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Did you miss us last week? We missed you. But it was a very busy time for The Fork. As we speak (type?), the staff at SFR HQ is wrapping up work on the annual Restaurant Guide, and while we understand that it sounds like fun and games traipsing around town and eating everything we can find til we almost die, it's honestly a lot of hard work. We've cried. To be fair, we were gonna cry anyway (who doesn't love a good cry in the car?), but you know how sometimes when you're feeling burnt out, the only answer seems to be getting through the stuff rather than taking a step back and breathing? Now, imagine that, but instead of having the option to step and breathe, if you don't get through the stuff you'll just be in big trouble. It's like that. So, yeah, that's why we weren't around last week. We trust that the info on macadamia milk helped you in your lives, but more on that later.

This week, we thought we'd address some of the emails we get. For some reason, we get a lot of them. Maybe you like us? Naw, that can't be it. It's a mystery. But anyway, amongst those emails from our dear, dear readers, we sometimes get asked questions about the local food world or ourselves or whatever, and we're going to address some of those today. We think we did this once before, too, but when you're Forking around changing lives, you can't always remember the topic of each and every newsletter you ever do. Anyway, let's get to it:

"Agreed. Milkademia is by far the best of the new creamers. Have you tried the chocolate?!"

"I'm curious if you know about the process in which macadamia milk is made. Specifically is it like almond milk in the amount of water it takes to produce?"
OK, we've only started researching this, and we agree that it's a good thing to look into. From what we've gleaned so far, one of the biggest problems with almond milk's water needs is that a vast majority of the trees used in its production are grown in arid areas of California, where the water is more scarce. Indeed, it's terrifying how much water is used in that product—ditto meat and other widely-used items. Generally speaking, however, macadamia nuts are grown in places where water is less scarce, and while that doesn't excuse potential problems that might come up the more we look into it and, of course, we should all be conserving as much as possible which is exactly why The Fork showers only once a fortnight, we're given to understand this makes macadamia milk slightly less shitty ecologically. Still, we're going to follow up on that as soon as we know more.

"Are you Zibby Wilder?"
Good question. Are we SFR's regular food columnist Zibby Wilder? We might be. We might not be. We might not even live in Santa Fe. But then, we often talk about doing stuff there, right? We seem to have inside info? Look, isn't it more fun not knowing? Nice try, though.

"Is Raaga still just a takeout spot?"
That's a toughie, and here's what we know—rumors have swirled that the beloved Indian joint, which closed its original Agua Fria location only to reopen some months later on Old Santa Fe Trail, is no longer serving lunch since the Legislative session is out. We have spies everywhere, who tell us tables may become more prevalent there in the near future but, and we've reached out to the restaurant, assume it's a to-go only place for dinner only.

"OK, seriously, though, I saw a 'For Sale' sign up on the Bonsai Asian Tacos truck. What's going on?"
We wish we could tell you, because despite driving by, stopping by and calling repeatedly, we still have no answers. Oh, Santa Fe, aren't you small enough for us to just hear about things without all the fuss?

"I heard a rumor. Did the head chef at Santacafé walk out?"
No. An employee of SFR knows chef Dale Kester, and he's still there chef-ing it up, just so y'all know.

That's it for this week with the questions, but feel free to ask us anything anytime and we'll answer to the best of our ability. As for the upcoming Restaurant Guide, which is out in October, well—it's a real doozy. We break down our favorite local eateries, have some features including food trucks, awesome chefs and desserts and, as it happens, a directory to literally every restaurant in town. All in one place. If this sounds awesome, know that we do it every year, that it's much better than some of the other ones you may have seen lurking around town and, like those other ones we're talking about, doesn't cost restaurants anything to be written up. Yes, we run ads, that's just the nature of free magazines, but it's by no means a pay-to-play thing. Not now, not ever. If you're curious and haven't seen last year's edition, here it is.

We racked our brain looking for a cool video for this week's video section, and here's what we came up with.


-Did you know Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi, home of the aptly-named restaurant The Anasazi, is all about literacy? Well, it is. Seems that during this whole month, the hotel has participated in programs meant to promote literacy awareness, including readings, accepting donations of books and partnering with local org Opportunity Santa Fe to get those books to underserved kids. Super. Effing. Rad.

