Talkin' Tacos
Holy smokes, we just learned something so weird. Are you ready? Are you ready to hear this weird thing we just learned? Are you sitting down? Actually, you can read it while standing. Just … it's weird, OK? OK.



The term Taco Tuesday, which you all gleefully shriek like you're some kind of comedians hitting cleverness gold anytime the freaking week comes back around, is actually a trademarked phrase. Turns out, dear Forknatics, that Wyoming joint Taco John's trademarked the phrase some years ago, and restaurants all over the place are dealing with that fact when they try to do their own. Awwww, so sad, right? Right. And weird, right? Right.

But it did get us thinking about tacos—well, that and the new Beyond Meat "ground beef" we found at Sprouts that we wanna try when we get down to making some meatless tacos, even if it DOES cost $10, which we think is a little steep but, like, you can't complain when there's not a lot on the market, right? Right.

But that's not why we're here this week, ultimately. We're here to help you help each other, and the way we're gonna do that is by asking everyone to give us their best taco recs. Now, these can either be a recipe or a restaurant, but if you come at us like "La Choza has good tacos!" we're just going to be like, "Duh!" The point of this is to get people trying new places, so tell us whom you love that you feel isn't getting enough love outside of you and your buds. Next week, we'll break down the replies and see about making sure everyone has a good Taco … Second Day of the Week.

Ummmm … why didn't anyone tell us Nerf Herder's Parry Gripp was basically Aquabats-ing?


-The Santa Fe Farmers' Market Institute has thrown together quite the community picnic (which we say like they just slapped it together with no effort, which cannot be true) featuring not one, not two, not three, not four—but five killer chefs (dynamite with a laser beam?): Hue-Chan Karels, Matt Yohalem, Jose "Kiko" Rodriquez, Lois Ellen Frank, and Josh Gerwin represent some amazing places and amazing food—and they're going to make your wack-ass cheese plate and Trader Joe's wine picnics look like hot garbage. You're looking at spending between $20-$100 bucks. Here's tickets.

-Apparently there's now a Wingstop in Santa Fe on Zafarano, which sounds awfully close to that other wing restaurant. So, we guess if you were looking to go scream at a television playing sports while you eat wings and wear a sportsball jersey, your ship has come in. Find 'em at 3538 Zafarano Dr Ste A1-2, or call 657-9464. Or do both those things. Just be aware that we saw on Facebook there are still kinks being worked out—and to go easy on waitstaff working at a newly-opened restaurant. It's hard work, and your bespittled wing shriekings help no one.

-We're only gonna give you so many more Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown reminders (it's the smackdown involving green chile cheeseburgers), so tick-tock on them tick-tickets, nerds.

-Fork reader Lynn tells us that the newly-reopened Santacafé provided a bit of a troubling experience for her. We've been now, too, and while we won't say it's the best meal we've ever had, the avocado tartine (basically avocado toast, though served with house made pickle and a delightful little salad) was allllllright. We're assuming it's a little more to do with a new opening and a different menu, and we'll stay focused, but if anyone else has been and has thoughts, let us know. And let us all beam good energy Lynn's way because she's awesome.

More Tidbits

-Apparently a tweeter war has begun between Chick-Fil-A (who can't even wurd spel güd) and Popeye's over who has the superior sandwich. The point, however, is moot, since Chick-Fil-A is LGBTQIA2+-phobic, thus ending any potential money The Fork may have spent there.

-Market and restaurant chain Eataly (which, we guess, is some kind of pun on the country of Italy, though we find it exhausting) has reportedly ceased any professional involvement with once-famous chef Mario Batali after allegations brought out during the #MeToo movement implicated Batali. Word, this seems fair, particularly since his non-apology came with a recipe for pizza rolls, whatever the hell that is.

-Corn dogs and political candidates go hand in hand like … wait, why is this a thing? Eater investigates, Eater has the answers.

-Did you like those frozen vodka pops from CostCo? Did you find yourself wishing they also came in wine form? Well they can, and they do and they're here now. Pick some up and wonder what life even is.

-While we all sit around thinking about pizza and ramen and burgers both veggie and non, HuffPost seems to think it's possible to trick one's brain into liking vegetables. Word, but we have an easier trick: Vegetables are good and taste good and you should just eat them, jeeze.


In the print edition of SFR, oil wrestling champion Zibby Wilder learns why we’ve all been olive oil-ing wrong, and what local biz has the good stuff. Check out her column here.
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Most Helpful Tip of the Week (not edited for content)
“Cheez-Its are disgusting.”

Actually Helpful Tip
These helpful and healthful snacks from Fork Fan Michelle:

  • Skinny Pop (plain ole skinny pop, which has no preservatives and very few calories)
  • Plain Greek yogurt with bananas (fiber and protein!)
  • Apples and almond butter (the kind from Sprouts that has nothing but nuts)

*Nice, Michelle.
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