Best Bike Shop

Owner David Bell brings a community bicycling vision to this downtown hub that serves tourists who want daily rentals alongside endurance athletes—and all of us in between. Shop staff supported the arrival of the GFNY bike race in Santa Fe this year, and regularly lend a hand to competitors in contests across the region. Get a basic tune-up or the "Razzle Dazzle" treatment from techs in the basement, and shop upstairs for new gear.

132 E Marcy St., 995-8356

Charlie Verral is the original second name on the sign of the Midtown staple. The two started the store, legend has it, by borrowing $4,000 from Rob's dad. And Verral is still going at it with a great reputation.

1632 St. Michael's Drive, 471-9119

Choice mountain bikes and commuter machines from Mike Chapman and his team. Brands include Cleary for kids and Rocky Mountain. Look out back for potential deals on pre-owned bikes.

1426 Cerrillos Road, 992-3102

Best Bookstore

This 40-year-old bookstore invites readers to explore with the latest from Santa Fe's homegrown authors and from the nation's best sellers without ever leaving the coffee shop. We'd like to encourage gifting of books, but we know it's hard to leave without several gifts to self. Owner Dorothy Massey keeps a broad selection of regional titles. Her wall of new hardbacks is a great place to get more current on upcoming literature. Plus, find several shelves for kids and youth.

202 Galisteo St., 988-4226

Peruse the plentiful stacks for used titles, plus get the new, hot and headline-grabbers. Local author events and meetups run over into the mall, which also offers sunny spots to read.

DeVargas Center, 157 Paseo de Peralta, 428-0321

Tiny means curated, which is the kind of selection readers find here. Yet, careful buying choices by owner Jean Ellen Devine also mean it's often got the coveted new titles first.

376 Garcia St., Ste. B, 986-0151

Best Car Dealer

Subarus are both the official and unofficial car of Santa Fe this year! Congrats to this dealership and service center for making a bigger splash than the competition. Of course, sales staff and mechanics here are also knee-deep in Hondas. True to Santa Fe form, the dealership boasts a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly facility that makes efforts to reduce its carbon footprint: Lights are LED and 96% of the water used in its car wash is recycled.

7511 Cerrillos Road, 471-7007

The vast dealership spreads out across several blocks near the busy intersection of Cerrillos Road and St. Michael's Drive. Watch for the thumbs-up from general manager Buddy Espinoza.

1601 St. Michael's Drive, 982-1900

Find a pre-owned vehicle that fits your needs and doesn't flatten your financial future at this great little place that knows what kind of car can help you go go go in Santa Fe.

500 Cordova Road, 992-8122

Best Consignment

No one has to look twice to find the best second- or third-hand clothing, jewelry, shoes, furniture and more in the Guadalupe District. Founder Suzanne Wissman started the Double Take family in 1987. The shop also includes new and vintage Western wear in At the Ranch, a baby store, furniture and art, and a section of fancier boutique and designer duds. Consigners can unload their Western-themed goods along with memorabilia, collectibles and "kitsch of all kinds," as well as vintage pieces, on Tuesdays through Thursdays from 11-3.

320 Aztec St., 989-8886

From furniture to decor, see a collection of zany and artful antiques and other consigned goods you don't know you need yet. An ever-changing inventory comes from estate sales and other sources.

2701 Cerrillos Road, 471-0802

3. The Cat

People who love animals donate to this store that benefits the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society. It used to have a much longer name, but this one gets the point across.

2570 Camino Entrada, 474-6300; 541 W Cordova Road, 780-8975

Artichokes & Pomegranates
Artichokes & Pomegranates | Kelli Johansen

Best Floral Shop

It's not called Roses & Daisies for a reason. Though these high-end floral artists do work with petals, they're also known for incorporating lesser-used botanicals—like their namesakes—in unpredictable ways. Fred Palmer leads this design studio and says he strives to make his designs as unique as possible to live up to the shop's name. Palmer says that at Artichokes & Pomegranates, he and staff love what they do, and that translates into their products.

418 Cerrillos Road, 820-0044

Centrally located and with great customer service, owner Carol Rose remains a favorite for readers who want dependable delivery or to pick up made-to-order arrangements.

1610 St. Michael's Drive, 473-9212

Shop owner Stephen Jones specializes in Instagram-brag-worthy custom arrangements that strive to be accessible, unfussy, "unflorist" celebrations of wildflowers with incredible texture.

