COVID Blues? Suds it Up!

We're staying connected with people on social media like pretty much everybody is doing right now, and we'd be remiss if we didn't point out how many folks we see looking to get booze. We get that, it's hard, liquor stores are closed—we've signed the petition that's asking Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham to allow New Mexico food businesses to deliver alcohol at this horrible time in human history. As such, we thought it might be pretty cool or at least pretty helpful to run down a list of four easy local ways to get you some beers should you want some beers. As always, drink responsibly and don't drive and don't hurt people.

Second Street Brewery
The local brewery closed down for a couple weeks back when we didn't know how everything was going to pan out (we still kind of don't, but it seems we're in this for a longer haul than anticipated), but announced at the end of last week that it would be offering beers to go. You order from the website, then pick it up on Tuesdays or Fridays between 3 and 6 pm. No contact! We're talking cans, growlers and even keg fills.

Rowley Farmhouse Ales
Last we heard, draught beers are a no-go right now since Rowley supplies a lot of restaurants and a lot of restaurants just aren't needing the same amount of beer right now. HOWEVER, we said emphatically, they're hitting the can market hard according to recent posts online. We're talking the Great American Beer Fest winners coming directly into your home in can form—plus the food menu courtesy chef Jeffrey Kaplan is still going.

Santa Fe Brewing Co. 
With their taprooms still offering to-go options of their heady brews (we like the 7K IPA and, we hear, the Pepe Loco Mexican lager is, like, outta control good—plus, all the proceeds from the beer sales are going to keep on paying hourly workers during the stay-at-home order. Solid!

Tumbleroot Brewery & Distillery
Yes, Tumbleroot is still doing packaged booze sales, but you might now know that they're also in the hand sanitizer game right now. Yup. According to a recent Facebook post, Santa Fe's newest brewery/distillery will be selling hand sanitizer on Friday, April 17 (plus the booze) from 3-6 pm…you've gotta order online first. No word on whether this will continue or on what days, but stay tuned to Tumbleroot's online presence to learn more. Either way, by the time you get this, time may already be running out. HURRY!

Then, of course, there are still the grocery stores, the gas stations, the Walgreen's and CVSs. All we ask if that if you go to these places, do so sparingly. Think ahead and stock up if you think you need to. Please no more popping out real quick just to grab something. This is hard, we know (and as we've said before, we don't believe people struggling with addiction deserve to die because the federal government waited so long to do anything about this virus).

OH! And if you know of some other cool ways to get beers n' booze, hit us up and we'll share with the Fork Fam (TM).

¡Where to Donate Alert!

Yeah, that's right—we're STILL keeping this donations thing up. Donate!


-Oh, our buddies at Edible New Mexico sure are grand. In fact, they've put together quite a stunning number of ways to go local at this time. Edible is always great, but we've really gotta hang together right now if we're going to make sure places we love continue to survive.

-A number of folks have told us they're ordering food and they're digging it, but they have concerns over the safety of the situation. As such, we wanna share a link to this piece about things to consider when ordering food. The short version? Maybe think about getting that food out of the container and onto a plate or something, but to date, there's really no evidence that suggests you're in any danger. Yay!

-Everything else we could tell you about right now when it comes to restaurants pretty much has to do with takeout stuff. You know the drill. Be safe and smart and use the delivery apps (Door Dash has been our best friend).

An Ode to Dulce Bakery’s Banana Tart

We've just been emailed by the folks from Dulce who let us know they'll be closing down for now while we all wait to see what's up. THEY ARE NOT PERMANENTLY CLOSED!!! And while we're super sad about that jazz for sure, we would also be remiss if we didn't take some time to lament. This is literally the train of thought we had when we got the news:

  • We understand where they’re coming from, but we were just scrolling through the Fetch delivery app to see about getting that banana tart
  • Why, oh why, can we not have that banana tart?!
  • Why didn’t we tell more people about it?
  • Because we wanted it for ourselves!
  • Hahaha! That’s true, Fork, you dog!
  • Hey, say what you will, that tart is amazing and so creamy and so delicious, everyone else can go to hell!
  • Sure, but we probably don’t need to be eating tarts right now. We’ve barely worn pants in days.
  • Don’t food shame us!
  • Alright, alright…we won’t.
  • Coffee at Dulce is soooo good, too!
  • Yeah, and the muffins.
  • Ohmygod. Dulce is the best ever!
  • What can we do to support them in this time?
  • Hard to say with everything going on, but let’s face it—you’ve probably paid enough for tarts to put people’s kids through college
  • Yeah.
  • Yeah!
  • When do you think we’ll get that tart again?
  • Not soon enough.

More Tidbits

Amazon is now putting new grocery customers on a waiting list according to USA Today. The paper also says Whole Foods, which is owned by Jeff "Evil" Bezos' company will be shifting hours to allow extra restocking time. We're down with that even though we spent 40 minutes in a grocery store line the other day at which time we were less down. Forgive us, we were caught up in the moment.

-We don't know if you have any Conagra Healthy Choice frozen chicken bowls in your freezer, but if you do, they've been recalled because they might contain fucking rocks. Rocks! Just so you know to be careful and that you should avoid the hospital right now if you can.

-Speaking of being pissed off while in the line at the grocery store—we straight up shouldn't have been. You may recall that we spoke with a grocery store worker a few Forks ago, but in the time since, conditions have deteriorated. People are literally dying. So maybe plan ahead as best you can, be PATIENT and be KIND. We've made a point of thanking any workers we come across these days with a sincere tone and eye contact, and in literally every single case, these people looked like they were going to cry. That's so so sad.

-Santa Fe has more stories of restaurants and chefs and everyday people stepping up to feed first responders and the needs than we can even begin to get into here, but if you're in the market for good news, one Los Angeles chef has answered the call as well—in enchilada form!

-Meanwhile, though, and also in Los Angeles, musician Moby (whom you may recall wrote in a recent autobiography that he'd dated Natalie Portman even though Portman was like "We sure as shit did not!") is apparently leaving employees of his Silver Lake vegan joint Little Pine with very little information, including sick pay, benefits, etc. Look, you can go with this or you can go with that, but one thing's certain—God, we hate Moby.

-Lastly, we're gonna share this recipe for brekkie b's from, but only to point out how every New Mexican could make a better brekkie b at home while standing on their head. Nice try,, but face it—you're like the Colorado chile of brekkie b talker-abouters.


In the print edition of SFR, news editor Julie Ann Grimm has been baking bread at home like a maniac of some kind. We're talkin' sourdough, jabronis!
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