Readers Choice: Health, Wellness and Fitness

Best Acupuncturist

1. Mountain Spirit Integrative Medicine

Mountain Spirit offers many styles of acupuncture provided by a team of seven doctors of Oriental medicine who specialize in areas that include traditional techniques, non-insertive Japanese acupuncture, facial services, cupping and moxibustion. It's open seven days a week so you can practice self-care on your own schedule. As a bonus, it's actively committed to recycling/sustainability, caring for the environment while attending to your wellness.

303 Paseo de Peralta, 988-2449;
1348 Pacheco St., Ste. 206, 988-2449

2. We the People Community Acupuncture
By letting patients choose how much they pay on a sliding scale from $15-$40, We the People makes acupuncture accessible to all.

1406 Second St., 982-3711

3. Dr. K Zhao – East Tao Corporation
Dr. Zhao offers acupuncture treatments as well as herbal formulations of his own making; some patients even fly in from out of state just to be treated by the herbal healer.

2801 Rodeo Road, 438-7178

Best Alternative Healing Practitioner

1. Mountain Spirit Integrative Medicine
A continual Best of Santa Fe topper, Mountain Spirit Integrative Medicine is SFR readers' go-to one-stop practice. With two locations open seven days a week, these holistic healing experts offer traditional services like primary care, functional medicine and occupational therapy, as well as treatments like naprapathy, colon hydrotherapy and homeopathy. Services are provided professionals in each treatment area.

303 Paseo de Peralta, 988-2449;
1348 Pacheco St., Ste. 206, 988-2449

2. Jessyca Franco-Chavez, NMD – The Healing House of New Mexico
With a focus on offering patients "elevated comfort in a medical setting," Dr. Franco-Chavez treats patients on all levels by custom-designing healthy lifestyles for them.

1003 East Fairview Lane, Española, 753-0719

3. Sol Wellness
The clinic has a philosophy centered on the personal empowerment of its patients by providing the education, resources and treatments necessary for establishing healthy habits.

805 Early St., Ste. B102, 216-1119

Best Boutique Fitness

1. Railyard Fitness
Railyard Fitness offers a range of equipment, fitness assessments and personal training in a sun-lit facility with a feel-good environment. Multiple membership options exist: Choose one that lets you work out on your own time, join a small group class or do both. Single-day or week-long trial memberships are also available, so even if you're just passing through, you can still get your sweat on.

703 Camino de la Familia, 983-7909

2. Fitness Boot Camp Santa Fe
This fitness center claims to "challenge the status quo" of your run-of-the-mill group fitness programs. By taking a fun approach to fitness, Fitness Boot Camp Santa Fe will get you motivated to move.

909 Early St., 690-6197

3. Studio Nia Santa Fe
The workout blends martial arts, dance and healing arts to connect participants' bodies and minds. This all-inclusive studio—all ages, sizes and fitness levels are welcome—also offers yoga, pilates and more.

831 W San Mateo Road, Ste. 6, 989-1299

Best Cannabis Dispensary

1. Fruit of the Earth Organics
Organics isn't just in the name—this is possibly the most eco-friendly dispensary in town. Fruit of the Earth grows its cannabis outdoors to reduce the energy put into its production. Plants are grown in soils fortified with compost teas, are kept alive with rain water, and the final product is sold in earth-friendly packaging. Customers rave that this dispensary has a great selection and a knowledgeable staff to help you find strains that have been formulated to treat your individual symptoms.

901 Early St., 310-7917

2. Best Daze
No surprise that one of SFR readers' favorite Southside businesses is also one of their favorite dispensaries. Patients love the chill vibes, the buds, the staff and the ease of ordering online.

4641 Airport Road, Ste. 1, 585-4937

3. Sacred Garden Santa Fe
Now under new management, the dispensary says it aims to provide patients with the highest quality medicine at the most competitive prices.

1300 Luisa St., Ste. 1, 216-9686

Best CBD Shop

1. FOTE Natural Health
CBD is a hot commodity right now, and this store—the part of Fruit of the Earth Organics that doesn't require a medical cannabis card—has the market cornered. Basically, anything you could think to put CBD in can be found here: tinctures, capsules, salves, lotions, patches, vape oils, honey, chocolates, even bath bombs. With products for your fur babies, too, the CBD is as organic as the cannabis at the dispensary.

903 Early St., 930-5073

2. Hemp Apotheke
Starting out a CBD regimen can be a definite learning curve, and Hemp Apotheke is here to educate new users and guide folks to products that work for them.

1330 Rufina Circle, 985-5704

3. Sacred Garden
The professional staff can point you in the right direction of the CBD products or, if you know what you want, you can order online and pick up in-store.

1300 Luisa St., Ste. 1, 216-9686

Best Chiropractor

1. Connerly Chiropractic Center
The thought of going to a chiropractor and getting an adjustment can be scary, but the doctors at Connerly Chiropractic Center have the knowledge and experience to keep your treatments safe and pain-free. This clinic offers wide-range care that isn't limited to chiropractic: adjustments, acupuncture, massage and electric stimulation are just a few services. Stop in, relieve your body from the stress of aches and pains, and live your life to the fullest.