-The winners of Edible New Mexico's annual Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown have been announced for those of us who couldn't make it, and Albuquerque's Steel Bender Brewyard took home the People's Choice honors while Las Vegas (the NM one) wowed the judges and took home that accolade. This year's Smackdown also included a new category involving secret judges, and Los Alamos' Pajarito Brewpub is the big winner there. Read more here and get pumped for next year.

-September is Hunger Action Month, an entire 30-ish days devoted to fighting hunger across the country. And, since it is awesome, the Santa Fe Farmers Market is on that deal. Did you know New Mexico has some of the highest rates of food insecurity in the nation? Or that more than 14% of Santa Feans live below the poverty line? You can help, though. Click this link and learn more.

-The Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta is coming up from September 22-September 29, and you know what that means—A FULLY FULL-ON WEEK OF WINE AND CHILE! Yeah, it's about that time of year again when all the restaurants around come together to party and pair wine and chile. It's a very well-named festival, and you still have time to get tickets.

-We thought you'd like to know about these-here mugs from Caveman Coffee which read "Pirate AF." That's all. We just thought you should know.

-An SFR staffer tried in vain to visit the new Santa Fe Bite in the old Tecolote spot to learn it's not quite open yet. We just thought you should know that since we've heard from people that everyone seems to think it's open. It's not just yet. But stay vigilant.

More Tidbits

-Ever wish you could break into the glorious world of wine drinking, but then you start to think about the cost, and that's not even including the dang glasses? Welp, eater.com rounded up some sommeliers to get the scoop on budget glasses, and it turns out you can become a wino (or at least have the vessel) for less than $20.

-If it's food-themed shows you're after, chew on this: Netflix's Nailed It! rules, and we hear there's a very special holiday episode coming down the pike. In the show, amateur would-be bakers totally make disgusting versions that suck of fancy desserts and treats. It's rich, by which we mean sooooo funny. Here's a teaser.

-Remember how we were singing the praises of Cheez-It not that long ago? Well, we were, but this might be a bridge too far: Pizza Hut, the same people who brought you pizza with cheese stuffed in the crust and then pizza where the crust was little cups of bread full of cheese, has partnered with Kellogg a literal Cheez-It pizza. It's absurd, it seems disgusting—WE WANT IT SO BADLY! Side note: have you seen 1994's Road to Wellville? It'll make you look at Kellogg in a whole new light.

Yesterday, being September 18, was National Cheeseburger Day. We know this info doesn't help you know, but you can get an early start on next year's National Cheeseburger Day cards and a chance to bone up on the famous National Cheeseburger Day carols.

-Ruh-roh, General Mills (a company with a history that's not quite as much about enemas and masturbation as Kellogg's is) recalled soooo many bags of Gold Medal flour earlier this week. Seems there may be E.coli in some of them bags, so please be careful with your baking and such and don't take any chances. We think they're missing a real opportunity to introduce a mascot friend to the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee. It could be called B. Coli, and he could explain food-borne illnesses to people.

-Big bad bugs equal big bad news for American vineyards this year, and NPR's The Salt reports on what that looks like, what farmers might do and why the idea that bugs who don't mind hopping on a car and traveling is your newest nightmare fuel.

-Lastly, since fall is looming like some sort of insect that hopped on a car and traveled here, we thought we'd close out this week with more than 50 recipes from the fine folks at delish.com. No, this isn't a paid endorsement (though we'd be open to that and you can email us with money offers anytime), but it is the kind of thing that might help us all to make it through the impending doldrums.

This has nothing to do with food, but jeeeeeeeze, did it send us to another dimension! We've been laughing for days now, and longtime readers may just catch a nod to a regular Fork gag.


In the print edition of SFR, Zibby Wilder, who’s more mac than woman at this point, tells us a thing or two about Theo Gio’s Mac & Cheese, a restaurant once called Macalicious that changed its name because—wait a minute, you’ll have to click the link to find out why. Did that work? Are you dying of curiosity? DID YOU CLICK IT?!
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