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Dear Friends,

Santa Fe Reporter’s news team has been in overdrive to keep the community up to date about public health directives and other ripples from the COVID-19 virus. We intend to continue publishing daily web updates and our weekly print edition for the foreseeable future.

But, in deference to guidance from officials, we’re closing our downtown office for the next couple weeks.

We will still produce top-rate local journalism and reach a broad audience. We’re depending on everyone to do their part.

Help keep local journalism fighting for you. Make a gift today of any amount, or choose a recurring donation of any amount to pledge your long-term support. Donate today to Friends of the Reporter.

Let’s be friends. 

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  • The business model that has sustained journalism is changing. Local advertising support matters, but it’s no longer enough to cover cost.
  • Our goal is to do MORE—not less—journalism. We need help to keep fearless watchdog reporting and essential arts and culture coverage viable here.
  • The Reporter is free for everyone—no paywalls, no subscriptions. We aim to keep it that way. 


In return, you’ll receive tangible benefits:

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The first 200 people to sign up at the $9.74 per month level — or make a $100 one-time donation or more — will receive a pair of tickets to the CCA or The Screen as our gesture of friendship.

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Keep on Keeping On
Dear Friends

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