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Pitched roofs are tough to build without special tools and a skilled workforce. That’s why people have been building flat roofs for centuries in New Mexico. By the time the tools and tradespeople arrived, flat wasn’t just a practicality, it was a fad that wouldn’t die. On the plus side, Santa Fe has a distinct beauty, but the payoff is clogged canales that turn parapets into pond walls. “We answer the phone on rainy days,” McPartlon Roofing principal Brian McPartlon says.

“When somebody has a problem, we respond.” It’s easy to find someone to install a roof or make repairs, especially with so many contractors out for business in a gloomy economy, McPartlon says, but his company has built its reputation by never running away when there’s a problem. “We take responsibility for what we do,” he says. McPartlon is currently excited about meeting the trend toward sustainable building practices.

“The biggest immediate impact we can have on saving energy is with the insulation shell of the building and, in a place as sunny as New Mexico, the roof construction is critical for maximizing efficiency,” McPartlon says. The company offers a range of green and cool roofing products and strategies, including a vegetative roof that allows customers to cap their casas with native grasses. Gotta see it to believe it? McPartlon has installed one on the roof of his office, and he allows potential clients to inspect it firsthand.

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