Best Acupuncturist

1. We the People Community Acupuncture
We the people of the Best of Santa, in order to form a more perfect community, establish health, ensure healing tranquility, provide for the common calm, promote the general welfare and secure the benefits of acupuncture to ourselves, do ordain this winner.
1406 Second St., 982-3711

2. Mountain Spirit Integrative Medicine
303 Paseo de Peralta, 1348 Pacheco St., Ste. 206; 988-2449

3. Dr. Alix P Bjorklund
2019 Galisteo St., Ste. N4, 982-5156

Best Aesthetic Treatment

1. Ten Thousand Waves
The spa services at The Waves are the best way to get even more out of your time on the mountain. The spa offers oxygen facials, Japanese massage facials, herbal wraps, salt glows and all the other treatments that improve aesthetics.
21 Ten Thousand Waves Way, 982-9304

2. Eldorado Skin Care
5 Caliente Road, Eldorado, 819-7210

3. Mist Skin Care
839 Paseo De Peralta, 986-1356

Best Alternative Healing Practitioner

1. Mountain Spirit Integrative Medicine
Practitioners at this clinic provide traditional services such as primary care, annual physicals and prescriptions, as well holistic treatments including acupuncture, medical massage, homeopathy and herbal medicines.
303 Paseo de Peralta, 1348 Pacheco St., Ste. 206, 988-2449

2. Santa Fe Oxygen & Healing Bar
102 W San Francisco St. (upstairs), 660-9199; 133 W San Francisco St. (street level); 137 W San Francisco St. (downstairs); 986-5037

3. Scher Center For Well Being
1602 Fourth St., 989-9373

Best Art Frame Shop

1. Frontier Frames
Photos, posters, prints and original compositions all look better on the wall inside a professional frame. Our readers have chosen this family-owned business as the best for 18 years running.
2008 St. Michael's Drive, 473-1901

2. Fine Art Framers
1415 W Alameda St., 982-4397

3. Justin's Frame Design
1221 Flagman Way, 955-1911

Best Barber Shop

1. The Center Barber & Beauty Shop
Go back in time with their classic barber chairs but get a fresh cut for your bright future. Straight-razor shaves and beard-trimming services for the dandy in your life, plus shampoo and styling for the ladies. The Center has been sprucing it up since 1954.
503 W Cordova Road, 982-1020

2. Klean Cut Kenny
3600 Cerrillos Road, Ste. 404a, 920-2864

3. TNA Hair Salon
112 W San Francisco St., Ste. 309, 920-8019

Best Cannabis Dispensary

1. Fruit of the Earth Organics
The only cannabis dispensary in Santa Fe that grows all its plants for patients outdoors under the big hot sun, using butterflies and ladybugs as helpers. Owner Lyra Barron also offers a no-card-required CBD store and has an adjacent event space.
901 Early St., 310-7917

2. Sacred Garden
1300 Luisa St., Ste. 1, 216-9686

3. Kure Cannabis
220 N Guadalupe St., 930-5339

Best Car Repair

1. Toyota of Santa Fe
Also named the Best Car Dealer this year, drivers say they trust the car repair from Toyota's certified mechanics above the rest, too.
1601 St. Michael's Drive, 982-1900

2. The Auto Angel
3140 Cerrillos Road, 424-3899

3. Alex Safety Lane
1370 Pacheco St., 983-5577

Best Chiropractor

1. Connerly Chiropractic, Acupuncture & Physical Medicine Group
Stand up straighter, breathe deeper, sleep better and live stronger when you give your body the star treatment and TLC from Connerly.
1892 Plaza del Sur , Ste. A, 988-8017

3. Scher Center for Wellbeing
1602 Fourth St., 989-9373

Best Computer and IT Services

1. 4Leet
You know when you are either going to A) throw your computer out the window or B) jump out the window or C) A then B? Maybe try getting help from some pros first.
1711 Llano St., Ste. E, 428-6351

