Wedding bells are chiming all over Santa Fe, as all kinds of couples fall in love with each other and the city.

Whether the wedding is a decadent celebration or a quiet affair, obtaining a marriage license is an important process and the first step on the way to a new life with your beloved. Santa Fe, with its old adobe buildings and quaint appeal, is a great place to do it. And simple.

Step one: Take the $25 that hasn’t already gone toward the honeymoon; go to the County Clerk’s office with your future spouse and photo ID and apply for your marriage license.

Step two: Get married in front of a judge or clergy with one of Santa Fe’s sweeping sunsets as the backdrop or perhaps the tolling of the Saint Francis Cathedral’s bell in your ears. Finally, it’s time to head back to the clerk’s office and have your certificate entered into the state records. Congratulations!

Since the New Mexico Supreme Court affirmed the legality of same-sex marriage in New Mexico, people have flooded Santa Fe from all over the country. In addition, couples come to the city simply because of its turquoise skies and antique western charm.

“For many people, Santa Fe is their second love,” says County Clerk Geraldine Salazar, who married elsewhere but felt an immediate affection for the city when she first arrived.

Summer is a popular time to get married, and newly engaged couples will continue to pour in to tie the knot in sun-baked Spanish chapels beneath dreamy June skies. Getting married is a joyful experience, and with the sights and sounds of Santa Fe in the background, how can you say it isn’t meant to be?

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