1722 St. Michael's Drive, Ste. H, 982-9731

Best Garden/Plant Supplies

Helpful staff and a local-centric bent on perennials are a good combo to help your green thumb. Head to the west side for this quintessential Santa Fe nursery experience now run by its second and third generation in the Pennington family. Look for specialty native and climate-appropriate exotic perennials, shrubs and succulents and a wide array of vegetable starts. Shoppers also appreciate getting help on busy days turning back onto Agua Fría; it's the little things that make your love grow.

1409 Agua Fría St., 983-4831

2. Payne's Nursery
Find well-stocked soil options and bulbs, shrubs and trees for outdoors and a wide selection of house plants at two locations. Catch frequent classes on the season's tasks.

304 Camino Alire, 988-8011; 715 St. Michael's Drive, 988-9626

The Newman family started its nursery the same year SFR first published: 1974. Since then, Lee and Susan Newman's son Malcolm has taken the helm of the great spot for locally grown fruit trees, roses and more.

7501 Cerrillos Road, 471-8642

Best Gift Store

Visitors to Santa Fe's downtown area usually include this store on their bucket lists. The small shop is so packed with surprises that it affects the space-time continuum. It's no wonder voters choose it as the top gift store every year. We've spent hours touring the shelves for gifts of all sizes, particularly small ones. We love the selection of kitsch here, including kinetic sculpture and funny trinkets.

120 Don Gaspar Ave., 983-3771

The best reason to visit this gift store is its extensive collection of Zuni fetishes—embodied animal sculpture that mostly fits in the palm of the hand. But there are plenty of other reasons.

227 Don Gaspar Ave., 989-8728

An expanded hotel gift shop that's far from schlocky, it carries Pendleton blankets and luggage, Los Poblanos personal care items such as lotions and beard oil, and other local-ish gifty goods.

La Fonda on the Plaza, 100 E San Francisco St., 988-1404

Best Grocery Store

We know it's not local, and we're still hoping to one day have an SFR box once again outside the Coronado Center grocery superstar. But have you been there on a Friday afternoon? Madness! It's clear Santa Fe loves Joe. From the Midsummer Night's Cream hand lotion to the Scandinavian Swimmers candy fish, they are the best at knockoffs. We can't imagine road trips or picnics or Netflix and chill without TJ's help. Fresh flowers and wine for the dinner party? Yes way, José.

530 W Cordova Road, 995-8145

For the locavores who also like owning a little of the action, the co-op in Solana Center is the spot. If it's not local, managers have stocked every item with a thoughtful reason. This place is great if you want someone else to do the label-reading for you.

Solana Center, 913 W Alameda St., 984-2852

A regular old lovable neighborhood grocer with a little produce, a little more butcher shop and a lot more wine. Try the lunch chop salad counter that's a favorite for the South Capital crowd.

511 Old Santa Fe Trail, 982-2629

Big Jo True Value
Big Jo True Value | Anson Stevens-Bollen

Best Hardware Store

Santa Fe's uncontested favorite for nuts, bolts, brackets, tools, pipe fittings, caulk, bulbs and a million other things to keep home and business together. Someone is always waiting just inside the front door to help shoppers go straight to the right spot. Local owners and attentive staff—and you can pick up lottery tickets. Brothers Rick and Ron C de Baca started running the store after their dad moved it from downtown to the present location in 1983. Before that, it had already been stationed for decades at the spot where tourists find the Eldorado Hotel downtown today.

1311 Siler Road, 473-2255

An insider tells us this store has the best fastener selection in town and a large paint section. Located in the College Plaza Shopping Center near Jambo Café.

2006 Cerrillos Road, Ste. 1, 424-9343

A big-box retailer that still rises above for our readers, Lowe's competes with the other Southside biggies in a way that's winning loyalty.

3458 Zafarano Drive, 819-4080

Best Head Shop

One of the first cannabis dispensaries in the city is also one of shoppers' favorite places to choose from a wide selection of smoking accessories like papers, vape pens, glass and silicon. Lyra Barron is proud of her operation, which as been awarded a Sustainable Santa Fe prize for its water- and energy-conscious use of outdoor, organic, pesticide-free crops. Customers who don't have a state-issued medical cannabis card can still purchase house-made CBD products such as salves, chocolates and pet tinctures.

901 Early St., 310-7917

2. Concrete Jungle Smoke Shop

Santa Fe's OG head shop is doing the same things its loyal customer base has always relied on. Bonus: This jungle has animals.

126 N Guadalupe St., 820-2888

A hole in the wall that is not just packed with glass and vape accessories, but also paint and art supplies and apparel. Find a discount coupon on the weekly SFR back page.