2. Dotfoil
851 St. Michael's Drive, 954-9955

3. Capitol Computer & Network Solutions
518 Old Santa Fe Trail, Ste. 6, 216-1108

Divine Dental of Santa Fe
Divine Dental of Santa Fe | Courtesy Divine Dental

Best Dentist/Dental Practice

1. Divine Dental of Santa Fe
Dr. Esmael Valdez wants patients to feel nothing less than divine when they leave his dentist's chair. Get complete services for the whole family, including cosmetic procedures.
550 St. Michael's Drive, Ste. 2, 471-7000

2. Dr. Patrick McQuitty, DDS
308 Garfield St., 988-9888

3. Eldorado Dental, Dr. Haley Ritchey
1 Caliente Road, Ste. E, 466-0999

Best Facial

1. Ten Thousand Waves
Tired of the age-old dead-skin-and-dirt-and-oil face dilemma? Solve it at Ten Thousand Waves. Not only will your pores thank you, the rest of your body will say thanks to the food at Izanami and the gorgeous grounds.
21 Ten Thousand Waves Way, 982-9304

2. Mist Skin Care
839 Paseo de Peralta, 986-1356

3. Eldorado Skin Care
5 Caliente Road, Eldorado, 819-7210

3. Shunay Mineral Cosmetics
1305 Luisa St., Ste. A, 467-8437

Best Financial Institution

1. Del Norte Credit Union
Rather than segregate banks and credit unions, we merged the category into one this year. Del Norte climbed to the top of Mt. Money. They're ready to handle yours, or help you get some.
Multiple locations in Santa Fe, 455-5228

2. Los Alamos National Bank
Multiple locations in Santa Fe, 662-5171

3. State Employees Credit Union
4920 Promenade Blvd.; 813 St. Michael's Drive; 983-7328

Best Fitness Facility

1. Genoveva Chavez Community Center
Solar panels provide covered parking at the Southside rec center that is a favorite for the whole city. From the pool to the weight room, the basketball courts to the ice rink, this place really is the best.
3221 Rodeo Road, 955-4000

2. Railyard Fitness
703 Camino de la Familia, 983-7909

3. Fitness Bootcamp Santa Fe
909 Early St., 699-7335

Best Hair Salon

1. Rock Paper Scissor Salon Spa
This spacious salon and blowout bar cut through the competition to hold the top spot for another year, and its annual charity cut-a-thon this year benefitted the Santa Fe Mountain Center.
DeVargas Center, 187 Paseo de Peralta, 955-8500

2. Evolution Hair Design
3600 Cerrillos Road, Ste. 716, 819-8055

3. The Center Barber & Beauty Shop
503 W Cordova Road, 982-1020

Presbyterian Medical Group
Presbyterian Medical Group | Courtesy Presbyterian Medical Group

Best Health Care

1. Presbyterian Medical Group
Santa Fe is psyched about getting more health care choices, so the winner of this new category was named the best out of new hope—and because it has smooth systems, professional staff, a bright and comfortable waiting area, and urgent care.
454 St. Michael's Drive, 303-5000

2. La Familia Medical Center
1035 Alto St., 982-4425; 2145 Caja Del Oro Grant Road, 438-3195

3. Southwest CARE Center
Solana Center, 901 W Alameda St., 988-8869; 1691 Galisteo St., Ste. D, 954-1921

Best Insurance Agency

1. State Farm – James Armijo
Santa Fe loves State Farm, that's for sure. And even though that's probably about the affordable rates and multiple easy locations across town, the people have also chosen their favorite agent, and his name is James Armijo. American hero? Maybe. First-rate insurance agent? No question.
901 W Alameda St., 982-4412

2. State Farm – Garret Seawright
1441 Paseo de Peralta, Ste. C, 982-5433

3. State Farm – Bryan Doerner
1341 Pacheco St., 930-5210

Best Landscaping Company

1. Cassidy's Landscaping

For more than 30 years, owners and brothers Bill and Rick Cassidy have been growing good-looking outdoor spaces in Santa Fe, Los Alamos and Rio Rancho for homes and businesses.
3901 Agua Fría St., 474-4500

