7 Days

7 Days

7 Days for the week of June 12

1. Santa Fe Police canine Ayke under investigation for biting

Which is more information than has ever been released about SFPD humans under investigation

2. City of Santa Fe reschedules LGBTQ+ Pride flag-raising ceremony to Friday due to Monday’s rain

Which disappointed those of us hoping for a wet T-shirt contest

3. City of Santa Fe extends deadline for proposals for former Warehouse 21 building

And will next consider building a time machine to visit an era in which this idea might have been successful

4. Consuelo’s Place shelter will need to find new home due to Midtown campus redevelopment

So just to be clear: City has an empty building it needs filled and a shelter it needs to move. Hmm. What to do?

5. Judge rejects state’s motion to dismiss lawsuit over oil and gas pollution

But gave officials permission to move to Texas if they like oil and gas so much

6. Santa Fe jury awards $50,000 to man wrongly arrested by SFPD at 2020 obelisk destruction

At least no one bit him

7. Alec and Hilaria Baldwin announce new reality television show about their home life with their seven kids

Reality being a relative term these days

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