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The Great Fork Recipe-Off

Every week we get missives from readers describing to us some thing they made or are gonna make, and every week we think, “Dang, that sounds pretty awesome.” And so, a thought occurred—why not share it with the class?

Welcome, dear nerds, to the first ever Great Fork Recipe-Off, wherein we’re hoping to cull a great number of recipes to share with everyone and wherein one lucky winner will walk away with a not-that-great prize (think gift certificate to a local restaurant or brewery or something) and the rest of us will bolster our cooking-at-home activity and, like, it’ll be good.

So here are the rules:

1. Style counts

You know how when we share a recipe of our own we try to avoid the dry, boring, we’ve all read it crap of most recipes? You should also do that. Make us laugh. There are laugh points.

2. It shouldn’t be crazy difficult to make

Ain’t nobody sitting at home right now like, “Let me arrange my cardamom shelf,” so, like, know that.

3. We kind of want you to actually make the thing, too

We want photos of the thing and will take that extra effort into account when judging.

4. You don’t need to send us food

Share it with your own people; please don’t stop by.

5. Be cool

Just be cool.

6. No categories, so let your imaginations go wild

This is based on promise, not taste. No offense, but COVID is still a thing and we don’t trust any of you.

That’s it! So start sending the recipes our way and we’ll return in the coming months with more info. In the end, we’ll whittle it down to a few and put the vote up to the class as to who should win that perfectly OK but also not very exciting prize!

Watch this to get pumped up on recipes.


-By the time you get this edition of The Fork, Arroyo Vino will have reopened! That’s right, dorks, the wine ‘n’ food zone shuttered briefly after a kitchen fire, but renovations were done, smiles were shared, probably there was partying. Know that in-house dinner is available Tuesday through Saturday from 5 to 8 pm, and that there is no longer a burger and baguette dish, which we understand was popular. Just hit the website if you wanna know more.

-As our cousin newsletter Morning Word has been known to just lift items from The Fork all willy-nilly whenever they please, we’re returning the favor by yanking an item about how Beard-winning BBQ babe Cheryl Alters Jamison recently interviewed Pranzo owners Sarah and Steve Lemon about how the restaurant will soon re-open in downtown Santa Fe. We feel like we’ve been telling you about that for some time, so we’re glad to know it’s going down soon.

-The owner of Albuquerque bakery Golden Crown Panaderia is reportedly taking some guff over social media posts aimed at customers who are rude to staff by phone. It’s complicated, we know, but don’t be rude to staff at places.

-Remember Hidden Mountain Brewing Co. née Blue Corn Brewery? The long-loved local beer and food joint has been popping off since earlier this year, but will now host an official grand opening party with prizes and music and smoked pig and smoked gator (for real) and cask-tappings and $2 tacos and sliders and it’s all going down on Friday, July 23. That’s one day after this edition of The Fork drops, so hurry!

More Tidbits

-This is kinda local, kinda national, but we got an email from a company that makes “everyday finishing butters,” which is apparently a thing wherein butters taste like things that aren’t just butter and you can put them on your meat or whatever. There’s a truffle one. There’s a garlic and parmesan one. Anyway, at first we were like, “Oh, gross,” but then we were like, “Actually, Tomasita’s honey butter is AMAZING, maybe this is OK?” We have no evidence yet, but you can apparently buy these magic butters from Butter Craft Provisions at Market Street in Santa Fe soon.

-Our reviewer enjoyed the new Anthony Bourdain doc from director Morgan Neville, but Eater-dot-com’s Maria Bustillos isn’t so sure. According to Bustillos, Neville didn’t get to the heart of the “real” Bourdain. We just think the whole thing is kind of interesting, and we’d point out that your own mental health might have a thing or two to do with how you perceive Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain. Say what you will, the man hadn’t cooked professionally in a looooooong time by the time of his death, and food outlets like Eater (and Fork) are still furiously typing words about him (furiously as in fast, not as in angry).

-If you missed National Ice Cream Day on July 18, don’t fret, because not only can you eat ice cream every day, you can listen to this pleasant NPR story about the texture of that most cold and creamy treat.

-We haven’t read the New York Times story about tuna at Subway, but we do know the sandwich chain has launched a site defending its tuna. Nothing says innocence like a massive “nuh-uh!” site.

-Lastly this week, the team at Vice’s Munchies offshoot wonder aloud whether the coming onslaught of cannabis cocktails (y’know, because that shit’s gonna be legal pretty much everywhere before you know it, thank God) are even going to be any good. Our take? Booze is booze and weed is weed and never the twain should meet.

A Totally Scientific Breakdown of The Fork’s Correspondence

In this week’s print edition of SFR, the staff doubled down on art and opera, nixing food for the week, but you can always find something good in our recent Restaurant Directory.

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