2. McCumber Fine Gardens

3. San Isidro Permaculture
29 Hidden Valley Road, 983-3841

Best Law Firm

1. Sommer, Udall, Hardwick & Jones, PA
Sommer, Udall, Hardwick & Jones, PA was founded in 1953, and the firm practices in estate planning, probate, tax, commercial litigation, real estate, employment, business and corporate law.
200 W Marcy St., Ste. 129, 982-4676

2. Egolf + Ferlic + Harwood
123 W San Francisco St., Ste. 200, 986-9641

3. Clark, Jones & Pennington
432 Galisteo St., 820-1825

Best Lender

1. Del Norte Credit Union
Also named Best Financial Institution, DNCU has lots of ways to lend money, including credit union-backed credit cards for swiping your way to success.
Multiple locations, 455-5228

2. Los Alamos National Bank
Multiple locations, 662-5171

3. State Employees Credit Union
4920 Promenade Blvd.; 813 St. Michael's Drive, 983-7328

Best Lodging

1. La Fonda on the Plaza
With an undeniably authentic Southwest aesthetic and a long-standing history of Plaza-adjacent beauty, it's little wonder La Fonda has kept lodgers coming back since 1922.
100 E San Francisco St., 982-5511

2. La Posada de Santa Fe
330 E Palace Ave., 986-0000

3. Drury Plaza Hotel
828 Paseo de Peralta, 424-2175

Best Massage

1. Ten Thousand Waves
The Waves offers up plenty of spa services on its magical campus, but when nothing but a firm set of hands on your body will do, this is clearly your favorite choice.
21 Ten Thousand Waves Way, 982-9304

2. High Desert Healthcare & Massage
644 Paseo de Peralta; 5 Caliente Road, Eldorado; 984-8830

3. Mountain Spirit Integrative Medicine
303 Paseo de Peralta; 1348 Pacheco St., Ste. 206; 988-2449

Best Nail Salon

1. Nail Experts
These experts in the College Plaza South shopping center are ready to show their artistic prowess on up to 10 fingers and 10 toes for each patron.
2438 Cerrillos Road, 474-6183

2. Serenity Nail Spa
4056 Cerrillos Road, 471-2106

3. Ivy's Nail Spa
1711 Llano St., Ste. D, 473-3990

Best Pet Grooming

1. Barks & Bubbles
Studies have shown that people tend to love their pets more than they do other people, and Barks and Bubbles respects this. With grooming, daycare, transportation and long-term boarding, they might even love your pets as much as you do.
1311 Calle Nava, 820-2275

2. Turquoise Tails
1624 Cerrillos Road, 930-5909

3. Paws Plaza
1416 Fourth St., 820-7529

Best Pet Daycare

1. Santa Fe Tails
Pet sitters who sleep on your couch or agree to drop by for a few minutes a day can't replace the attention and amenities at this premier service. Named the best for the fourth year in a row.
2109 Warner Circle, 820-0731

2. Barks & Bubbles
1311 Calle Nava, 820-2275

3. Paws Plaza
1416 Fourth St., 820-7529

Best Pilates Studio

1. Pilates Santa Fe
Get toned up with regular classes at this downtown favorite under the philosophy of founder Raymond Kurshals. Did you even know the human body could bend that way?
839 Paseo de Peralta, Ste. O, 995-9700

2. Da Vinci Body Studio
1512 Pacheco St., Ste. 101C, 983-2811

3. Pilates Bodies
7 Caliente Road, Eldorado, 466-3380

Aranda’s Plumbing, Heating & Supply
Aranda’s Plumbing, Heating & Supply | Kelli Johansen

Best Plumbing Company

1. Aranda's Plumbing, Heating & Supply
The plumbing under your house might be from 1947. Hopefully, there's been at least one update since then. Either way, that's the year that the Aranda family kicked off its plumbing empire, and they're still trusted experts in new and old.
600 Cortez St., 983-7391

