Our Best of Santa Fe was a whopper of an issue—146 pages to be exact—so, in order to give our readers a chance to really sop up the bestness, we created a respite page between sections. It featured a connect-the-dots lowrider along with a message prompting those that felt so inclined to get in touch with their muse, go nuts with it and deliver the finished product to SFR HQ in exchange for schwag.

Yani Monzón
Yani Monzón | Yani Monzón

Behold Cuban-born artist Yani Monzón's creation. "I think the Reporter is a pretty irreverent paper, so I created something like that to hand over to you guys," the 32-year-old says. "It's also pretty mixed…I think it represents the mixed culture here." Lisa Frank, eat your heart out.

Honorable Mention,
Honorable Mention, | Stephanie Love