1434 Cerrillos Road, 982-4202

Best Interior Home Store

Experience how Larry Keller's longstanding liking for clean, modern stylings lead to rooms that are livable and lovable. Not just a bowl, but a distinctive red bowl. Not just a tape dispenser, but a molded model where the tape emulates a figure's tongue. Not just a bobblehead of Einstein or Ruth Bader Ginsburg …Well, OK, that one just is what it is. Get dishes and kitchen gadgets, office accessories, furniture, lighting and other fun decor, all in a new location.

130 Lincoln Ave., 988-1555

High-end new and antique furniture, decor and indescribable objects are packed into seemingly endless showrooms located in the up and coming Baca Street Railyard neighborhood.

1225 Cerrillos Road, 988-4775

Recently relocated to a space double the size of the former, this interior specialist also offers in-home design consultation and other services.

1233 Paseo de Peralta, 780-5658

Best Jewelry Store

Loyal customers who can't live without their bling return to designer David Griego's corner store serving fingers, ears and necks for special occasions that are remembered with glittering gold and jewels. Located on the Plaza and more than 40 years old, it's been a readers' favorite for long enough to turn coal to a diamond. On-site custom jewelry for something you've been planning or for a random extravagance.

Santa Fe Arcade, 60 E San Francisco St., Ste. 218, 983-4562

Distinctive jewelry with solid Native roots is on display in what's rightly referred to as a gallery/shop. Pendants with inlay, turquoise and silver, and, of course, animal inspiration.

227 Don Gaspar Ave., 989-8728

One of Santa Fe's largest jewelry stores specializing in Native American artisans, this store focuses on Zuni, Navajo and Hopi pieces and has been in business for more than 40 years.

113 E San Francisco St., 989-7062

Denver Mattress Company
Denver Mattress Company | Nicole Madrid

Best Mattress Shop

One of only a few non-local joints to make it on our list, national retailer Denver Mattress Company can be found on the Southside facing Cerrillos Road. Stop by the well-stocked store and stretch out Goldilocks-style while you visualize a better night's sleep. Then, get that sucker delivered and catch up on your Z's. Bonus: The low-pressure environment that the sales staff creates means your buying experience won't be a nightmare.

1427 Avenida de las Americas, 474-9398

Buy handcrafted wool, cotton and other natural pillows from a mother-and-son business that began in Albuquerque and now exports to both coasts.

523 Cordova Road, 982-3938

Catch promotional sales and choose from moderately priced modern mattresses and three locations in the City Different.

199 Paseo de Peralta, 216-2550; 3300 Cerrillos Road, 216-2933; 3517 Zafarano Drive, 473-0188

Best Men’s Store

1. Harrys

The store's motto is "fine menswear and select women's clothing," but our readers consistently name this the top spot for the dapper gentleman. They've got Jack Victor, Scott Barber, Bugatchi, St. Croix, Peter Millar, Tori Richard and more. Harrys haberdashery originated in 1972 on Marcy Street and became known for offering trendy men's fashions. From fancy socks to sharp blazers and trousers, let them dress you and yours.

202 Galisteo St., 988-1959

2. Red River Mercantile

There is such a thing as classy flannel, and Red River has it. Also great bags by Filson, thermoses by Stanley and blankets by Pendleton. It all comes with quality, knowledgeable service from owners Steven and Deborah Traer.

235 Don Gaspar Ave., 982-1233

3. Corsini

The selection of shirts, sweaters, sportcoats, jackets, even jeans are timeless yet classic. Plus get carefully chosen items—most from Italy and Germany—that won't become dated.

107 W San Francisco St., 820-2300

Best Optical Shop
1. Oculus | Botwin Eye Group 

Drs. Mark Botwin, Jonathan Botwin, Jeremy Botwin and Micayla Fisher-Ives are the backbone of the family-run private practice. They serve on staff at two locations in Midtown and downtown where you can also get high-tech contacts, choose from stylish frames—from Cartier, Robert Marc and Masunaga, among others—or even take the kids for a walk-in or an appointment. The optometric physicians provide comprehensive adult and pediatric eye exams, contact lens services, diagnosis and treatment options for various eye conditions.

125 W Water St., 982-2020; 444 St. Michael's Drive, 438-2020

Find high-fashion frames for everyday or special occasions at this premium downtown retail optical experience.

125 Lincoln Ave., Ste. 114, 988-4444

A multi-specialty medical practice including surgery for cataracts, pediatric doctors, cornea care and more, with a one-stop shop for frames on site.