2. TLC Plumbing Heating & Cooling
2532 Camino Entrada, 471-0119

3. Anytime Plumbing
1528 Center Drive, 474-4441

Barker Realty
Barker Realty | Courtesy Barker Realty

Best Real Estate Agency

1. Barker Realty
Qualifying broker David Barker is a fourth-generation Santa Fean who runs the firm with his wife, Lisa. Their HQ was in the Railyard even before the area became a redeveloped hub, and they still occupy the Gross, Kelly and Co. building—an example of how much they love historic preservation.
530 S Guadalupe St., 982-9836

2. Santa Fe Properties, Inc.
1000 Paseo de Peralta; 216 Washington Ave., 982-4466

3. Sotheby's International Real Estate
Multiple locations, 409-7325

Best Roofing Company

1. Brian McPartlon Roofing
This guy has been putting roofs over Santa Fe heads for more than 30 years, picking up accolades all along the way. His team has all the tricks for keeping those flat roofs watertight.
39 Bisbee Court, Ste. 7, 982-6256

2. Goodrich Roofing of Santa Fe
3333 Agua Fría St., 473-5555

3. Mike Lopez Roofing
3000 Agua Fría St., 982-8262

Best Solar Energy Company

1. SunPower by Positive Energy Solar
New Mexico has a whole lot of sunny days, so using the sun to power our homes and business is a no-brainer. Go forth and get solar.
3209 Richards Lane, 424-1112

2. Sol Luna Solar
56 Hwy. 65, Dixon, 455-8875

3. NM Solar Group
3700 Osuna Road NE, Ste. 503, Albuquerque, 505-415-6172

Best Spa

1. Ten Thousand Waves
Wow, Santa Fe—we get it. You LOVE Ten Thousand Waves. And, really, we do, too. It's stunning up there, the services are many and there's something wonderfully satisfying about the hushed tones in which everyone speaks.
21 Ten Thousand Waves Way, 982-9304

2. Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa
50 Los Banos Drive, Ojo Caliente, 583-2233

3. Santa Fe Oxygen & Healing Bar
102 W San Francisco St. (upstairs), 660-9199; 133 W San Francisco St. (street level); 137 W San Francisco St. (downstairs); 986-5037

Best Storage Facility

1. A-1 Self Storage
Books and bikes and cowboy boots and chairs and desks and divans and egg-crate foam and Easter decorations and foosball tables and fuzzy dice, these are just some things you might need to put in the best storage lockers in town.
Multiple locations, 983-8038

2. Extra Space Storage
Multiple locations, 877-824-2979

3. Santa Fe Self Storage
Multiple locations, 983-6600

Best Tattoo Shop

1. The Dungeon Tattoo & Piercing
Talk about an upset! After who-even-knows-how-many years of Four Star Tattoo claiming the top spot, The Dungeon swoops in with eyes on the prize! Congrats to both your staff and your fiercely loyal clientele.
1632 Cerrillos Road, 983-8262

2. Four Star Tattoo
825 Topeka St., 984-9131

3. Dawn's Custom Tattoo
1100 Hickox St., 986-0002

Best Urgent Care

1. Railyard Urgent Care
Injured, sick or allergic to something, but the ER feels like a bridge too far? Not to worry—Railyard Urgent Care is on the case with its dedicated staff, convenient location and state-of-the-art facility.
831 S St. Francis Drive, 501-7791

2. Presbyterian Urgent Care
454 St. Michael's Drive, Ste. 200, 473-0390

3. Aspen Medical Center
3450 Zafarano Drive, Ste. C, 466-5885

Best Veterinarian

1. Smith Veterinary Hospital
We've already established how much Santa Fe loves its animals, so medical care for the critters is obviously really important. More of us trust Smith than any other vet.
600 Alta Vista St., 982-4418

2. Gruda Veterinary Hospital
9 Rumble Road, 471-4400

3. Santa Fe Animal Hospital
521 S St Francis Drive, 820-2232

Best Yoga Studio

1. YogaSource
With two locations to get your ohm on, YogaSource has a packed schedule of classes to keep you limber and lined up with mountain, warrior, half moon and friends.
901 W San Mateo Road; 815 Early St.; 982-0990

2. Santa Fe Community Yoga Center
826 Camino de Monte Rey, Ste. C, 820-9363

3. Body of Santa Fe
333 W Cordova Road, 431-6567