SFR's long-running, community-generated content features includes snippets of overheard conversations that speak volumes about life in Santa Fe. Thanks to everyone who's submitted an Eavesdropper to our collection in 2018. We couldn't even begin to make this stuff up! And we're counting on you to get us through 2019, so start tuning in to strangers and send your illicit tidbits to

Cashier: I thought you must be from Texas.
Customer: Must be my accent.
Cashier: And your big hair.
—Overheard at Dillards, Jan. 3
“Yeah, you’d think legislators would have enough of hearing their own voice, but they love karaoke.”
—Overheard at Low ‘n’ Slow, Jan. 24
Man: Hey, how’s your son doing?
Woman: He’s doing great. He’s in prison.
—Overheard at Allsup’s on North Guadalupe, Feb. 13
Checker: Are those prescriptions?
Customer: Yes, do you need to see them?
Checker: No, they have started using the same bags for donuts.
—Overheard at Smith’s on St. Michael’s Drive, March 6
“If we aren’t having any snow then I’m ready for the hummingbirds.”
—Overheard at La Choza, March 20
“Look, Mom! Kid’s beer!”
—Child pointing to Izze soda at Whole Foods, April 4
Girl, rubbing stomach: “I’m about 20 minutes pregnant.”
—Overheard at Flying Tortilla, May 16
“You eat faster than you walk, really.”
—Overheard on the Dorothy Stewart Trail, June 20
“Dude, those bathrooms are clutch.”
—Overheard at a campground in Ojo Caliente, June 13
“I’m so happy to be playing the Santa Fe Children’s Casino.”
—Singer Mitski from the stage at Meow Wolf, July 4

"Madame Butterfly. It was wonderful. I did take a nap."
—Overheard from a woman on the Rail Trail, July 17

First Stranger: We’re all Kings of the Universe, right?
Second Stranger: No, no. I prefer to be a Wanderer of the Multiverse.
First Stranger: Oh.
—Overheard at Iconik Coffee Roasters, Aug. 15
“Santa Fe has the highest per capita population of old male hippie buskers singing classic rock songs in public than any other municipality.”
—Overheard at La Montañita Co-op, Aug. 29
“You’re all blazered up.”
—Engineer to an attorney before a City Council hearing, Sept. 12
“One thing I’d like to hop on: designing flattering hiking footwear.”
—Man on Big Tesuque trail, Oct. 10
“I only visit Santa Fe when I want to pick up or drop off my mink coat from storage.”
—Albuquerque resident at lunch at La Plazuela, Oct. 31
“I had to go to the oxygen bar. I had that latitude sickness.”
—Overheard from a tourist at a private party, Nov. 27
“It’s amazing how many people I end up talking to who mounted their TV set over their fireplace.”
—Overheard at The Firebird, Dec. 21
“In those days, they didn’t have a hospital in Los Alamos, so I had to come to Santa Fe to be born.”
—Overheard at a local gym, Dec. 5