1892 Plaza del Sur, Ste. A, 988-8017

2. Windy G Carter, DC – Winds of Choice
Everyday life got you bent out of shape? Dr. Carter and her team at Winds of Choice can get you straightened out.

2948 Richards Ave., 424-9114

3. Dr. Bobby O Perea – Life Wellness Center
Through an integrative approach, Life Wellness Center offers much more than just chiropractic services. Achieve wellness through physiotherapy, clinical massage and more.

431 St. Michael's Drive, Ste. B, 982-6886

Best Dentist/Dental Practice

1. Divine Dental
Dr. Esamel Valdez and the staff at Divine Dental provide a full spectrum of state-of-the-art dental treatments for patients of all ages. Whether you're looking for general dental services like routine cleanings and check-ups, cosmetic dentistry like veneers and whitening, or restorative procedures like implants or crowns, this practice has everything you need to keep your family smiling and feeling divine. Still feeling antsy? Relax in a massage chair in the lobby while you wait.

550 St. Michael's Drive, Ste. 2, 471-7000

2. Milagro Dental
Dr. Kasha Ujda has taken over the office of retired Dr. Richard Parker to perform miracles in the mouth for the whole family off St. Michael's Drive.

2019 Galisteo St., Ste. L2, 982-9222

3. Santa Fe Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics
Efficient dentistry basics on the Southside plus same-visit crowns and efficient, less-invasive imaging technology that helps patients see what the pros see.

3569 Zafarano Drive, 273-5088

Best Fitness Classes

1. Fitness Bootcamp Santa Fe
With a flexible schedule of ever-expanding class offerings, Fitness Bootcamp gives Santa Feans of different fitness levels a chance to get swoll several times per week with meetings that mix strength training and cardio. Catch a low-impact, slower-tempo beginners' class or, if you're feeling bold, go for the high-intensity advanced class. TRX suspension classes are also offered. You can try your first class for free, and both monthly rates and drop-in rates are available.

909 Early St., 690-6197

2. Santa Fe Community College
Find go-to workouts like Zumba, yoga and pilates and enroll in classes that help your body's overall fitness and well-being, like holistic vision care and guided meditation.

6401 Richards Ave., 428-1000

3. Orangetheory Fitness
One 60-minute sesh at Orangetheory can have you burning calories for up to 36 hours afterward. Rooted in science and tech-driven, this chain is changing the way Santa Fe gets fit.

516 W Cordova Road, 395-7100

Best Health Care

1. Presbyterian Medical Group
Primary and urgent care, emergency services, surgeries, urology—Presbyterian does it all. Across several facilities, including the new Southside hospital, this group has your wellness needs in mind. The medical center's large campus includes hiking and biking trails, community meeting spaces and a rooftop "healing terrace." It all comes together to help Presbyterian fulfill its mission to improve the health of the community and bring quality care closer to home.

454 St. Michael's Drive, 303-5000

2. Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center
This 200-bed hospital provides inpatient, outpatient and specialty care services. Patients say staff is professional and courteous with excellent bedside manner. SFR readers voted Christus as Best Place to Work, too.

455 St. Michael's Drive, 983-3361

3. La Familia Medical Center
La Familia gives access to quality medical services to all Santa Feans—no one is turned away based on their ability to pay. Services are offered to patients on a sliding scale based on their family size and income.

1035 Alto St., 982-4425; 2145 Caja Del Oro Grant Road, 438-3195

Best Massage

1. Ten Thousand Waves
Modeled after a traditional Japanese inn, Ten Thousand Waves brings peace and relaxation to Santa Fe from a mountaintop. All massages are tailored to your wants, and visitors rave about the "heavenly" services. Slip on a robe or slide into a hot bath and let the waves of relaxation wash over you. Check out the restaurant and look into one of the 13 lodging offerings because, trust us, you're not gonna want to leave.

21 Ten Thousand Waves Way, 982-9304

2. High Desert Healthcare & Massage
Choose from reiki, Swedish, hot stone, prenatal, hand and foot massages—or a combination of a few—all performed by highly experienced, professional therapists.

644 Paseo de Peralta, 984-8830
5 Caliente Road, 984-8830

3. Mountain Spirit Integrative Medicine
Santa Fe's favorite holistic healing resource also offers a wide variety of massage services from over a dozen professionals. Massage appointments can also be scheduled back-to-back with acupuncture appointments for a day of self-care.

303 Paseo de Peralta, 988-2449;
1348 Pacheco St., Ste. 206, 988-2449

Best Physical Therapy

1. New Mexico Sports & Physical Therapy
Established in 1980, the professional staff at New Mexico Sports & Physical Therapy has over 150 years of combined experience in physical and occupational therapy practices. The facility has a 225-square-foot underwater gym complete with machines like a treadmill, stepper, rower and stationary bike that allow patients with mobility and neurological issues or conditions like arthritis to experience the benefits without the pain associated with traditional exercise. Foot and hand therapy also available.

