SFR’s long-running, community-generated content feature includes snippets of overheard conversations that speak volumes about life in Santa Fe. Thanks to everyone who added to the narrative in 2020. Submissions have slowed somewhat due to social distancing this year. Please send us what you hear, even if it’s on Zoom or at the kitchen table:

Nov. 11

“Why would they get rid of the statues? I mean, they are paid for and everything.”
—Overheard at family dinner

“Can I ask a hypothetical question about something that may have happened at my last workplace?”
—Overheard at sexual harassment training

Oct. 28

"At the end of this, I'm getting a mask tattooed on my leg."
—Overheard on a downtown porch

“I tried to throw it up, but it was mostly water.”
—Overheard on a downtown street

Sept. 30

“I can’t stand this mask, it is like wearing a muzzle.”
—Overheard from a woman stomping away from La Montanita Co-op

Sept. 16

“I was tipsy at the vet the other morning.”
—Overheard at Rowley Farmhouse Ales

Aug. 19

“Hey, Dad, I want the real school, not virtuous school.”
—Overheard at Market Street Albertsons

Aug. 26

"I wish the presidential election was tomorrow; I don't think this campaign
is helping anything right now."
—Overheard at the downtown Post Office

July 22

“I wonder if they’ve tried combatting COVID with bowling shoe spray?”
—Overheard in DeVargas Center

July 8

Male teenager: “I hate having to put on a mask to buy groceries.”
Thirtysomething mom: “If you don’t like wearing a mask when you are out in public, you won’t like being hooked up to a ventilator.”
—Overheard at Sprouts

June 24

“What I’m saving on lipstick, I’m just spending on mascara!”
—Overheard from masked person outside Whole Foods

May 27

“I don’t think I’d be getting through this without my rabbit.”
—Overheard on the Arroyo Chamiso urban trail

May 6

One woman: “What is it?”
The other: “I think it’s art.”
—Overheard on the River Trail

April 15

“With no bartender at home, who’s supposed to cut me off?”
—Overheard from a fellow donor at the blood bank on Rodeo Road

April 29

“Yelling ‘Get the fuck away from me’ is now a socially acceptable form of communication.”
—Overheard the corner of Washington and Marcy

March 18

"I think my wife has the cabrona virus."
—Overheard at DeVargas Center Starbucks

March 4

"I know I'm not a vampire, because I hate the sight of blood."
—Overheard in an emergency room

February 5

"I used to have dial-up and it was much, much faster than this!"
—Overheard at LaFarge Public Library from a patron attempting to use the internet

Jan. 29

"I was listening to the radio and heard about that Coors virus."
"You mean coronavirus?"
"Yes. The beer one."
—Overheard at Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

Jan. 8

"Jesus, can you imagine how open her lower three chakras must be?"
—Overheard at Honeymoon Brewery during New Moon Cabaret immediately after a belly dance performance