Finding Black-Owned Restaurants

We've been amazed at the things protesters have been able to accomplish out there. And while we also understand that this is just the beginning of a very long haul spurred by hundreds of years of violence, oppression and straight-up bullshit, we're also here to tell that we're not sure we've seen events go down like this in our lifetimes. Not that we're saying it's anything new, or that protesters haven't valiantly fought for justice since always, just that things feel kinda different now, and we're here for it.But then, you're not really here to read politics, you're here to read food (though the two are absolutely linked, of course). As such, we wanted to just take a little step back from our usual stuff to highlight some black-owned restaurants in New Mexico. We fully understand this isn't a solution and that it ultimately represents one of the smallest things we can do to support black people in the state right now—but it's something. And, with a little luck, the action will hopefully get people thinking a little more deeply about things going on while directly supporting our black neighbors, friends, siblings and fellow lovers of food. Check the list below and, as always, hit us up with any suggestions, because we realize there's no way we can make an exhaustive list that'll do justice to everyone out there. Word? Word. Here we go (with a big old h/t to

Bobbi’s Homestyle Catering

2325 San Pedro NE, Suite 1D
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Honeymoon Brewery
907 W Alameda St., Unit B
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Jambo Cafe
2010 Cerrillos Road,
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Mr. Powdrell’s BBQ House
11301 Central Ave., Abq 87123 505.298.6776
5209 4th St., Abq 87107 505.345.RIBS

Nexus Brewery
4730 Pan American Freeway East, NE, Suite D
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Pasion Latin Fusion
722 Lomas Blvd NW (Lomas and 8th)
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Peppers BBQ and Soul Food
303 San Pedro Dr NE
Albuquerque, NM 87108

Q’s Cakes
1431 Eubank Blvd NE,
Albuquerque, NM 87112

RasRody's Jamaican Vegan KItchen
1312 Agua Fria St
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Revolution Bakery
418 Cerrilos Road,
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Rude Boy Cookies
115 Harvard SE,
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Shake Foundation/Taco Fundación
631 Cerrillos Road,
Santa Fe, NM 87501

235 N Guadalupe St.,
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Trinity’s Treats
2325 San Pedro NE, Suite 1D
Albuquerque, NM 87110

We’re aware most of these are in Albuquerque and we’re usually more of a Santa Fe newsletter, but don’t let that stop you. And again, we’re aware that as one Fork, we can’t possibly think of every single place and person, but if you know of some great spots that didn’t make it in, let us know. Oh, and support!


-This is for the gardening folks who like to grow their own food—we found a webinar (by which we mean organizers emailed us) dedicated to supporting pollinators and beneficial insects in your yard and even on your farm. More info here, but know that it's coming up on June 23, you for sure want cool bugs all up in your garden and that the people putting it on are called The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, which is amazing.-Ummmmm....there's another noodle bar opening in the Coronado Center (near the New Santa Fe Baking Co.). It's called Fun Noodle Bar, and we're allll about it. -Santa Fe YouthWorks has new info for dates, times and locations for free summer meals. They're for kids aged 1-18, breakfast and lunch, and here's what we know:

Monday - Friday 1:30 - 3:30 pm

  • Alto Park 1121 Alto Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501 (*by tennis courts)
  • Swan Park 7350 Plaza Central, Santa Fe, NM 87507 (*under the awning)
  • Franklin Miles Park - 1027 Camino Carlos Rey, Santa Fe, NM 87507 (*By basketball courts off Siringo and Camino Carlos Rey)
  • Romero Park 2019 Caja del Oro Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87507 (*under the awning)
  • Nina Otero Elementary 5901 Herrera Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87507 (*by the front office student drop off lane)

Not food related again, but this one’s for our new best friend Lesley R. and any other Muppet lovers out there.

More Tidbits

-Apropos of all the stuff we've been talking about lately, (which we love, OK? We just do!) asks the big Q: Is it safe to eat at restaurants yet? Sadly, it seems like a lot of sciencey types are saying "we just don't know yet," a lot. You'll have to choose for yourself. Just wear a mask while you're at it.

-Over at, they're reporting that the dining industry lost an estimated $120 billion during the first three months of the pandemic. That is so much money; that is so many closures and lost jobs; that is tragic.

-In the ongoing saga of former Bon Appetit editor Adam Rapoport resigning after photos of brownface surfaced, find an eye-opening piece over at wherein its writers and editors ask us to consider how someone who worked within one of the largest publication companies on Earth—and for years—would be confused about on-versus-off-the-record conversations. See, Jezebel’s Hazel Cills contacted Rapoport for comment on his resignation...and it all goes downhill from there. It’s a pretty fascinating look at food writing, business, publication/journalism rules and why, when someone tells us we’re doing something racist, we don’t try to shout about how we’re not.

-Some New York City cops got sick after drinking some Shake Shack shakes, and the NYPD has concluded there was no criminal wrongdoing on the part of the business. It's awesome the police managed to not shoot anyone while they were in there, first of all, but we'd also point out that if this happened to an everyday person, say, like, The Fork, there would probably be no investigation so much as we'd barf a lot at home and call it a day.

-Starbucks—which was in the news recently for saying its employees could not wear anything that outwardly supported Black Lives Matter and then walked back those comments—is back in the news, not only with plans to close 400 stores and focus more on pickup, which is intense, but because they've released their own BLM shirt. It's kind of weird, honestly, that Starbucks assumes they need to be part of the design conversation of this issue. Employees can reportedly still wear their own gear, too.


In the print edition of SFR, find an interview with the awesome server who penned the post featured in last week's edition of The Fork.

A Totally Scientific Breakdown of The Fork's Correspondence

Number of Letters Received 48*Do y’all know how cool we think it is that every single one of you wrote in support of the server forced back to work? It honestly makes us feel so proud of you all.

Most Helpful Tip of the Week (an unedited letter from a reader) Kim wrote us to apologize, and we accept. We now hope, too, that she and anyone else around (us included) will continue to educate ourselves about why people are protesting, why people are scared about those who don’t wear masks and, honestly, watch a little bit of ‘The Good Place’ which tries to answer “What do we owe each other?” *We appreciated Kim’s candor and apology.

Actually Helpful Tip *From us to you this time—try the Newman’s Own Hint o’ Mint cookies.

Black Lives Absolutely Matter, The Fork