2954 Rodeo Park Drive West, 424-0131

2. Therapy Solutions
Run by a group of friends, this physical therapy practice has a "fun, empathetic and caring" atmosphere, so why not joke along with your therapists to take your mind off your injuries?

333 W Cordova Road, 984-9101‎; 1221 Mercantile Road, 474-7000

3. Christus St. Vincent Sports Medicine
Christus St. Vincent provides custom therapy programs for patients of all ages at a huge, 10,000-square-foot complex.

440 St. Michael's Drive, Ste. 100, 913-5100

Best Pilates Studio

1. Pilates Santa Fe
Pilates Santa Fe follows the original vision of the methodology by combining the best of Eastern and Western technologies and techniques. Interested in becoming an instructor? The studio offers an instructor certification course that combines the curricula of some of Pilates' world-class masters, so you can be on your way to making money from your favorite workout. Check out the studio that's only a short walk from the Plaza.

839 Paseo de Peralta, 995-9700

2. Santa Fe Community College
If Pilates is your thing, classes are offered on a semester-long basis through the continuing education program. The school also offers a variety of other fitness and wellness classes throughout the week.

6401 Richards Ave., 428-1000

3. Studio Nia Santa Fe
This workout focuses on concentration, precision, breath and control so you can build your core strength and overall body flexibility. Modifications to moves are available for disparate skill levels.

831 W San Mateo Road, Ste. 6, 989-1299

Best Self Defense Classes

1. Jeff Speakman Kenpo 5.0 Santa Fe
For 13 years, owners Tony and Erika Potter have been training Santa Fe in the art of Kenpo 5.0, a martial art used as self-defense that combines modern-day street fighting and ground fighting alongside quick, powerful strikes. With programs offered for students starting at the age of 3 to adulthood, it's never too late or too early to start learning. Throw a Kenpo 5.0 birthday party or participate in a Kenpo camping trip.

5984 Airport Road, Ste. 102, 930-0556

2. Gracie Barra Santa Fe
The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy aims to train body, mind and spirit through the practice of the well-known martial art. Students learn the importance of self-discipline and sacrifice both in the studio and in their outside lives.

2801 Rodeo Road, Ste. A6, 995-0156

3. Resolve
This nonprofit organization aims to transform the community by preventing violence. Not your typical self-defense course, classes at Resolve teach verbal skills and boundary-setting in addition to self-defense skills. Students undergo simulations of stressful scenarios to learn how to respond with adrenaline.

313 Camino Alire, Ste. 207, 992-8833

Best Urgent Care

1. Railyard Urgent Care
SFR's readers' top pick for urgent care four years running, Railyard Urgent Care operates solely on a walk-in basis and treats the whole family. Whether you're in need of x-rays, labs or a flu shot, or just not feeling your best, this state-of-the-art urgent care offers help.

831 S St. Francis Drive, 501-7791

2. Presbyterian Urgent Care in Santa Fe
Same-day appointments can be scheduled or walk-ins are welcomed when spaces are available, so you can get in and out with the care you need.

454 St. Michael's Drive, 303-5000

3. Christus St. Vincent Urgent Care
Christus' Southside urgent care clinic provides easily accessed medical attention for minor conditions. 5501 Herrera Drive, 913-3233

Best Weightlifting

1. Superior Fitness
Now located at Santa Fe Fitness and Martial Arts, Superior Fitness is hiding in plain sight. Owner and manager Fred Martinez is a veteran and Santa Fe native. The personal trainer has been in the fitness game for over 30 years and Santa Feans say he runs a clean gym with great equipment and top-notch staff. Whether you're looking to get into the competitive lifting game or just get fit, Superior has the motivation and iron you need.

2801 Rodeo Road, Ste. A6, 995-0156

2. Santa Fe Community College
Find an assortment of weights and resistance machines, and a certified trainer to help you out if you're a little lost about where to start. Monthly passes available.

6401 Richards Ave., 428-1000

3. Mandrill's Gym
Owned by a pro athlete, the no-nonsense gym caters to powerlifters and body builders, but has clientele ranging from beginners to competitors and is welcoming to all.

708 W San Mateo Road, 988-2986

Best Yoga Studio

1. Santa Fe Community Yoga
Santa Fe's oldest yoga studio and only nonprofit yoga center. Within its two studios, Santa Fe has access to over 55 classes weekly in a variety of styles and skill levels, including prenatal and postpartum yoga. At least one class offering per day is on a donation basis, providing affordable yoga to everyone. The studio values accessibility, accommodating every body in its classes and offering a down-to-earth environment that's welcoming to all.

826 Camino de Monte Rey, Ste. B1, 820-9363

2. YogaSource
More than 50 classes each week and more yoga props available than you could dream of. Take part in a workshop, go on an international retreat or join a teacher training so that you can become a certified instructor.

901 W San Mateo Road, Ste. Y; 314 S Guadalupe St., 982-0990

3. BODY of Santa Fe
Classes in multiple types of yoga plus barre, Pilates, massages and facials. Refuel after your session at the café or get some retail therapy in the boutique. On-site childcare is available.

333 W Cordova Road; 986-0362

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