2947 Rodeo Park Drive, Ste. E, 983-6613

Teca Tu
Teca Tu | Anson Stevens-Bollen

Best Pet Store

1. Teca Tu

We all know our pets are the most important members of the family. Show your cats and dogs they're the best with accessories and treats from Teca Tu, which calls itself "a Pawsworthy Pet Emporium." Animals are welcomed to shop with their humans in the store and there's complimentary water provided for them. Find apparel and accessories to make your fur baby the most fashionable in the neighborhood, along with dining accessories and gourmet treats.

DeVargas Center, 165 Paseo de Peralta, 982-9374

Stocking a wide supply of quality pet food for essential nutritional needs has been a priority here for 20 years. Also find supplements, accessories and a DIY dog wash.

1403 Agua Fría St., 982-5040

Sometimes the lowest prices and the best selection are what shoppers want, so this chain in on their top list of destinations for Fido and Fluffy. It's close to Total Wine too, and animal shelters often bring mobile adoptions to the lot.

3561 Zafarano Drive, 471-5255

Best Shoe Store

Owner Nina Houle and her husband Tom were eating ice cream on the Plaza a couple summers ago when a photographer shot a prize-winning image of them that appeared in SFR's 2017 Locals Guide. Shoes from her shops keep you looking sharp while you get things done. Find brands made for walking and standing such as Dasnko, Birkenstock, Bernie Mev, Fly London, Camper, Jambu & Co and more. But note that the two stores carry different lines, for twice the stylish and comfortable choices.

328 S Guadalupe St., Ste. I (enter on Montezuma Avenue), 983-3900; DeVargas Center, 189 Paseo de Peralta, 780-8997

Full-service analysis helps a casual runner or an active athlete get the right shoes and other gear for the longest mile.

1100 Don Diego Ave., Ste. B, 820-2523

Fashion for men and women with brands such as Donald J Pliner, Toms, Sesto Mucci and Matisse. Other glamour goods too.

125 E Palace Ave., Ste. 125, 982-0924

Best Specialty Food/Cooking Store

Our readers' favorite for the fourth year running. The name means "the things," and it's an apt description. Another one might be "all the things," considering the store stocks over 20,000 items. The amateur chef in your family probably needs a birthday present from the shop(pe). Or sign them up for a cooking class— Chef Johnny Vee hosts a variety of lessons for the culinarily curious with themes like "New Mexico favorites" and "high altitude baking."

DeVargas Center, 181 Paseo de Peralta, 988-3394

We can't remember what it was like before this cheese palace opened downtown. Get educated with liberal tastings of life-changing triple creams, funky blues, sharp cheddars and more.

130 E Marcy St., 795-7878

What's special about Kaune's? How about everything? Find produce, a butcher, deli section, terrific wine, baked goods and snacks.

511 Old Santa Fe Trail, 982-2629

Savers | SFR File photo

Best Thrift Store

1. Savers

Santa Fe has many choices for second hand shopping that's first rate, so when our readers pick the local version of a national effort, you can trust there's good reason. This massive thrift center fills the shell that once was Baillio's, and makes a super place for seasonal buys. Savers says its stores keep 700 million tons of usable items out of landfills every year. New: Pick up the latest from SFR while you're there.

3294 Cerrillos Road, 919-7185

Western wear is plentiful, but it's not the only style in this massive store that's all new to you.

320 Aztec St., 989-8886

3. The Cat

Recently shortened from Look What The Cat Dragged In, shoppers love that proceeds benefit the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society.

2570 Camino Entrada, 474-6300; 541 W Cordova Road, 780-8975

Best Women’s Clothing

Now in a new location right across the street from the old one, shoppers resonate with Megan Green's style for boots by Frye and leather coats and handbags by Liebeskind. Green says it's customer service and a laid-back aesthetic that lead to a loyal following for what she says are clothes that are "not too city;" they're more like casual items that can be dressed up when needed. It's not Wild West-themed, but perhaps what real Western women like to wear when they're out and about.

101 W Marcy St., Ste. 3, 982-1399

Shop for casual wear, handbags and other women's clothing at the sister store to this year's Best Shoe Store, On Your Feet. Love linen? You'll love these selections.

328 S Guadalupe St. (enter on Montezuma Avenue), Ste. G, 983-4498

3. Sign of the Pampered Maiden

Sign of the Pampered Maiden has been located in the heart of downtown on Water Street since 1968. Don't let the size of the store fool you: You'll find a nice selection of clothing, jewelry and accessories for women of all ages.

123 W Water St., 982-5948