in case your hands just don't cut it.

1221 Flagman Way Ste B1, 992-2677

Best Small Gym

Classes are only a fraction of what makes a gym: there's having top-notch equipment, friendly service, expert instructors, a sense of community, cleanliness, etc. Turns out, our readers think Fitness Bootcamp checks all those boxes too. Its small gym is well-stocked with weights, cable machines, stationary bikes and folks who are more than willing to help you figure out how to use them, because the best time to start working out was yesterday.

909 Early St., 690-6197

The tall ceilings and windows give this utopia-clean gym plenty of space for work-out-ers to kick some of their own ass. Personal trainers are available to give pointers and help you have fun while you do it.

703 Camino de la Familia, 983-7909

Newcomer David Padilla has been in business for barely a year and he's already made the BOSF top three with his seriously professional attitude toward fitness and decked-out, modern minimalist gym. Watch this space, fitness heads!

1935 Warner Ave., 312-4655

Best Urgent Care

This marks the fifth year that Railyard has taken the top spot for urgent care service, so first off, congrats on that—it's where our readers turn to most when they're sick. Maybe it has something to do with the friendly receptionists, or the short wait times, or the bilingual staff, or the on-site X-ray and lab services, or the central location, or…well, you can decide for yourself some time, but hopefully not too soon.

831 S St. Francis Drive, 501-7791

Now with two Santa Fe locations, the clinic at the new medical center on the Southside is open 24 hours and offers the support of a statewide system.

454 St Michael's Dr., 303-5000;

4801 Beckner Road, 257-6374

Locally owned and independent care providers accommodate walk-ins with friendly smiles and are open a little later for nighttime troubles.

3450 Zafarano Dr. Ste C, 466-5885

Best Yoga Studio

The ongoing pandemic has led YogaSource to make the responsible choice of moving all its classes online, but that doesn't mean a reduction in quality. The schedule is a lexicon of yoga, with classes in vinyasa flow, kundalini, yin, Iyengar, pranayama, prana flow…you'll just have to get a pass to try them all, huh? YogaSource can also help you become a teacher, or just help you get a break from it all with an international retreat (when that's a thing again).

901 W San Mateo Road, Ste. Y;

314 S Guadalupe St., 982-0990

A lovely pair of studios in a lush green oasis behind a commercial complex create a peaceful setting for community-led, nonprofit yoga, with free classes for middle and high school students.

826 Camino de Monte Rey, Ste. B1, 820-9363

How cool is it that the one local organization you'd hope would be really good at teaching just any random thing would show up in our best yoga, fitness class and Pilates categories? SFCC rocks, y'all.

6401 Richards Ave., 428-1000